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    Rising 2022: Open World Dungeon, New Mechanic, New Content

    Patch Notes

    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.
    Ranking System Guide Rankings

    Segita Shooter El Mar

    Patch Notes

    DK Square Ranking System

    Patch Notes

    Patch 24.7: DK Square MvP System, New Player Experience, Content, Balance, and more!





    Manual Patch:  Soon




    New Systems


    possibly Apologies for the lack of updates recently. We've been working on two new systems that will let us make some pretty awesome things with the game. We're extremely excited to show you them. You saw them here first.

    Tracking System

    The tracking system we released in beta a few weeks ago. It took some tweaking to make it work perfectly, but we got it! It will enable a lot of awesome new things from new quests, to dungeons, PvP modes, matchmaking, and much more. So far...

    • Kills are tracked
    • Segnale/Seguriper ressurections are tracked (self and player)
    • Soon: Monster kills (for quest purposes)


    UI System

    With the addition of new quests and PvP modes that we're adding, we needed a way to be able to make the game write custom UI for us -- that is much more robust than a simple text field, and even interact-able. Well, in a first for pservers, we did this, and its pretty awesome. It will be used for the PvP modes, quests, and much more. It's first use will be the MvP system (see below).


    Announcement/Information System Upgrade zqqYIiE.png





    We've created a new announcement system that allows us to do much more with announcements.

    We will slowly be upgrading existing announcements to the new version that we have created.

    The new version allows us to:

    • Create announcements that minimize visual clutter
    • Custom Quest information for custom quests (oops, did I just give away an upcoming feature)?
    • M Create announcements that appear both to individual players or all channels.
    • Show a live status of who is alive and who is dead.



    DK-Square MVP System


    The MvP sytem is pretty awesome. Like, really awesome. It allows you to see who the current MvP is in realtime, allowing the enemy team to focus him and you to try to beat his score.

    image.png     image.png



    • Kill = 1 point 
    • Player resurrection = 1 point
    • Self Resurrection = 0 points

    Prizes (will start after beta)

    • MvP one match = 30 minute DKS MvP Emblem (sent immediately after DKS ends) (Red)
    • MvP three matches (in one day) = 24 hour DKS MvP Emblem (Yellow)
    • MvP 15 matches (within one week) = 1 Week DKS MvP Emblem (Blue)
    • MvP Highest of the Month = 1 Month DKS MvP Emblem (Yellow/Red/Blue)
    • 6540bd7da92080e879c1a24ba29f5335.gifeb449bc125ae28acebaee91bdbf18c06.gif862cf665a089b1e0d9d4b01cc32dfbac.gifee59963225052581d97fc7b80ce208bb.gif




    Ultimate Lach and Squama




    • Ultimate Lach -> Key to power + Upgraded Lach + 5K B Coins + 15K P Coins
    • Ultimate Squama -> Key to protection + Upgraded Squama + 5K B Coins + 15K P Coins
    • Key to Power -> 25M PPoints
    • Key to Protection -> 25M PPoints
    • Upgraded Lach -> 10M PPoints
    • Upgraded Squama -> 10M PPoints
    • Normal Lach -> 2000 Narukes
    • Normal Squama -> 2000 Narukes



    V4 Speedboots


    • Random V4 Boot's Box -> 1K Hermes Fragment
    • Specific V4 Boots ( for each class ) -> 3K Hermes Fragment + 1 Hermes Crystal Shard



    New Players ExperiencezqqYIiE.png

    Part of this topic has been working on the live server for a few weeks

    New players now start with :

    • 2x 3% PK Gems
    • Teragrace Belt +9
    • 2x Teragrace Armelets +9
    • 3x Zeig gold +9
    • 195 Weapons +10
    • Shangrila la mobs now drop teragrace gears +9 instead of +8




    New Cosmetics


    Desert Heat Emblem (Body)


    Blaze Emblem (Body)


    Sand Emblem (Feet)


    Rondow Wings




    What to expect in the next updatezqqYIiE.png

    • Automatic system to send Siege prizes
    • Automatic system to send DKSQ MVP prizes ( If beta test is over )
    • Full rework of 215 skills
    • More PVE content ( this part is allready planned just not released yet )
    • Balance changes ( specially after we add this new accessories )
    • Probably we release a new pvp system ( if we release it will stay on beta test too )
    • Rework Dungeons
    • Changes to the path how new players reach endgame and their gap to fully geared players
    • Updated guides on our website





    Keep in mind that we are planning a full rework of 215 skills which imply additional changes to the general balance

    Bagi Warrior

    •  unknown.pngCarnage:
    • Decreased degen rate from 20% to 10%
    • Increased cooldown from 18s to 22s
    • unknown.png Imbibe:
    • Decreased block rate from 25% to 20%


    Concerra Summoner

    • image.png Blitz:
    • Increased success rate  from 82% to 90%
    •  image.pngShadow Attack:
    • Increased success rate  from 89% to 90% 



    • unknown.png Punish:
    • Decreased degen rate from 20% to 10%


    Half Bagi

    •  unknown.png Bust Slash
    •  Last hit stun rate decreased from 100% to 90%
    •  Cooldown increased from 20s to 28s


    Dragon Knight

    Nitex comments: "Dragon Knight continues to dominate in several scenarios due to its combos and stun durations. We have scaled back some of the damage on pulsing skills to make the class more skill based."

    • unknown.png Obortan 1:
    •  Increased buff duration from 60s to 120s


    Segita Shooter 

    • Min defeat rate increased from 10% to 14%


    Siege Scheduled for July 31st, 2022.zqqYIiE.png


    Bug Fixes/MisczqqYIiE.png

    • Fixed Spell Kracion (Upgraded) texture;
    • Fixed Rainbow Kracion (Upgraded x2) not being able to be exchanged for;
    • Fixed Metallic Crystallix Skin appearing invisible in ToM Npc;
    • Fixed Light Wings (Half Bagi)'s effects;
    • V4 Stats fixed;
    • Fixed General Costume (Wizard) textures.
    • Fixed Helion Ghost Costume (AK) textures.
    • Fixed Hoodie of Love Costume (Seg) textures.
    • Fixed Shangri-La Blue, Gold, Green, Red and Purple Costume (Seg) textures.
    • Fixed Summer18 Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal and Yellow Costume(Seg) textures.
    • Rondow Helmet (Half Bagi) will no longer drop in Rudene.
    • Fixed Siege Hammer floor effects bug.
    • Readded Soaring Wings (Dragon Knight) to the Soaring Wings Box.






    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    awesome update and the upcoming, it'll be more playable and more players will be back on track less afk, and less hustle. I hope next time they fix the DILS. It's one of the big problem on new players specially on red zones. They get easily killed.

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