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[Released] Shangrila Contents Update

New skills, new map, new monsters, new items, new effects, and tons more.
Patch Notes

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Check out the new Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 with EXCLUSIVE prizes for the top rankers in both Party Match and Battle Royale
Rankings How it Works

New Feature: Weapon Skins

We've added a new system never-before seen in Dekaron. The Weapon Skin System lets you change the visual appearance of your weapon without losing stats, +, or gems!
Patch Notes

Patch: 18.0 Major Update Part 1, Pet Revamp Part 1, Balance Part 4, Comprehensive Buff Balance, and more!

Expand your adventures with Dekaron Rising's additional content!


Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP/view?usp=sharing




New Costumes: 7 colors, All Classes






Pet System Part 1



This new content update also introduces our new pet system! This is part 1 of our pet system, more are coming soon!

Pet's have now been divided into tiers.

  • Common Pets
  • Rare Pets
  • Legendary Pets

The strength of the pet is determined based on which tier it is categorized. The pet stats are as follows:


  • ↑10 Str
  • ↑10 Dex
  • ↑10 Spr
  • ↑1000 Max Shield
  • ↑1% Monster Damage Tolerance


  • ↑20 Str
  • ↑20 Dex
  • ↑20 Spr
  • ↑2000 Max Shield
  • ↑2% Monster Damage Tolerance


  • ↑40 Str
  • ↑40 Dex
  • ↑40 Spr
  • ↑4000 Max Shield
  • ↑4% Monster Damage Tolerance


List of pets added in pet revamp part 1:

[Common] Woody
4000 Dream Powders at Dream Powder exchange

[Common] Wiki
0.5% chance from all monsters in Mitera


[Common] Slime
1% chance from all Slimes in Parca Temple


[Common] Knight

800,000 Purchase Points on NPC Lowe


[Rare] Illias
6,000,000 Purchase Points on NPC Lowe


[Rare] Gigantes
2% Chance to drop from Dopple Marto in Abandoned City


[Rare] Ariel
1% Chance from Knowledge Spider Queen


[Rare] Demi

2000 Sap Bottles on Binalle Fairie


[Legendary] White Tiger (This pet is the only pet that is 100% non tradeable, for obvious reasons)
365 Daily Attendance Coins


[Legendary] Pet Atramentous
6% chance to drop from new black dragon boss Atramentous


[Legendary] DeuxMarble
2% Chance to drop from Deux Marble in Python Castle



mkQMRUW.png Fdi8A6S.png


Pet Information:

  • Pet Eggs are no longer binded to your account. This means that you can sell them and vend them!
  • Hatched Pets and Sleeping Pets are bound to your account.
  • All pets have been deleted prior to this update to prepare for this new system.
  • Ocarinas
    • Ocarina of Eternity has been removed from the game.
    • Ocarina of Awakening (30-Days) price in D-Shop and Dragon Bone exchange has been increased.
  • All Pet Eggs will appear in the Agency.
  • This is only Part 1 of the Pet Revamp Update, more pets will be added in future editions of the Pet Revamp!



Atramentous the Black Dragon




A new endgame boss has been added to the game.

These are dark times for Elonohm. Dark Cultists are trying to unseal Atramentous the Black Dragon in Elonohm. Should Atramentous ever be set free, Trieste would be in great danger. Although Dragons usually mind their own business that is not the case with Atramentous. He is one of the strongest and most evil Dragons in existence. You must once again do your best to defeat this new challenge and protect Trieste.

Atramentous can drop the legendary pet atramentous or 2x Dragons Eye gems. Dragons Eye gems only fit into armlets.

Dragons Eye Gem: ZHu2aev.png

  • +100 Critical
  • +2000 Max Shield


The Black Dragon Atramentous is being unsealed in Elonohm. Should he ever be set free it would surely have great consequences for Trieste.

  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Drops: [Legendary] Pet Atramentous & Dragons Eye
  • Drop Chances: 6% & 200%
  • Respawn Time: 8 Hours
  • Map: Elonohm
  • Channel(s): Ark
  • HP: 200000000
  • Attacks:
    1) Normal basic attacks
    2) Atramentous can swipe his tail to interrupt skills of all targets within range
    3) Atramentous can fly into the air and charge all targets in a linear AOE. This also knocks back all targets inflicts a BLOW debuff.
    4) Atramentous flies into the air and sprays the ground with fire, setting all targets on flames burning their HP and slightly decreasing their movement speed
    5) Atramentous randomly summons Meteos in his arena
    6) Atramentous may blast a big part of his arena with fire. These usually goes in straight lines.
    😎 Passive Ability: The Great Black Dragon Atramentous is somewhat resistant towards Fire and  Physical

Tactics: Bring an entire party of people including a segnale to fight Atramentous. Do your best to avoid the Meteos.



