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[EVENT] Christmas Season Bundle Rewards


Merry Christmas Rising Warriors and Happy Holidays too! May this time of year bring blessings to you and best of luck in the following events.




Santa has arrived to Rising and is ready to spread some Xmas gifts!, as such the following events will take place next December 22, 23, 24 and 25, depending on your location (time-zone), please review the provided guidelines and schedule.


1. Dead Front Special.

Successfully enter Dead Front, winners get extra prizes for completing this recurring event.

  • This Special Edition features additional treasures hidden in the map as you progress through the Dead Front, additional monsters/traps, some providing extra experience and/or valuable items.
  • It is recommended that you plan ahead your party configuration to face the challenges inside Dead Front, having a segnale in each party is strongly advised.
  • Each party must work as a team, do not wander alone.


Event times:

  • December 23.- 21:00  Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC/GMT-8.  
  • December 24.- 13:00 Philippine Time (PHT) UTC/GMT+8.
  • December 24.- 21:00  Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC/GMT-8.   
  • December 25.- 13:00 Philippine Time (PHT) UTC/GMT+8. 


2. Hide and Seek and Kill -PK- [GM]Adori and/or [GM]Akxfolife event.

How to enter:

Be ready after the Dead Front event has ended, and pay attention to the location/map where it will be held. 

Objective: Once given the start signal, search around the map until you find [GM], upon finding:

  • [GM]Adori.- Invite the [GM] to your party to be declared winner.
  • [GM]Akxfolife.- Kill –PK- the [GM], be the lucky player who makes the final hit on the [GM] character to be declared winner.


3. Last Party Standing and Last Man Standing events.

  • In a battle royale style, be the last lucky player to remain alive on the battlefield to be declared winner.
  • RULES:
    • The pvp rules are Korean style pvp rules - where anything goes. You can use anything at your disposal.
    • For Last Party Standing, the format will be 3 member party.


Event times (2 and 3):

These events will start immediately and in succession after Dead Front event has ended.


Additionally, [GM]BlazeFury will be hosting a special 3 round Last Man Standing event:

Schedule for [GM]BlazeFury events:

  • December 22.- 08:00  Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC/GMT-8   
  • December 23.- 23:59 Philippine Time (PHT) UTC/GMT+8 


Gifts/rewards section.

What/When do I get my prizes?

All prizes will be sent via Mail Box within 48 hours after all the event series have ended. If you won, you will surely be given the prize you deserve. So for those who have already finished and won an event, please be patient for your prizes until all the events have ended.


How are coins/points calculated for prizes?

Winning once per player/event/day:

  1. Dead Front Special    = 8,000 coins.
  2. Hide and Seek [GM]     = 2,000 coins.
  3. Kill -PK- [GM]       = 3,000 coins.
  4. Last Party standing = 8,000 coins each party member.
  5. Last Man standing = 12,000 coins.


Example 1:

Player “CandyMan” wins, December 23: Hide and seek and PK [GM], he also wins December 25: Dead Front and Last Man Standing.

Earning a total: 25,000 accumulated coins.

Example 2:

Player “CandyMan”, cannot win Hide and Seek twice in the same day in an attempt to claim 4,000 coins, or PK [GM] twice, etc., he is however allowed to participate as much as desired, but can only claim one victory for each event at the same day.

This provides a chance for the winners to send a message via Mail Box to [GM]Adori, asking for the desired item/items and at the same time it is required that you provide a detailed specific description of the item (Must not exceed the amount of earned coins/points), failure to comply with this rule, causes Santa to send whatever he wishes, no exceptions made.



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3 hours ago, SMOKE said:

can i get the Santa helper in pict instead as a prize ser?:D

i like the Red one...she has perky tits:wub:

I'm not sure if we have these costumes added. I will check! 

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14 hours ago, Nitex said:

I'm not sure if we have these costumes added. I will check! 

that will be awesome if theres a costume like the santa helper girls on the pict...

my seggy will look sexy with her perky black tits  :D

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