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Server Time: DeadFront: |12AM, 4AM, 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM| Colosseum Party Match: |3AM, 9AM, 3PM, 9PM| Colosseum Battle Royale: | 1AM, 7AM, 1PM, 7PM|
  • Game Download Links

    Here you can download the game client. There are multiple mirrors below so you can choose the best one for you. Once you are done downloading simply run the launcher and you'll be ready to play. Make sure you have registered a game account (website and game accounts are separate). 
    Dekaron Rising Installer 12.8 Download
    (Updated December 16th 2016)
    Option 1: Direct Download -- best to use a download manager with this one such as DownloadThemAll for Firefox 

    Option 2: Download from MEGA Mirror)

    Game Registration Page

    Here you can register a game account. Game accounts are separate from website accounts for security reasons and so you can have multiple in game accounts! It's important for you to have a valid email account in case you forget your password. 
    Game Registration

    †Note: Game registration is separate from website/forum registration for security purposes
    Click here if you need to change your password.
  • Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    We're happy to present to you the Rising Winters Content Patch part 1!
    Patch 14.2: Winter Update!
    Manual Patch (if needed): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VzCcByYQzTBfTCIxPSxr0FiIO_Zaj3jK/view?usp=sharing
    1) Winter Ardeca + Blue Item Glows!
    Winter has reached Ardeca!
    Enjoy the cold Winter Ardeca theme and winter item glows during the winter season!

    Temporarily removed tournament statues due to imcompatibility with Winter Ardeca Theme. We will add them back later.
    2) Winter Event 2017!
    New exchange items have been added to Karin. The item you need to bring Karin is called Dream Powders. Dream Powders are tradeable and they are common drops from Knowledge Spiders in Doomed Maze and uncommon drops from all monsters in Doomed Maze, Python Castle, The Deadlands and Mitera.

    One of the spotlight items of this new exchange is the Parca's Shiny Tear. It's an upgrade of Angelic Soul, which means you can wear up to 4 Parca's Shiny Tears at one time!
    After the Winter Event all exchange items will cost twice as many Dream Powders as they do now.

    Dream Powder Exchange

    Angelic Soul Stats:

    Santa & Panda Costume Box
    Santa Costume Box and Panda Costume Box have been added to the dream powder exchange. We have also added the Dragon Knight version of these two costumes, which were missing before this update.

    Winter Colosseum Belt (2018) -- 30 Day Limited Item
    The best belt in the game which appears only during Winter. The belt is a Colosseum Exchange item and will be removed on January 16th.
    3) New Draco Desert bosses!
    Draco Umbar and Terracottas have been removed and replaced with a new boss called Nymph!
    There is a total of 2 Nymphs in Draco Desert. One at Big Head Pond and one at Small Head Pond.
    Difficulty: Medium Drops: 6 Gold Argates Drop Rate: 100% Respawn Time: Every 5 hours Channel(s): Attacks:
    1) Normal magical attacks that damages the player on impact
    2) A stun that makes the player unable to move or use any skills for 3 seconds
    3) A large AOE attack that deals damage to all surrounding players
    4) New V2 Speedboots Boss!
    Dark Karke has been removed from the Heiharp Arena and replaced with Yogmond.
    Yogmund is a big and strong boss and we've setup an arena for him with traps and minions to give our players a unique PVE experience when fighting this boss.
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard Drops: 1x +0 V2 Speedboots Drop Rate: 100% Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Channel(s): Ark Attacks:
    1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact
    2) A long range attack that damages the player on impact
    3) A dash attack that brings Yogmund from long range into close range while dealing damage to the player on impact
    4) Minions. Yogmond will spawn 2 Ice Kamat minions every 5 minutes
    5) Ice Crystal Explosions. Yogmund will spawn 4 Ice Crystal Explosions in the area every 1 minute. These will instantly kill any player caught within their range, however the radius is rather small
    5) Mount Revamp / Wings Fix
    Mounting time has been changed to one second, dismounting time has been changed to .1 seconds. Fixed hundreds of wing animation bugs -- unfortunately there are still many left to fix. Fixed several wing animation bugs for new classes (wings weren't moving) Fixed several wing + mount animation bugs  
    6) Misc
    Moved NPC Hosea from Parca Temple to Egutt Desert entrance so new players can buy level 102 wings Moved NPC Ishtar to Egutt Desert entrance and added a 24 hour 100% EXP amulet to the Dirham exchange so new players will have an easier time leveling in Egutt Desert Added 1000 pcs Imperial HP and MP potions to Binaelle Fairies Blood Bottle exchange for 4000 Blood Bottles Made Blood Bottles tradeable and decreased their drop rate to 15% Changed Blood Magic buff from +10% to +5% all elemental resistance Reduced the amount of time it takes for players to mount and dismount playermounts Slightly reduced the damage of Mitera monsters and slightly increased their dils drop rate since new players are going to be spending a lot of time farming there Removed the teleport from Haihaff to Parca Temple since it was being abused.  
    6) Bug Fixes
    Fixed the level requirement for Parca Temple on the teleporters where the level requirement was wrong  
    7) Rising LiveStream Server
    We're experimenting with running a 24/7 Dekaron Rising livestream. The livestream will show off Ardeca, PvPs, PK battles, and events once we have it set up.
    8) Winter Events
    Stay tuned for Winter events that will be announced and held in game and on the forums. There's currently a screenshot event going on, and soon we'll be throwing events with limited edition prizes (like the Frost Wolf or Bear Pets).
    These pets are not going to be in the D-Shop this year -- they will be limited edition event prizes!