Mitera Drops Rework


Before, all monsters in Mitera would all have an equal chance of dropping any class set pieces.

We reworked the drops so specific monsters drop specific parts now!

This makes it easier for new players to farm the parts they are specifically looking for!

Additionally, we removed all the Mitera bosses since they were harassing new players. We might use them for something else later.

Note that necklaces, earrings, dil, dream powder, and weapons still drops from ALL monsters.





Battle Server Update



The Battle Server Update includes DK Square, Battle Royale, and Party Matchmaking.

This update is split into two parts: Balance and Content

All buffs and candies have been adjusted to flat numbers to fix some issues where certain classes were benefiting more than others from the use of candies and D-Shop buffs.

  • Most non-Dshop consumables now last for 10 minutes. Previously most lasted for 3 or 5 minutes respectively.

All of the adjustments will be listed below:

  • Great Trieste Water: ↑18% Defense » ↑3000 Defense
  • Great Abaddon Powder: ↑10% All ATT » ↑1000 All ATT
  • Trieste Water: ↑15% Defense » ↑1500 Defense
  • Abaddon Powder: ↑5% All ATT » ↑500 All ATT
  • Great Holy Ghost Powder: ↑7% All ATT & ↑15% Defense » ↑750 All ATT & ↑1500 Defense
  • Invigorating Powder: ↑50 Vitality » ↑50 Vitality
  • Holy Ghost Powder: ↑3% All ATT & ↑10% Defense » ↑250 All ATT & ↑750 Defense
  • Blood Magic: ↑5% FILCP Resistance » ↑500 FILCP Resistance
  • Half Cooked Laker Steak: ↑5% Damage & Ranged Damage » ↑500 Damage & Ranged Damage
  • Clear Mullet Stew: ↑5% Magic Damage » ↑500 Magic Damage
  • Crisp and Pure Water of Avalon: ↑175 All Resistances » ↑175 All Resistances
  • Greasy Smoked Carmin: ↑7% Defense » ↑500 Defense
  • Depellium: ↑5% Max HP & MP » ↑1500 HP & MP
  • Saint Lana: ↑5% Max Shield » ↑5000 Max Shield
  • Fried Crunchy Mantis: ↑5% Max Shield » ↑5000 Max Shield
  • Clear Parca Holy Water: ↑10% Defense » ↑750 Defense
  • Ice Mushroom: ↑10% Defense & ↑100 Vitality » ↑750 Defense & ↑100 Vitality
  • Ice Flower: ↑10% Max Shield & 30 Heal Stats » ↑10000 Max Shield & 30 Heal Stats
  • Valentineday Chocolate: ↑5% Damage & Ranged Damage, ↑5% Max HP & MP, ↑10% Defense » ↑500 Damage, Ranged Damage & Magic Damage, ↑1500 HP & MP, ↑750 Defense
  • [Event]Sweet chocolate for you: ↑5% Damage & Ranged Damage, ↑5% Max HP & MP, ↑10% Defense » ↑500 Damage, Ranged Damage & Magic Damage, ↑1500 HP & MP, ↑750 Defense



Balance Part 4



Our Mission for Balance Part 4 was to increase the PVE Damage of many skills utilized by new players as well as improving the balance for end-game PVP.

This balance patch was made from feedback and suggestions after Balance Part 2.

Things you should know before reading:

  • Skill damage is NOT in game damage
  • These are not final changes. We will adjust the things that needs adjusting in Balance Part 5.

Skill Balance

Azure Knight

kDA0oMD.jpg Faedol Launch

  • Increased Skill Damage by 40%.
  • Reduces the single target's Max HP by ↓2554 for 15 seconds.
    • Previously this skill reduced Max HP by ↓1554 for 15 seconds.

0gNvjfr.jpg Bounce Defender

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.
  • Reduced the amount of Monster Damage Tolerance. (This was done to fix an issue where players wearing a Mablray Seal were able to receive only "Miss" from monsters and bosses while this buff was activated.)
  • New Values:
    • Skill Level 1: ↑36% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 2: ↑40% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 3: ↑44% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 4: ↑48% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 5: ↑52% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 6: ↑56% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 7: ↑57% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 8: ↑58% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 9: ↑59% Monster Damage Tolerance
    • Skill Level 10: ↑60% Monster Damage Tolerance
      • Previously increased by ↑72% Monster Damage Tolerance.

4Hg7tX9.jpg Solar Evil

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

ohBk2Nz.jpg Violent Dash

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

wn1JJTS.jpg Fury of Rondow

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑80%.

