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[Guide]: Big Trades & Bullion System



If you are an old Dekaron player like myself, then you know that back then there were not these big trades over 1 billion dil.
And if there was one, it was very rare.

Today, 1 billion dil looks like nothing and +10 perfect Crystalline Weapons can cost up to 20 billion dil or more.

This guide will show you how to do trades more than 1 billion in dil.


Step 1:

  • Exchange your Dil into Gold Bullions qYjtqoK.jpg

You can do this at NPC Sinan located in Ardeca right beside NPC Stacy.

When you interact with Sinan you will have two options to pick from.

  1. Bullion to Dil: This will convert a Gold Bullion that you already possess into 1 Billion Dil.
  2. Dil to Bullion: This will convert your 1 Billion Dil into 1 Gold Bullion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only hold a maximum of 4 Billion dil in your inventory at one time. Trying to force the system to allow you to hold more Dil will result in your dil being lost! You will not be compensated for this!




Step 2:

Once you have your Gold Bullions ready, you can now complete your trade with another player.

Gold Bullions do not stack.




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