    3v3 PvP event

    Hello Dekaron Rising warriors,
    I hope you have sharpened your swords because you’re going to need to be prepared for this one!
    This event is gonna be a special 3v3 PvP one. Read the rules on more info on why this is more special than the other 3v3s
    The fights are going to take place at Karin on the Lurile channel the 17th of December at 4pm GMT +1
    For every event, of course there has to be some rules, and they are as following:
    You are not allowed to team up with anyone from your own guild - This rule is special, this challenges people to go with people that you dont normally think about doing PvP's with.
    This can lead to some really cool teams and you could possibly get a new future PvP partner!
    No cheating (kinda self-explanatory)
    These fights will be taking place on the Lurile channel, where all fish and candies/dshops will be off.
    Go ahead and assemble your parties so you can show your supreme PvP skills and hopefully win the whole event and take the 1st place prize!
    Once you have assembled your team go ahead and leave a reply on this post or message OPR Kianni on discord with your team name and the name of all the players in your team.
    1st place - Artisan talisman package.
    2nd place - 15k D-Shop of your choice.
    3rd place - 9k D-Shop of your own choice.

    December 2017 Event Calendar

    Hello Warriors,
    Posted below is the December 2017 event calendar. We have some very special events planned for this month.
    Patch 14.2 will also be released this month with some great Holiday exchanges, stay tuned!
    Events and event times are subject to change, if changes occur they will be announced on Discord. Staff members may also host more events if they desire!
    ~DKR Staff


    2 vs. 2 Tournament 2017 Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of 2 vs 2 Tournament 2017
    Event hosted by: [GM]Hydden and [GM]Bimbow
    1st Place
    Team Name: "agein HEHE xd"
    Members: xIndependent & Kianni

    2nd Place
    Team Name: Bae
    Members: Deebyl & Mablray

    3rd Place
    Members: {VIP}Aiben &  {VIP}CatMeow


    Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    Patch 14.1 has been released with new content, new items, bug fixes, and more.
    Manual Patch will be posted in the first reply in this thread (scroll down).
    1) Parca Temple Under Attack
    Parca Temple has come under attack once again and needs warriors to defend it. Binaelle Fairie gave her life to save Parca, and we must do everything in our power to save it! Shockingly enough, Binaelle Fairie has returned from the dead by using the power of Blood Magic.  She has mastered this dangerous, powerful art and is now using it to help the warriors of the Rising defend Parca.
    Developer Notes
    Parca Temple is one of the pillars of Dekaron, and the map's chambers open up a lot of possibilities. We also wanted to add a new way for players to get more D-Shop items for free by playing the game (in addition to the 4 D-Exchanges we already have), so we've set up an exchange system that you'll see below. We're going to keep adding content to Parca, such as boss chambers.
    New Monsters

    Difficulty: High Drops: Blood Bottles Blood Bottles are not tradeable and can stack up to 5000. Drop Rate: High  
    Blood Bottle Exchange
    Binaelle Fairie is not a fighter herself, but she doesn't let that get in her way of saving Parca. While she can't fight herself, she can use her Blood Magic to create special items for you to help fight off the monsters attacking Parca.