GSpXZsj.jpg Heavy Blow

  • Increased probability of stunning target from 60% to 70%.

xbfRkKs.jpg Igen Dash

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑80%.

3KfIDAQ.jpg Brandish

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

ABOLeDp.jpg Spout Anger

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

h4yr65p.jpg Jumping Crash

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑80%.

eu6BAsZ.jpg Soul Knight

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑60%.

DvEZ60b.jpg Divide Spear

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑60%.

yFwxJdd.jpg Judge of Helion

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑60%.

Segita Hunter

QdtADAu.jpg Wonder Firing

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

iRXLXf5.jpg Fiore Novas

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

EnQQMF3.jpg Demolition Bomb

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

EmjGTHU.jpg Rapid Fire

  • Fixed a bug where lower-level versions of this skill were interrupting their opponents skills.

Incar Magician

dtAI4jz.jpg Deformity

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

UVLEqLI.jpg Elemental Master

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑80%.

8d9FEx9.jpg Gravity Ruin

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

i4LByPb.jpg Urzer Gain

  • Decreased Skill Cooldown Period from 70s to 60s.

ymSU0T0.jpg Spoil Divinity

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

Vicious Summoner

dJidofA.jpg Rapite

  • Increased Stun Duration from 1.5 seconds to 2.2 seconds.

kan7XHt.jpg Spirit Dagger

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

PIdVJmP.jpg Blade Dance

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

Q6nCe3j.jpg Familiar Spirit

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.


8hLJDst.jpg Evil Spear

  • Increased PC Damage Rate by ↑5%.
  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑15%.

fGIY4cs.jpg Decrease Attack

  • Fixed a bug that was causing this skill to increase the target's Critical Resistance by ↑19%.
  • This skill now properly decreases the target's Critical Rate by ↓500 at Skill Level 4.
  • This skill now properly decreases the target's Critical Rate by ↓600 at Skill Level 5.
  • The other skill effects were unchanged.

hMi6X9H.jpg Blood Hit

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑200%.

6rNwSng.jpg Crimson Whip

  • Decreased PC Damage Rate by ↓5%.

1hQz2Sl.jpg Fastesten

  • Decreased the Totem HP from 470,000 HP to 40,000 HP.
  • While in range, Healing Ward will now increase self and party member's Shield Recovery by ↑1,320 Shield per second.
    • Previously Healing Ward was increasing self and party member's Shield Recovery by ↑132 Shield per second.
  • Increased Cooldown Period from 50s to 60s.
  • HP Recovery Rate is unchanged.

Bagi Warrior

YCCUCRv.jpg Tornado

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

uN36PhK.jpg Outrage

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

2CCQVNr.jpg Lallupalooza

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

VtlipwG.jpg Tempest Wing

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

GY7tD86.jpg Blast

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑60%.


PmwpMPT.jpg Radius Hit

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑60%.

ar8s9w9.jpg Vision Blade

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

EPFlcG3.jpg Spin Edge

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

hSZ9njC.jpg La Vie En Rose

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

FazlrVN.jpg Dazzling Weapon

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

9scEJQL.jpg Ancient Force

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

aigmHPz.jpg Aqua Purge

  • Efficiency lowered from ↑100% Abnormal Resistance to ↑60% Abnormal Resistance on all Skill Levels. (↑72% while wearing wings and max belt)
  • Duration: 9 seconds (Unchanged)
  • Trigger Rate: 10% (Unchanged)
  • Stacks Given: 40 (Unchanged)
  • This buff also increases Defeat Rate by ↑7% when triggered. (Unchanged)

Akybpv5.jpg Aqua Remover

  • Efficiency lowered from ↑100% Abnormal Resistance to ↑60% Abnormal Resistance on all Skill Levels. (↑72% while wearing wings and max belt)
  • Duration: 8.2 seconds (Unchanged)
  • Trigger Rate: 10% (Unchanged)
  • Stacks Given: 10 (Unchanged)
  • This buff also increases Defeat Rate by ↑7% when triggered. (Unchanged)

Dragon Knight

  • No changes.

Dark Wizard

o1Z8QyB.jpg Dark Explosion

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑10%.

vKDfwf0.jpg Darkness Thorn

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

KiaafaI.jpg Recover Mana

  • This skill now consumes ↓1500 HP instead of ↓225 MP to cast.
  • This skill recovers ↑177 MP per second for 120 seconds.
  • MP Recovery Rate is unchanged.

Concerra Summoner

BuuBWDo.jpg Blade Rain

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑10%.

gbn5fnB.jpg B-Shock

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

hc9q5Wi.jpg Top Blade

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.

hyPwSEr.jpg Familiar Spirit

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑40%.


