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  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Unfortunately, due to the way our anti-hack is set up, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall may block the game and or updater from working. All of our files are verified VIRUS-FREE. Please temporarily disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall (ESPECIALLY ON WINDOWS 10).

Patch 13.2 Released


DK Square Updates, Helion Costumes, Wings & Abandoned City Revamp, Hell Temple Revamp / PK Updates, Siege and more!


Patch 13.2 brings you a ton of new content! This is only beginning of the summer Rising updates! 

Please remember to thank your staff team (I'm writing the patch notes, but almost every staff member contributed something to this update). I'd also like to thank you, the players for providing detailed suggestions and bug reports. 


Manual Patch (optional, only needed if your launcher does not update correctly): Click Here to Download Manual Patch v13.2

1. DK Square Updated

  • DK Square game UI windows have been modernized. 
  • New rank tiers have been added. 
    • We decided to separate out 171+ DK Square to be 171~188 and 189~200. This is because players with Osmium and lower level weapons were having trouble fighting players with 195 weapons and Teragrace sets . 
  • dNJBq6a.png


2. New Helion Costumes

  • New Helion costumes have been added for all classes. They are available in the D-Shop. 
  •   nopOglD.jpg
  • bGX0Y02.jpg



3. Hell (Parca) Temple Revamp / PK Changes 

  • Niete "Guards" (the guards that kill Niete players) nerfed - now killable and only do 1 damage. 
  • Hallovator has been relocated to behind the wall (so he stops interfering with PK wars)
    • kiX3FyD.png
  • We've re-done a lot of the textures in Hell Temple to make the map more visually appealing. 
    • LKPL9E2.png


4. Abandoned City Revamped & Wings Revamp

"Abandoned city Revamp!
The Dopplegangers have taken over the Abandoned city. Brave warriors are needed to help stop them. Speak to Orz to be transported to the city and take up the fight! This is a high level map, suited for players at level 195+

Purpose: Wing Upgrades, EXP 


New wing upgrade system!
In order to help adventurers fight against the Dopplegangers, Kunda has appeared. This merchant in the Abandoned City sells upgraded wings. Bring your 151 wings, and wing fragments looted from the dopples to kunda, to receive your new wings.
Wings upgrade from 151 to [Eo] wings for 100 fragments. From [Eo] Wings to [Xera] Wings for 200 fragments. And from [Xera] Wings to [Ys] Wings for 300 fragments.

D-Shop Wing stats will not change. They will remain the highest stats. [YS] Wing Stats = D-Shop Wing Stats


  • Added Dopple Monsters to Abandoned City 
  • Increased health, damage, and EXP of Dopple Monsters. 
    • EXP rate is very high, but the monsters are tough. Middle and Strongest monsters give slightly more EXP than monsters in Arcadia 
  • Fixed EXP bug in Abandoned City 
  • New Item: Wing Fragments -- drop from Dopple Monsters 
  • New NPC: Kunda -- upgrades Wing Fragments for Upgraded Wings 
  • Wing Upgrades:
    • 151 Wings now upgrade to Eo -> Xera -> Ys wings. 
    • Ys wings have the same stats as D-Shop wings. All D-Shop wings have the same stats now. 
  • Teleport to Abandoned City is now Lv195
    • Jm9rkD5.png

5. New Mouse Cursor 

  • New mouse cursor has been applied since the old one was hard to see under certain circumstances.
  • tQ6IxYt.png


6. Khaleesi Channel Fixed 

  • Khaleesi channel is back online just in time for summer! You can now choose from Arcane, Khaleesi, or Lurile channels. 

7. Siege Time Changed (Siege is this weekend)

  • Siege time has been changed. Please inform all of your guildmembers and friends. Countdown will be posted on the website shortly.  We have changed it in an effort to make it accommodating for all of our players (there is no perfect timezone and it is hard to accommodate everyone). 
    • Siege time (EU): 5PM 
    • Siege time (America EST): 12PM Noon
    • Siege time (Philippines): 12AM Midnight 

8. Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous 

  • Lizardman General now only drops Naruke to make it easier to farm narukes. 
  • Winter Ardeca theme removed - Spring Ardeca theme has been applied 
  • Summoner Shadow costume has been fixed 
  • Fixed bugged stats on some D-Shop wings 
  • Love Armlet from Valentine event has been removed from Colosseum exchange and removed from all characters. 
  • Valentine Chocolate chests in Hell Temple have been removed.
  • Wedding costumes 50% off sale has ended. 
  • Gold Wings added for upcoming tournament purposes. 

9. Server Optimizations / Clean Up 

  • Full server maintenance has been conducted (network, data, firewall, etc.) to improve game server latency (MS) and lag. 


Edited by Nitex

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User Feedback

Guest kyledanver

Posted · Report

Is the segu skill bug? the destiny explode with rocks? the damage of it is very low, which is not possible...

Mhabelle likes this

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2 minutes ago, Guest CatchMe said:

what will happend to dhop wings?



Just now, HumbleDrifter said:

yah im curious what will happen on D-Shop Wings

Nothing. They will stay the same (highest stats). 

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6 minutes ago, mask said:

Connection failed and Response time exceeded

Server will be back up momentarily, performing a maintenance.

3 minutes ago, pasyam said:

no update on balancing char??

Class balance changes are still ongoing and being tested by staff members on the balance test server, once everything is finalized it will be released server-wide.

2 minutes ago, Guest CatchMe said:

what will happend to dhop wings?


DSHOP wings will have the same stats as the fully upgraded [Ys] wings. :)

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4 minutes ago, Nitex said:


Nothing. They will stay the same (highest stats). 

sad for the D-Shop wings it just for display i hope they will add stats for it so i can be sell or someone will buy it :D


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