    New Boss: Seleana
    Binaelle Fairie's arch nemesis... Seleana. She tried to take over Parca once before and she's back to try again. Will she succeed?
    Difficulty: Hard Drops: Red Light Weps (see below) Drop Rate: 25% Respawn Time: Every 4 Hours Channel(s): Ark Attacks: Seleana has 4 atacks, one of them being a super attack. Super Attack: Warning will appear above your character when she is about to use her super-attack. This warning is courtesy of Binaelle Fairie, who is doing anything she can to help you defeat Seleana. If you do not dodge the super-attack, it will one-hit kill you.

    Naturally drawn to dark energy, it seems that the Shadowkris have migrated to Parca Temple. There seems to be a flock of 8 of them.
    Developer Notes: Moving Shadowkris to Crespo Abyss did not work out as intended. We have moved them to Parca Temple and have adjusted their drops for economical reasons. They drop less argates now (since argates have dropped significantly in value, which was an issue because newbies farm argates to sell them). We will continue monitoring the game economy and making the necessary changes to improve the overall experience for both established players and new players.

    2) Red Light Weps
    Seleana's weapon is made using the power of Red Light. When killed, her energy can be used to create weapons that the warriors of Rising can use to their advantage. Kill her for a chance to get a rare Red Light Weapon!
    Stats on Red Light Weapons are the same as those on Crystalline Weapons
    Developer Notes: Seleana is an extremely fun boss and we had a blast testing her. We decided to make her drop new Red Light Weapons as we thought they would be really fitting. They have the same stats as Crystalline Weapons since Crystalline just came out and it wouldn't make sense to add a weapon that was even better so soon. We like to give people the cosmetic choice and opportunity to get a pretty rare item.

    3) New Consumable Buff: Blood Magic
    Binaelle Farie's latest creation: Blood Magic. This potion provides the warrior +10% All Magic Resistance. This potion also has special in-game effect when used. Relogging or switching channels does not remove this buff.
    She will exchange it for Blood Bottles or D-Shop Coins.
    Developer Notes: Prior to this, we had 2 consumables that increase magic damage but none that shielded against it. We have added this one to help balance that out. 10% was determined to be a good number during testing, however it is subject to possible change. We also added a really cool effect to it.

    4) Blue & Red Dragon Weapons
    New Dragon weapons have been added to the game. Red & Blue Dragon Weapons have the exact same stats as Crystalline, and now Red Light weapons. However, they will be exclusive and very rare event only rewards. Events with these weapons as prizes will be announced on the website and launcher. We're considering making them a reward for the 2v2 PvP tournament, so you should apply to that if you haven't already!


    5) Devil Wings
    Found in the shadows of the besieged Parca Temple, these special wings appear to have been crafted using blood magic. They are a brand new pair of wings with animations/effects working on all characters. 

    6) Misc
    Map UI (M) has been updated Raids have been re-enabled in Ardeca (accidentally disabled in last update) Khaleesi is back online. Additional client optimizations have been made.  

    A lot of time was put into this update, we hope you enjoy it! As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions we are always open to them.

    Patch 14.0

    Patch Notes Include: Client performance/compatibility update, Loa PvP Arena, Champion Statues, and more.
    To update client: Run game launcher then start game.
    Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): please scroll down and see first reply of this topic.
    There was a lot more we wanted to include in this patch, however the client performance/compatibility upgrade was one of our highest priorities as many of our players suffered from excruciatingly slow loading times. Resolving this issue without compromising game stability and anti hack security was a very time consuming and challenging task, but we are happy to have made such significant progress.
    Note: This is a large update. Please be patient with your launcher.
    1) Major Upgrade: Client Performance & Compatibility
    This has been a work in progress for a few weeks. We've made several changes to our game client and the new version is finally completed. We've resolved some major issues with our client and increased the performance significantly.
    Client loading speed will be much faster (2x ~ 10x faster depending on your PC) Client compatibility is improved, especially with Windows 8/10 operating systems. Client compatibility with antivirus/firewall programs has been improved, most notably Windows Defender Client performance improved, you may notice: better FPS, faster map loading, and more. Several crash issues have been fixed Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new client!
    2) Loa PvP Arena
    You can now travel to the ancient castle of Loa again! It has been turned into a PvP Arena / hang out spot. Here are a few differences:
    Loa Castle is the new PvP hangout spot. Hang out here if you're looking for a PvP challenge! Loa Castle is smaller than you remember it. We've optimized the map to make it smaller and less resource heavy so that the game performs even better than usual in this map. New NPC: Helion (Ardeca) will teleport you to the Loa Arena.  
    3) Champion Statues
    Ardeca has been remodeled and Champion Statues have been added near the spawn point. The names of tournament winners will be displayed on these statues. New 2v2 Tournament coming soon.
    4) Miscellaneous
    Updated buff-bar UI to make it look cleaner with a very tiny change that most people probably won't notice but OCD people like me were bothered by Aloken Speedboots V2 visual bug causing stats to not show has been fixed. Halloween monsters and Ardeca theme have been removed -- Limited edition Halloween wings/items will be removed from the D-Shop during next week's update (we've put them in a few days late and received some requests to keep them in for one more week). Updated loading screen Added messages for temporary bans and permanent bans on the login screen Added 5 new unreleased maps that may be used as event maps until release -- GMs, the indexes are: 608, 610, 650,651,652