FMCguK0.jpg Healing Moss

  • Decreased the Healing Efficiency by 33%.


phlILt9.jpg Cyclone Sweep

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

eY883Zy.jpg Devastating Slash

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑60%.

6bvMgT9.jpg Lethal Cutter

  • Increased Skill Damage by ↑20%.

v8Lhcfh.jpg Mortal Blow

  • HP Drain Duration has been increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds at Skill Level 5.
  • This skill drains ↓831.20 HP per second for a total of ↓9,974.40 HP over 12 seconds.
    • Previously this skill drained ↓8312 HP over 10 seconds.
  • HP Drain Rate is unchanged.

CfV9gvN.jpg Beristo

  • Fixed a bug that was causing this skill to give its target's immunity to any critical damage.
  • Decreases the target's Critical Resistance by ↓2% per stack. (Max 5 stacks for a total of ↓10%).
    • Previously this skill was giving the target resistance to any critical damage.
  • Decreases the target's Defeat Resistance by ↓1% per stack. (Max 5 stacks for a total of ↓5%).
    • Previously this skill did not lower Defeat Resistance by any amount.
  • Decreases the target's Vitality by ↓120 per stack. (Max 5 stacks for a total of ↓600 Vitality). This was unchanged.
  • Each stack has a 77% chance of applying for a duration of 7 seconds. This was unchanged.

Gear Balance

7eaEZAR.png - All Level 200 2H Maces & 2H Swords now have the same damage as 2H Axes.


Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • [New] Spider Queen mini-boss appears in Doomed Maze at the Secret Study
    • Drops Quest Item: Dream Powder
    • Respawn Time: 10 minutes
  • All consumable item descriptions now display what they increase and their duration
    • Previously they just gave general descriptions such as, "Increases defense"
  • Reduced the respawn time of Knowledge Spiders in Doomed Maze slightly
  • Upgraded Anti-Hack System
  • Slightly increased the distance you can zoom out
  • Lowered the drop rate of Argates from Shadowakris & Polluted Shadowakris
  • Fixed the pink visual bug on female wedding costumes
  • Reworked Rudenes debuffs and drop rates (check boss guide)
  • 18% Blacksmith Talis now has a small chance of dropping from Seleana instead of Rudene
  • Incarnation of Helion's basic attack now also slows targets attack speed by 80%
  • Slightly increased Helions overall damage and HP
  • Arcadia Dragons have been removed and replaced with Earth and Water Dragons which both spawn in Elonohm
  • Reduced Lab Chief Verdias Defense and also the range of the laser that drains hp. Verdia can now also summon a minion to aid her.
  • Fixed the red reflection on black fafnir wings. the reflection is now black like the wings.
  • Moved Noble Lionheart boss from egutt 160 to the small Under Crespo map (teleport there from Parca Temple)
  • Added more items to the Agency
    • Dragons Eye Gem
    • Unhatched Pet Eggs
    • All Emblems




Edited by [GM]Fayth

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  • New Player FAQ

    This is a little something something called the Dekaron Rising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    The Rising Staff Team is constantly working on projects to make it easier for new players to learn Dekaron Rising, and thats why we made you this super awesome FAQ thread.
    This will be updated everytime a new patch is released.

    Q. I am a new player here! How do I get started?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. Where is the best place to farm Dils?
    A. One of the best ways to farm dils is by killing Shadow Kris in Under Crespo Main. To get there teleport from Makaio in Ardeca to Parca Temple and then from Parca Temple to Under Crespo Main. Shadowkris drops 5mil dils and commonly drops Copper Argates and Silver Argates while also having a slim chance of dropping a Gold Argate.
    Also check this link:
    Q. What are the succes rates of Options?
    - Magic 1: 50%
    - Magic 2: 50%
    - Noble: 25%
    - Divine Noble: 10%
    Q. Where do I find Gold Argates?
    A. Gold Argates are rare drops from monsters in The Deadlands, Space of Pilgrimage and Under Crespo Main. Gold Argates are mostly farmed by killing the Nymphs in Draco Desert. There are 2 Nymphs in Draco Desert and each drops 6 gold argates.
    Gold Argates also drops from all bosses in Tower of Spell dungeon (higher floor = better drop). Tower of Spell is the recommended place for new players to farm Gold Argates.
    Q. Where do I find Copper and Silver Argates?
    A. Copper and Silver Argates are incredibly common. People sell them for less than 3mil for a full stack. They are very common drops from Shadowkris (Parca Temple).
    Q. How do I get 151 wings?
    A. To get the level 151 wings you have to go to The Deadlands and farm 300 Mithrils. Mithrils are common drops from any monster in The Deadlands. When you have 300 Mithrils go to NPC Ishtar in Ardeca and exchange them for level 151 wings.
    Also check this link:
    Q. How do I get dshop wings?
    A. To get Dshop wings (or any other dshop items) farm dils and buy them from other players. When doing dshop or donation transactions, always remember to call a Dekaron Rising Staff member to help ensure a safe transaction and avoid anyone from getting scammed.
    You can also simply donate for coins and buy them directly from the Dshop store.
    Q. What is the best class for farming?
    A. The most commonly used class for farming is the segureaper. The reason for this is it's high DPS and ability to heal itself. Segureaper is a great all-around class.
    Q. What are Dragon Bones and where can I get them?
    A. Dragon Bones are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields. You can either sell them to other players or exchange them at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for Blacksmith and Alchemist Protectors.
    Q. What are Draviss Artifacts and where can I get them?
    A.  Draviss Artifacts are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields aswell.
    There are 2 types of Draviss Artifacts. Dravis Normal Artifact & Dravice Authentic Artifact. You can exchange these at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for a variety of Dshop buffs.
    Alternatively you can also sell the artifacts to other players for dils.
    Q. How do I get Daes Arie ring and how do I upgrade it?
    A. To get Daes Arie ring go to Egutt Desert level 100 area and farm 300 beads of deal. Then exchange those into the Ring of Jebaheu at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca. Then farm 1500 Narukes in Egutt Desert level 181 or 160 area and exchange your Ring of Jebaheu and 1500 Narukes into the Daes Arie ring.
    To upgrade your Daes Arie ring into a Tiesto Arie ring, a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline is required. Dark Stones and Mana Crystallines drops from Tower of Spell bosses. When you have a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline go to NPC Luster and NPC Kaylor in Rest of Admirers to upgrade the ring.
    Q. How do I get Seal of Destruction and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Seal of Destruction is a very common drop from Neo Deux Marble boss in Tower of Spell Dungeon. To upgrade Seal of Destruction into a Signet of Chaos you need a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline like with the Daes Arie ring. It is worth mentioning that the Signet of Chaos ring is very common and people often sell them for only 200mil.
    Q. How do I get Noble Soul and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Noble Soul drops from the Lionheart boss in Egutt level 160+ Area. This boss is very strong and I recommend you get someone to help you kill it. Unlike Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction, you can equip up to 4 Noble Souls at once.
    You upgrade the Noble Soul the same way you upgrade your Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction.
    Q. I'm new here what class should I make?
    A. You should make the class you think is coolest!
    Check this link:
    Q. Where do I find crap gems for socketing equipment?
    A. Crap gems are common drops from the monsters located down in the left cornor of the Aquarai Map. To get to Aquarai, teleport from NPC Makaio in Ardeca.
    Q. How do I get Squama and Lach?
    A. Squama and Lach are obtained from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. Squama and Lach costs Purchase Points which are obtained in DKSQ. DKSQ is a PVP Instance where 2 teams face eachother in a 30 minute battle.
    Squama costs 900k Purchase Points.
    Lach costs 1.5mil Purchase Points.
    Also check this link:
    Q. How do I upgrade my Squama and Lach?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. Where do I find level 170 Necklaces?
    A. Level 170 Necklaces are average drops in Mitera as +7.
    Q. Where do I find 180 Necklaces?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. How do I get Teragrace Accessories?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. How do I get emblems?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. Where do I find Speedboots V3?
    A. Speedboots V3 drops from Mellias boss in Underground Temple. To get to Underground Temple, teleport to Mitera from NPC Jerome in Ardeca and head to the portal and the top left of Mitera. Mellias is extremely strong and you will need party to kill him.
    Q. Where do I find level 180 Weapons?
    A. Level 180 weapons are rare +7 drops from all monsters in Mitera.
    Check out this guide for more information about Mitera:
    Q. Where do I find level 195 Weapons?
    A. Level 195 weapons drops from the Gold Dragon boss in Arcadia, Kamat monsters in Arcadia and from Dikesel boss in Cherubim Nest dungeon.
    Q. Where do I find level 200 Weapons?
    A. You can buy level 200 weapons from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. They cost 2mil Purchase Points. Purchase Points can be obtained by participating in DKSQ.
    Alternatively you can buy them for 12.5k coins in the Dshop.
    Q. Where do I find +90 resistance gems?
    A. +90 resistance gems are common drops from the purple dragon boss in Arcadia
    Q. Is there somewhere I can see the DKSQ ranks?
    A. Yes there is! Check this link:
    Q. What is Siege and how does it work?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. What are Blood Bottles and how do I get them?
    A. Blood Bottles are exchangeable misc items dropped by all blood enemies in Parca Temple. Blood Bottles can be used to exchange at NPC Binaelle Fairie in Parca Temple for various goods or sold to stronger players for dils.
    Q. What are Dream Powders and how do I get them?
    A. Dream Powders are exchangeable misc items dropped by all enemies in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, The Deadlands and Mitera. Dream Powders can be used to exchange at NPC Karin in Ardeca for various items or sold to stronger players for dils.
    Q. What are Skins and how do I get them?
    A. Weapon skins is a feature unique to Dekaron Rising. To change the skin you need a +10 level 200 purple crystalline weapon and a skin diamond. There are currently 5 different types of skin diamonds with more to come in future patches:
    [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom [Skin Diamond] Red Light [Skin Diamond] Purple Crystalline [Skin Diamond] Cursed [Skin Diamond] Tech Skin Diamonds are obtained through our unique endgame PvE content that offers extremely hard but fun bossfights. For more info about how to change the skin of a +10 level 200 weapon check NPC: [GM]Katarina next to West Mailbox in Ardeca.
    For more info on Skin bosses check the following guide:

    New Player Guide

    You should start this guide after you have downloaded, created an account, and created your character. To download and create a GAME account, go here: http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/home/
    Video Tutorial:
    The first thing you should do when you spawn in Ardeca after you make a character and gave it a name is following:
    Open your map (M)

    1. First thing to do is to open your map (M) and go to the Ardeca town exit (big green arrows on the map)
    2. As you venture out of the town Ardeca, simply open your map (M) and follow the green arrows to slay the different level Akris on the map until you are level 60. (make sure to grab the "newbie buff" at the gate exit/entrance to ardeca. simply walk over it. Also remember to pick up the dils drop from Akris)
    3. Once you are level 60+ return to Ardeca.
    4. First thing you should do now is to go buy the skills for YOUR class. (skills are only 1 dil each and skillmasters are located at cordinates 400 : 80)
    5. Once you have bought your skills, you will need as many potions you can get for your level. Also buy 100 return scrolls while you're at it. Head to the merchant NPC "Arenar" who is located at the coordinates 285 : 147 in Ardeca town. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you always save dils for teleportings)


    Alright you have made it this far and the easiest part is over and you are now level 60 and have bought your skills and potions.

    6. It is now time to use the Egutt Desert scroll in your inventory (or go to teleporter NPC "Jerome" located in Ardeca town at coordinates 350 : 142 and teleport to egutt desert from him)

    7. Once you arrive in Egutt Desert you are currently in a safe zone. (However players can attack and kill each other here still)
    8. Go to the NPC "Commander" and teleport to the level 60+ area.
    If you die too many times in egutt desert level 60+ area, and you feel like giving, up here is the 2nd choice:
    As you stand in Ardeca it is time to visit your old friend NPC "Makaio". Teleport to Draco Desert lvl 54+. (This will cost you 3500 dils.)
    Keep slaying the monsters in this map until you think you are strong enough to take on the monsters in Egutt Desert once again.
    9.  Once you have leveled from level 60-80 click your return scroll you bought earlier and return to Ardeca.
    10. Once you have returned to Ardeca re-enter Egutt Desert and teleport to the level 80 area this time. Keep leveling at the level 80 area until you reach level 102 then use another return scroll and return to Ardeca.
    11. Once again re-enter Egutt desert and this time level from 102-120. At level 120 return to Ardeca again.
    12. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 120 area. Level from level 120-140 then return to Ardeca again.
    13. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 140 area. Level from level 140-160 then return to Ardeca again.
    14. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 160 area. Level from level 160-181. Here you also farm your new set. +9 Level 170+ set, weapon and accessories. Monsters have high drop rate.
    You have now completed my new player guide!
    You should now be level 176-180 and fully equipped with your new +9 170 set, wep and accessories. You are now ready for the next step.
    This is also where the new player video tutorial ends and if you watched that then what comes next is the more specific details I promised you in the end of the video.
    Now you have to do two things:
    1) Level up to 200
    2) Farm and get geared
    You can level up from 176-181 in Egutt Desert level 160 area (same place as you farmed your 170+ items)
    Or you can go to deadfront from 166-180. Deadfront is the best EXP from level 166 to 180 so keep an eye out for Deadfront announcements in game or check the timer on our forum front page.
    Once level 180 the best place to level is in Tower of Spell dungeon.
    When you are level 190 the best place to level is Parca Temple. To get to Parca Temple speak with NPC: Makaio in Ardeca. Parca Temple is level 190+.
    As for farming and getting geared you're gonna be spending of lot of time in Miteria
    Open your inventory and use your Miteria scroll (or go to NPC "Jerome" coordinates 350 : 142) Monsters in Miteria drops the next gear sets but only +7. You can farm these and upgrade them later on. The gears are called Osmium and is the 2nd strongest gear in game. Osmium can be upgraded all the way to +10. You will also find level 180 +7 weapons here and level 170 necklaces, rings etc.
    Once you have +10 osmium and 180 wep you can start competing with other players.

