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Hnnng whats up boiz

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Ok so ive been away for a while due to life and random gayness stuff but like I'm reading on the forums about all these new updates and I just wanna know wot ze fork is goin on and what the prices are on the new stuff QQ so I have an idea on how much to spend and stuff ;( heck u nitex. Will be coming back fr this week just getting my shit fixed so yay time to pk some nubs at parca wee

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17 hours ago, rk816 said:

Hey welcum back orgasm lots of improvements already ill be waiting u around to kik ur erz

Hi you. Who are you and where do you live ill come beat u up rn lil thot >:(


17 hours ago, Raph said:

WB Gaygasm

hi cutie


8 hours ago, akxfolife said:

Shit hb. :3

I'm reporting you to the police for having 300 TB of loli hentai u fookin weeb <3 ily tho


1 hour ago, [GM]Fayth 신앙 said:

hey op @ProGasm

Hi sexi whats goin on ;P


PS: I love how everyone just said hi and stuff but didn't answer my questions haha how nice ty guys :)))))

akxfolife and [GM]Fayth 신앙 like this

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Prices are kind of wild right now because these items just released but I can give you a quick estimate of what the prices are right now. (They will probably go down soon)

  • +0 Crystalline Weapons 1.5b
  • +10 Crystalline Weapons Clean 10b
  • +10 Crystalline Weapons Full Vit 20b or more
  • +0 Speedboots V3 4b
  • +10 Speedboots V3 (unknown)

$10 = 2.5b

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