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Shangri La Sanctuary

New contents pdate

Welcome to Rising 2020

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

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Patch 20.9 - Shangri La Sanctuary Part 2 & More!










We're happy to present to you part 2 of the Shangri La-Sanctuary contents update!

"You have successfully infiltrated the realm of Velikas and forced him to aid you in obtaining the Power of the Incar Gods known as the Grand Meister skills, but rumors speak of a secret Realm of Treasures and riches that Velikas has been keeping secret from you. An Ancient creature known as the Skywhale guards this realm. Perhaps the last of its kind. Are you willing to slay the last Skywhale to obtain even more power? If so make your way to the inner most parts of the Shangri-La Sanctuary, but do remember that your greed will eventually lead you to your own destruction."


Manual Patch:


New Boss Arena



The Skywhale may very well be the last of it's kind. It's guarding the Shangri-La Sanctuary which it has been doing for who knows how long.

  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Drops:
    - 22% Chance of dropping 1x Masochie Earring
  • Respawn Time: 4 Hours
  • Map: Shangri-La Sanctuary
  • Channel(s): Ark
  • HP: 240000000
  • Attacks:
    1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact
    2) A linear magical attack that damages all players in a straight line
    3) A large AOE attack that deals damage to all surrounding players
    4) A large Aqua AOE attack that deals extremely high damage to anyone caught within its range

Tactics: Dodge the large Aqua AOE attack





New Earrings


We've added a new pair of offense-focused earrings to give you more variety when it comes to building your class

How to get them:
These new earrings are obtained by slaying the Skywhale in Shangri-La Sanctuary.
They can be upgraded one time by bringing a Platinum Chunk I5ZsFb5.png  AND a Masochie Earring cUmunnl.png to NPC Bella in Shangri-La Sanctuary. She will combine the items into a Masochie Platinum Earring.
The Platinum Chunk can be obtained with either 20m Purchase Points or 1000 Solidary Crystals.










Shangri-La Sanctuary RevampzqqYIiE.png

  • Fixed the zoom distance in Shangri-La Sanctuary
  • Improved graphics and visuals
  • Completely reworked the Solidarity Crystal drop rate in Shangri-La Sanctuary



New Cosmetics


Neon Wings

We have added 2 new and fun Neon wings!



Limited Edition Premium Skin: Rainbow Crystalline

We have added the Rainbow Crystalline Skin to the Dshop!

This has been a staff exclusive for more than a year. We are now releasing it as a limited edition premium skin.







  • Increased the drop rate of coppers, silvers, pass and niums in Egutt level 181 Area
  • Increased the drop rate of Tatum Marvics from the Deadlands Event monsters
  • Seleana now drops 3x +0 195 Weapons instead of 2x
  • Added MonsterHead Dolls in the 2nd part of the Shangri-La Sanctuary



Bug FixeszqqYIiE.png

  • Fixed the zoom distance in Shangri-La Sanctuary
  • Fixed various exchange and item descriptions that were bugged or inaccurate
  • Disabled Deadfront on Lurile channel


Whats in store for Patch 20.91?


  • Quality of life changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Adjustments of various drop rates and other things
  • Possible skin rework
  • Balance Part 10


Thank you all for your love and support!



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Guest Segnalepro


How disconect of the server. Conectivo n failed


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6 minutes ago, Guest Segnalepro said:

How disconect of the server. Conectivo n failed


Still updating the servers, give us some time. Maybe 15 minutes.

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Guest Great patch


Great patch but i think one boss that spawns evey 4h and 22% chance of drop Is not really fair for 500+ players.

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