    For more details about Mitera please check out this guide:
    I will make a list of other places of interest here:
    Tower of Spell dungeon - Tower of Spell has been reworked and is now the best place to level from 180-190.
    Besides that, Tower of Spell is now also the best place for new players to farm gold argates so they can upgrade the gear they farm in Mitera.
    Find NPC Rezeena [Dungeons] in Ardeca to teleport to Tower of Spell
    Tower of Spell also offers other unique drops such as:
    Dark Stones Mana Crystallines 6% gems +7 180 weapons All resistance gems and guard bijous Seal of Destruction ring Gold Argates Check out this introduction/walkthrough for the Tower of Spell dungeon:
    Ruins of Rudene - Ruins of Rudene has been reworked and offers good EXP at level 190+.
    The dungeon is designed for mid gear players (+9 osm and up) with the exception of the last boss Rudene who is designed for end game players.
    Find NPC Rezeena [Dungeons] in Ardeca to teleport to Ruins of Rudene
    The dungeon offers unique rewards such as:
    Wing Fragments Dream Powders Dils Gold Argates Level 195 Red Sigmetal Weapons 18% blacksmith talisman (last boss) Mablray's Seal (last boss) Level 190 necklaces (last boss)  
    The Deadlands - In The Deadlands you will be looking for "Mithrils". Mithrils are common drops from all enemies in The Deadlands and are used to exchange at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca for level 151 wings.
    The monsters here also drops dream powders, marvics and argates.

    Crespo Abyss - In Crespo Abyss / Under Crespo 1 you can farm Grade Points which gives your character higher rank. When you rank up you are rewarded with extra statpoints. You get 3 stat points each rank. (IMPORTANT: The higher rank you are the harder it is to farm Purchase Points in DKSQ later).

    Parca Temple - In parca Temple you can find Shadowkris near the waterpools. Shadowkris drops 5m dils and a random argate.
    Another type of enemies that spawn in Parca Temple are Sap enemies. The easiest Sap enemy to deal with are the Sap Testee 1. The Sap Testee 1 are more common in the right wing in Parca Temple. Sap enemies drop Sap Bottles which you can exchange for various items at NPC Binaelle Fairie who is located next to the teleporter NPC Conrad.
    Parca Temple is the BEST place to level at 190+ but also the hardest place.

    Abandoned City - In Abandoned City you will be farming for wing fragments to upgrade your level 151 wings. Fully upgraded level 151 wings have the same stats as Dshop wings. The exchange NPC is located at the Abandoned City entrance.
    To get to the Abanandoned City speak with NPC Orz in Ardeca.

    Aquarai Ruins - In Aquarai Ruins you can find the so called "crap gems" which are gems so bad that they serve no other purpose than to increase the success chance of you creating a socket in your armor or helmet. 1 gem = 5% more chance of succes. You can sacrifice up to 5 crap gems which is a total of +25% increased chance to make a socket.

    If you have any questions about anything you feel I forgot or didn't specify in the guide feel free to join our Discord and shoot me a PM there!
    Please check out the links below. They will help you even more I guarantee you!
    Link to Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising:
    Link to Frequently Asked Questions thread:


    Why is Rising the best?