    Patch 13.9

    Patch Notes Include: Halloween content & event, general changes, gear balancing, bug fixes, and more.
    To update client: Run game launcher then start game.
    Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): please scroll down and see first reply of this topic.
    1) Halloween Content & Event 
    Added a few more Halloween monsters to roam Ardeca with the chance of dropping candy Added lots of Halloween monsters to the center of DK Square -- this is the best place to get candy drops!  
    Halloween Log-In Event
    Pumpkin Ghoul monsters are in Ardeca and DK Square. Kill 20 of them each day (for at least 3 days of next week) and you will receive a free Pumpkin Ghoul Pet via mail on Friday!
    2) General Changes
    Item optioning prices have been reverted to the what they were before. Halloween Ardeca: theme has been updated with new environment settings. Relogging in Underground Temple will now return you to your return point Updated loading screen Removed some drops from specific monsters in Egutt that were being abused Raid parties have been enabled in Ardeca so you can organize dungeon raids without getting PKed by the dungeon. Nest of Cheribum Dungeon entrance has been added to Ardeca to make it easier to organize raids for this dungeon.  
    3) Gear Balancing
    This is just a small balancing update. Comprehensive gear balancing update is still being tested and will be released in a future update.
    Speedboots V2
    Developer Comments: When we released Speedboots V3 they were significantly more powerful than Speedboots V2. However, this went against our new goal of making endgame gear better but not better to the point where people that did not have endgame gear were no longer competitive. To remediate this we have made Speedboots V2 a bit stronger so the gap between V2 and V3 is not too significant to where V3 provides a significant competitive advantage over V2. Added +1000 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +7
    Added +1500 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +8
    Added +2500 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +9
    Added +5000 Max PK Shield to SB V2Addedt +10
    Added +1% PK/PVP Resistance to SB V2Addedt +10
    Added +1% Critical Resistance to SB V2Addedt +9
    Added +2% Critical Resistance to SB V2Addedt +10 Spell Plumes
    Developer Comments: When we released the upgraded version of Spell Kracion, we intended it to be the most powerful version of the plume series. However, this was not the case. We have 1) re balanced all plumes so that Kracion (upgraded) is the most powerful version 2) rebalanced the stats on all plumes for overall balance reasons  
    4) Bug Fixes
    Kona Robin - level requirement, stats, and equip restrictions have been fixed. Halloblade Dark Wings (Azure Knight) - smoke effect has been fixed. Hellion Ghost Costume (Aloken) - has been fixed. Bagi / Halfbagi Speedboots V3 - stats have been fixed. [Siege] Juto Buff - fixed bug causing the Juto Buff to be too powerful Crystalline Gauntlet - fixed bug causing the left gauntlet to be reversed.  
    Other: We are working on a new client upgrade that will make the game much more stable,  load 10~20x faster, and overall increase game speed and performance. This is one of our top priorities right now. We were unable to finish this upgrade and have it ready for this patch, but we are hoping to have it finished before the next patch. Thank you for your patience.
    Hope you enjoy this weeks update! As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated and always taken into consideration. If you have any feedback please feel free to post it in the suggestions form.

    Patch 13.8

    Patch Notes Include: Halloween, Server Upgrade, Bullion System, and some bug fixes.
    To update client: Run game launcher then start game.
    Manual Patch (ONLY NEEDED IF YOUR GAME LAUNCHER DOES NOT WORK): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zlsmKb9joCc09RWlJCQUdfSXM
    With this weeks update bring you
    Client/Server Performance Upgrade Part 2. Bullion System Halloween Update Series Part 1  
    1) Server Upgrade Pt. 2
    More server optimizations have been done to increase overall performance Network adjustments have been made, you should notice much better ms. 2) Bullion System
    We've added a new Bullion system to make it easier to hold dil and conduct expensive trades. Special thanks to Paul for some code we needed for this.
    There is now an NPC that you can trade 1 bil dil for 1 bullion, or 1 bullion for 1 bil.
    Halloween Update Series
    3) Halloween Ardeca Theme
    Halloween decorations have been put up! Beware of ghosts, it seems Ardeca has gotten very dark!

