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[FIX] NVIDIA Graphics Card FPS Lag


I've had the same issue before, this is what I did to resolve this issue.

Open up "Device Manager" by the following:

1. Right Click "This PC" (Windows Key + E) and click "Properties," then click on "Device Manager."

2. Run "devmgmt.msc" (Windows Key + R)

Ones you have that open see if you have multiple 'Display Adapters' on your system. By Microsoft default, it will use HD Graphics or 'Integrated Graphics.'


Make sure your games are using the correct one. To do that here is what you need to do.

Open up "NIVIDIA Control Panel" or whatever graphics card pertains to it. Here is a pic of what I have mine setup to.


Lastly, you want, in my case the 1050, to be running everything else except the "normal" display.


Hope this helps!


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