    What makes Dekaron Rising the best:
    [Rising vs. Official] – bullets with this tag = things we do better than official 
    [Rising vs. Official & Rising vs. other private servers] – bullets with this tag = things we do better than official and other private servers
    Rising is PLAY2Win whereas Official is PAY2win. [Rising vs. Official]
     Official Dekaron has D-Shop (cash shop) items that provide overpowered stats. For example, costumes give +20% defense. This ruins the game because players who do not pay cannot obtain these items and are thus always at a major disadvantage when playing against players that do buy those items. Dekaron Rising’s D-Shop is primarily cosmetic only. The only items in the D-Shop that give any PVP/PK advantage are the buffs, but we’ve made those available outside of the D-Shop as well. For this reason, PvP/PK is fair across the board for all players. Class Balance [Rising vs. Official & Rising vs. other private servers]
    Dekaron has 12 classes and the game has had an issue with balance (because they are all so unique) for years. Official Dekaron  is oblivious to balance since they are motivated by profits, so they add items with overpowered stats that ruin game balance. Dekaron Rising on the other hand has a dedicated balance team and uses PvP/PK statistics to ensure that the classes are as balanced as possible. We released a major balancing patch in our 2018 update last January that was in development/testing for 6 entire months! And we’re happy to say it was a huge success according to database statistics. Leveling Up / Getting Gear   [Rising vs. Official]
    On Offiical it is very hard to level up and it’s could take an entire year to get max level. Not everyone has the time to do so, and since the game is highly PvP/PK oriented, you can’t have that much fun if you aren’t strong enough. On Rising we’ve made it so that you could get to 1~180 in a day or two. At 180 you could get the 180 set (one set before the last set) which drops plentifully in the 170 map. We’ve made it so that the endgame set isn’t significantly stronger than the 180 set, so even new players can quickly get in on the action and be competitive.  Large, Interactive Community  [Rising vs. Official & Rising vs. other private servers]
    Official’s community is mismanaged. Their forums are underdeveloped and their staff are rarely seen.  Rising has a huge, global community with hundreds of players online at all times. Staff members are always online in-game, on our website, and in our discord. We have several huge guilds, even a guild that migrated from Dekaron Japan. Our Discord is always full of players chatting and we have the largest community of any private server. We also have game channels that are optimized for different parts of the world to ensure there is as little lag as possible. We have channel uplinks in the following locations: Europe, USA, Canada, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Australia. No other private servers comes close. Fast Updates, Exclusive Content that not even official has  [Rising vs. Official & Rising vs. other private servers]
    Our server is updated more frequently than official’s. We implement new updates faster than they do in addition to developing our own. For example, we added the new Dragon Knight class 6 months before Official did (because it was released on Dekaron Korea, and our devs translated and developed it quicker). Official’s dev team is really bad and it takes then months to fix small issues.  We have exclusive content that has brought new life to the game that not even official versions of the game have. New Costumes, Wings Weapon Skin System: read more about this one, it was a HUGE new system: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/articles.html/updates/patch-147-new-weapon-skin-system-new-boss-arenas-pt1-r103/ Colosseum Ranking System: official and pservers have Colosseum, which is a really cool PvP system, but only we have the ranking system for it, which we have created from scratch and players love. Read more about this one here: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/articles.html/news/major-update-rising-2018-patch-r97/ New dungeons, monsters, bosses Modernized game UI Events [Rising vs. Official & Rising vs. other private servers]
    Our staff team is constantly running both forum events and in-game events. PvP tournaments are held monthly and we have created exclusive prizes for tournament winners.  Other servers and official run primarily cash events, whereas our events are geared toward all players Example: Official added Karon's Blurry/Bright/Shiny Tears as cash items, and these items were extremely overpowered which was unfair to non-donators. We added these items in game as regular non D-Shop items, so everyone can obtain them and it is not necessary  to donate for them. Our exchange is 100% play to win.  Security  [Rising vs. Official & Rising vs. other private servers]
    No Dupe Problem Official Dekaron  has had a huge item duping issue that ruined their economy (you can read about it on their forums). Basically there was a way to clone items. It ruined their economy and they had to delete items from everyone, it was a bad mess. Rising has never had a dupe problem and we track all items by giving each item in the game a serial number to ensure this doesn’t happen. No hackers Because of the way Dekaron was developed, it’s easy to hack the game (speed hack, teleport hack, monster no-aggro, skill hack, etc). Hackers are a huge problem on the official game and on private servers and can make the game very unfair. Rising has a professionally built custom-anti hack. It detects all hacks and automatically closes the client if any are detected. The anti hack also has a "heartbeat" system which allows the server to detect if it was bypassed, in which case the bypass is logged and the suspicious characters are sent to the staff team. In other words, our anti hack isn’t un-bypassable, BUT… Even if someone does bypass the anti hack, the character is automatically flagged because we have serverside detection that detects when a player is in game without the anti hack running . No database leaks, information leaks, or rollbacks. Other private servers have had database leaks that have leaked account information or database hacks that have caused them to rollback their database (losing player data for X days). Rising has been open for 5 years: we’ve NEVER had any database hack, database leak, or needed to do any rollbacks. We’ve also never deleted any data. If you made a character on the first day we opened the server 5 years ago, it’s still there! Our website uses SSL encryption, our servers and databases are professionally secured and backed up every hour. One of our staff members is an IT Audit and Security Analyst! Uptime
    We have 99.9% uptime thanks to redundant servers, DDoS protection, and systems to automatically alert staff if anything is malfunctioning.  
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