    4) Pumpkin Ghouls
    Pumpkin Ghouls have crawled out of hiding! They seem to be feeding in only a few maps right now.
    Locations: Ardeca (few) DK Square (many) Drops: Magenta Candy (+5% Defense) Cyan Candy (+5% Damage)
    5) New Wings
    Blade Wings Dark: New Wings, will be available year round. Halloblade Wings:  These wings only appear once a year! A special collectible item that only goes on sale for ONCE a year. After the sale, they are removed from the D-Shop. They are a Halloween special. I've seen some players that still have the Halloblade wings from last year, they are indeed one of the rarest wings of the game. If you want to be unique, stand out, and leave people wondering where you got your wings, these wings are for you!
    This year there is a new version, now you can chose from either the normal one or the dark one!
    Every year, after these wings are removed, people constantly ask players who are wearing them where and how to get them. At that point, there is no way until next October :). 
    6) Limited Edition: Helion Ghost Costume
    Similar to the traditional Ghost costume, this one is based off of the new Helion costume.
    These are also limited edition and will only be on sale in October.

    7) Limited Edition: Deathwing Pet
    8) Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous
    Fixed Speedboots V3 stats. Fixed a bug causing Segnale and Seguriper Speedboots V3 to not drop. Fixed a bug causing Mellias (and other bosses from Patch 13.7) to crash the client upon death Fixed a small bug in the client impacting performance Item Optioning cost has increased -- we needed to do this because of the overflowing amount of dil in the economy. We will be monitoring the situation and making necessary economical adjustments as needed. Fixed a bug that caused Dead Front and other event times to change.  
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  • Rising LIVE Stream


  • New Player FAQ

    This is a little something something called the Dekaron Rising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    The Rising Staff Team is constantly working on projects to make it easier for new players to learn Dekaron Rising, and thats why we made you this super awesome FAQ thread.
    This will be updated everytime a new patch is released.

    Q. I am a new player here! How do I get started?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. Where is the best place to farm Dils?
    A. One of the best ways to farm dils is by killing Shadow Kris in Under Crespo Main. To get there teleport from Makaio in Ardeca to Parca Temple and then from Parca Temple to Under Crespo Main. Shadowkris drops 5mil dils and commonly drops Copper Argates and Silver Argates while also having a slim chance of dropping a Gold Argate.
    Also check this link:

    Q. What are the succes rates of Options?
    - Magic 1: 80%
    - Magic 2: 60%
    - Noble: 40%
    - Divine Noble: 20%
    Q. Where do I find Gold Argates?
    A. Gold Argates are rare drops from monsters in The Deadlands, Space of Pilgrimage and Under Crespo Main. Gold Argates are mostly farmed by killing the Draco Umbar boss and Terracotta mini-bosses in Parca Temple. Draco Umbar has a 100% chance of dropping 15 Gold Argates and Terracotta has a 100% chance of dropping 1 Gold Argate.
    Q. Where do I find Copper and Silver Argates?
    A. Copper and Silver Argates are incredibly common. People sell them for less than 3mil for a full stack. They are very common drops from Shadowkris (Under Crespo Main).
    Q. How do I get 151 wings?
    A. To get the level 151 wings you have to go to The Deadlands and farm 300 Mithrils. Mithrils are common drops from any monster in The Deadlands. When you have 300 Mithrils go to NPC Ishtar in Ardeca and exchange them for level 151 wings.
    Also check this link:

    Q. How do I get dshop wings?
    A. To get Dshop wings (or any other dshop items) farm dils and buy them from other players. When doing dshop or donation transactions, always remember to call a Dekaron Rising Staff member to help ensure a safe transaction and avoid anyone from getting scammed.
    You can also simply donate for coins and buy them directly from the Dshop store.
    Q. What is the best class for farming?
    A. The most commonly used class for farming is the segureaper. The reason for this is it's high DPS and ability to heal itself. Segureaper is a great all-around class.
    Q. What are Dragon Bones and where can I get them?
    A. Dragon Bones are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields. You can either sell them to other players or exchange them at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for Blacksmith and Alchemist Protectors.
    Q. What are Draviss Artifacts and where can I get them?
    A.  Draviss Artifacts are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields aswell.
    There are 2 types of Draviss Artifacts. Dravis Normal Artifact & Dravice Authentic Artifact. You can exchange these at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for a variety of Dshop buffs.
    Alternatively you can also sell the artifacts to other players for dils.
    Q. How do I get Daes Arie ring and how do I upgrade it?
    A. To get Daes Arie ring go to Egutt Desert level 100 area and farm 300 beads of deal. Then exchange those into the Ring of Jebaheu at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca. Then farm 1500 Narukes in Egutt Desert level 181 or 160 area and exchange your Ring of Jebaheu and 1500 Narukes into the Daes Arie ring.
    To upgrade your Daes Arie ring into a Tiesto Arie ring, a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline is required. Dark Stones drop from Tower N bosses and Mana Crystallines drop from Tower S bosses. When you have a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline go to NPC Luster and NPC Kaylor in Rest of Admirers to upgrade the ring.
    Q. How do I get Seal of Destruction and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Seal of Destruction is a very common drop from Ephri boss in Cherubim Nest Dungeon. To upgrade Seal of Destruction into a Signet of Chaos you need a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline like with the Daes Arie ring. It is worth mentioning that the Signet of Chaos ring is very common and people often sell them for only 200mil.
    Q. How do I get Noble Soul and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Noble Soul drops from the Lionheart boss in Egutt level 160+ Area. This boss is very strong and I recommend you get someone to help you kill it. Unlike Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction, you can equip up to 4 Noble Souls at once.
    You upgrade the Noble Soul the same way you upgrade your Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction.
    Q. I'm new here what class should I make?
    A. You should make the class you think is coolest!
    Check this link:

    Q. Where do I find crap gems for socketing equipment?
    A. Crap gems are common drops from the monsters located down in the left cornor of the Aquarai Map. To get to Aquarai, teleport from NPC Makaio in Ardeca.
    Q. How do I get Squama and Lach?
    A. Squama and Lach are obtained from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. Squama and Lach costs Purchase Points which are obtained in DKSQ. DKSQ is a PVP Instance where 2 teams face eachother in a 30 minute battle.
    Squama costs 900k Purchase Points.
    Lach costs 1.5mil Purchase Points.
    Also check this link:

    Q. How do I upgrade my Squama and Lach?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. Where do I find level 170 Necklaces?
    A. Level 170 Necklaces are rare drops in Mitera as +7.
    They are common drops from bosses in Tower N and Tower S (+0 in Tower N and +5 in Tower S):
    1st floor: Ice Resistance Necks
    2nd floor: Defense and Poison Resistance Necks
    3rd floor: Lightning Reistance Necks
    4th floor: Fire Resistance Necks
    5th floor: Curse Resistance Necks
    Q. Where do I find 180 Necklaces?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. How do I get Teragrace Accessories?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. How do I get emblems?
    A. Check this link:

    Q. Where do I find Speedboots V3?
    A. Speedboots V3 drops from Mellias boss in Underground Temple. To get to Underground Temple, teleport to Mitera from NPC Jerome in Ardeca and head to the portal and the top left of Mitera. Mellias is extremely strong and you will need party to kill him.
    Q. Where do I find level 180 Weapons?
    A. Level 180 weapons are rare +7 drops from all monsters in Mitera.
    Check out this guide for more information about Mitera:

    Q. Where do I find level 195 Weapons?
    A. Level 195 weapons drops from the Gold Dragon boss in Arcadia and Kamat monsters in Arcadia.
    Q. Where do I find level 200 Weapons?
    A. You can buy level 200 weapons from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. They cost 2mil Purchase Points. Purchase Points can be obtained by participating in DKSQ.
    Alternatively you can buy them for 12.5k coins in the Dshop.
    Q. Where do I find Red Light weapons?
    A. Red Light weapons has a 25% chance of dropping from the boss "Seleana" in Parca Temple. You can open your map on (M) to see where the boss is located.
    Alternatively you can buy them for 14.9k coins in the Dshop.
    Q. Where do I find +90 resistance gems?
    A. +90 resistance gems are rare drops from monsters at the top left of Aquarius map. To get to Aquarius, teleport from NPC Makaio > Draco Desert > Requies Beach > Aquarius
    Q. Is there somewhere I can see the DKSQ ranks?
    A. Yes there is! Check this link:

    Q. What is Siege and how does it work?
    A. Check this link: