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    • yeah spam slow try my hunter =)
    • Vicious Summoner
      GUIDE   Stats :
      Minimum requirements for STR and SPR of your staff  rest heal

      NOTE : staff vs Damage is not base on how much SPR u have. STAFF SUMMONER is Base in POISON DAMAGE and its about your enemies POISON RESISTANCE.
      The more POISON DAMAGE you have and the lesser POISON RESISTANCE your enemy has The more damage you can deal Gears : Lvl 200+10 Staff 
      +10 Tera Helmet, Armor, Gloves, and Pants
      +9 Tera Beltwith Max Gem
      +9 Tera Armlets with Max Shield Gem
      Vit Necklaces
      Upgraded Spell Kracions  SKILLS: (To max) Domination: chaks , combo 1 skills , remove curse
      Combat: Shadow Revenge , DA , Storm Runner (poison sword,Twin bore,Darkness - optional)
      Alteration: Blood bats , Skin of FR , Cane Hawk , Helions
      Trans-UP: ALL SKILL except Fury Explosion Combos: NOTE: Always use CANE Hawk and DONT FORGET TO USE DRAGON CANE AND DEATH PENALTY Combo 1:(for Warriors) Thorn -> increase poison -> palpus -> sporjar -> hell burst -> terrible rain -> poison mist -> infected earth ->  repeat
      Combo 2: (for Runners)Thorn -> palpus -> sporjar -> hell burst -> terrible rain -> poison mist -> infected earth ->  repeat
      Combo 3:(for Smarts) Rapite -> Poison sword -> Cane hawk -> Thorn -> increase poison -> palpus -> sporjar -> hell burst -> terrible rain -> poison mist -> infected earth ->  repeat Strategy for other CLASS ( 1 v 1) BAGI/HB: Most difficult to defeat Use increase poison -> sporjar -> run -> Hell burst -> run -> Terrible rain -> repeat (Dont use Slow or Palpus because its USELESS due to their Abnormal Resist)
      if the abno resist is gone USE COMBO 1 TIPS: Don`t Ever make him close to you or you`ll be the one who's dead , the more you distance your self to him , the more you survive . AK/ALO/CS/DK: use COMBO 1 + keep distance + always slow them Staff Summoner : TIPS : be the first one to cast palpus , or evade their palpus always. MAGE/SEG/SEGU/DW : use Thorn -> palpus ->sporjar -> run -> thorn ->Hell burst -> summon ghost -> Terrible rain -> thorn ->poison mist -> infected earth -> repeat TIPS: Don`t let them slow you or get caught  Hunter: use COMBO 1  + always slow them TIPS: Just slow them ALWAYS.  cast skill when they cast skill too at the same time .   IMPORTANT: Staff VS advantages are Slow and Distance and more effective on Melee Enemy .
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