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I'm not sure if anyone has already mentioned this, so if that's the case then I apologise.

Anyway, my suggestion is to either heavily reduce (or entirely revert) the option-making price that was implemented in Patch 13.8.

This, (ty Roast) 46m for every single DN try is just ridiculous.


I understand the purpose of a money sink, but this isn't the way to do it, and quite frankly I'm surprised this ever got implemented in the game. In my opinion, one of the best things that have happened to Rising for a long time is the 'new' focus from staff on making the game easier for new players. Hence, I believe changes like this is a step in the wrong direction. I know for a fact that option-making prices already used to be a pain for an end-game player, which I'm sure a lot of other players can agree on.

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Carmen evolved from a bitch to Uber Bitch.

Back on topic , yes it is too much for the price to have gone insanely higher , imagine how much will it costs to make a perfect item which was already quite expensive even before this patch.

To all GMs and Staffs , u guys might wanna reconsider this.

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@{VIP}GoZiLa maybe u wanna tell ur story with ur Bagi SB which took u 70k coins & 14b just to make them Perfect (AR)

I mean lets be honest even before this change it was a real pain to make items Perfect it wasnt EASY or CHEAP but now i dont even think about to make any of my items DN i wont even touch those Wizard SB above mentioned cause if i wanna just throw my dil away i give it to new players 

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I understand that you think our shift to making things easier for new players is a step in the right direction. However, the optioning price change does not go against that.


Compared to the advantage that +0~+10 provides, optioning advantage is much smaller and thus not as important. Those that have the dil to blow will spend it on optioning items, players that don't won't do that just yet.

Although people have became accustomed to making items with "perfect" stats, this is not a requirement to be competitive in PvP or PvE. The desire to have "perfect stats" is for those who want the best of the best considering that perfect options are only a minor advantage when compared to having a +10 set.

As dil disappears from the economy (as it currently has and will continue with this change), prices for more important items (in this case, important items referring to items that provide a significant competitive advantage) will fall, thus making it easier for new players to be competitive.

With so much dil in the economy and no significant dil sinks, dil would continue to be inflated and prices of items (in dil) would continue to rise. This would make it increasingly hard for new players that don't have copious amounts of dil.


It's a complicated concept, but we're actually making it easier for new players to get items that grant significant competitive advantage by making it harder to get items that grant minimal significant advantage.

New players don't need to option their gear, they need +10 gear first. Established players are the ones who need to option their gear, and it should be expensive to have gear that is the "best of the best." New players aren't going to worry about expensive optioning costs if they can't buy +10 items that cost billions of dil.

That said, perhaps the amount it was increased by was a bit high considering that getting the "perfect stats" is much more than getting 4 lines of DN. However, I still think that optioning is the perfect dil sink as it would not impact new players until they've become more established.


Hope this makes sense!



We'll be fixing optioning prices with this weeks update. The change was too drastic and optioning was already expensive enough before the change.

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