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    Rising 2022: Open World Dungeon, New Mechanic, New Content

    Patch Notes

    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.
    Ranking System Guide Rankings

    Segita Shooter El Mar

    Patch Notes

    DK Square Ranking System

    Patch Notes

    Patch 24.4: Fast Equip, DKS Announcement System, Performance Improvements (FPS/Freeze/Crash)


    This is a client-side only update, which means that the servers will not be restarted.


    New Feature: Fast Equip



    • Fast equip any item by right clicking in your inventory
    • If an item is equipped in the same slot of the item you right clicked, it will be replaced with the item that you right clicked
    • For special rings/necklaces (like Squama) they must be in the first ring/necklace stop (top left)



    DKS Announcement System




    • An announcement will automatically appear when a DKS battle starts.
    • A different announcement will appear every 5 minutes when DK Square is ongoing.
    • Note: Announcements will only happen on Ark.



    FPS & Performance Improvements


    • Fixed an issue that caused low FPS in DK-Square
    • Fixed an issue that caused crashing in DK-Square (especially with Dragon Knight, Summoner, and Concerra classes.

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