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[Patch 12.6] Double DK Square, bug fixes, and more!

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2 hours ago, Nitex said:

All monsters in Arcadia (except Shadowkris) now have a chance to drop Teragrace gear. The drop rate is relatively low, but the stronger the monster, higher the drop rate. Dragon drops have not changed.

@Nitex yeah can forget bout the damn rank, i skiped this info ahaha
still i fukin hate u
i like geting set via pve rather pvp :D

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1 hour ago, haziqzas said:

@Nitex wats the point maxing it out if cant keep using it? same goes for the point , not all new traine is +130 +9 set 
yeah u are ignorance bastard

just follow this guy v

1 hour ago, SMOKE said:

It's time for all my Trainee segnale's char to come out and spam this double DKSQ thingy:P:D

^ oh now i know....your the multiple logger on dksq ....20 chars on 1 raid in dksq ....youre the one behind those muliti accts in dksq-_-:ph34r::D

{VIP}Voudou likes this

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1 hour ago, MrFisty said:


uhmm ....actually .... what people mean is to put the wings lvl 151 normal design on dshop.....but nitex was happy so he made it free :mellow: because its christmas ^_^ and also good for newbies :)

25 minutes ago, Bon3 said:

Way too much. 15 more stats ok thats alright.

But 2% tolerance in addition to 150 vit is pretty unbalanced imo 

This is basically like wearing an extra +9 zeig necklace

i think it would be fine because its worth for siege winners only...if would be unbalance then maybe try make it +300 vit and +200 to all stats then make it only for pve...:unsure::lol::wub:

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