Velikas Weapon Skin

One of the rarest weapon skins we've added yet.

Pyrion Wings

Harness a slither of the power of Karon.

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

New Map: Shangri-La

Breathtakingly beautiful, but extremely dangerous.

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Coming Soon: DK Square Ranking System


Warriors of the Rising,


We're extremely happy to see how popular the Colosseum Ranking system is. One of the suggestions we receive a lot is adding a similar ranking system to DK Square. Unfortunately, the game does not log DK Square statistics like it does Colosseum statistics, however, we're working on an innovative solution to get around that.

If all goes well, we will soon be launching a DK Square ranking system. It will work similarly to the Colosseum ranking system with different exclusive prizes and recognition.

In order to participate in the DK-Square ranking system, your character must be max rank.

If you have any suggestions for the system (such as rewards) please comment them below.


Looking forward to seeing who the DK Square champions will be.



Rising Staff

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make dksq lvl 200+ only, so no eggut players can join, making the dksq unbalance

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how we can max rank to Legend if the only way and fast way getting points is in DKS.?

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I Love this new comming and exciting rangking system hopefully the reward is worth it and valuable so it will satisfied the top players or the winners and that the only reason how to get the dekaron rising more competetive each other and more enjoyable 

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