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Patch 12.8: New-Player's Update, Draco Desert Warzone, Bosses, Fishing, and more!

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Hello everyone,


We've gotten a lot of feedback from new players on how we can improve the new-player experience and have finished making some pretty great improvements. Our main focus was to help new players get into the action and be competitive as quick as possible, without making the server too easy. We've put a fast-forward on all of the boring parts of starting a new character. 

You need the latest update to be able to log into the game. Either run the launcher to get the latest update, or if your launcher does not work, download and extract the manual patch below:

  • Manual Patch 12.8 (latest manual patch has all previous patches meaning you only need to download the newest one):

1. Changes for New-Players 

  1. New Player Starter Scrolls:
    1. Starter scrolls have been added for new players. All new characters start with 3 new player starter scrolls.
    2. The scrolls have guides for new players so they know where to go, what to kill, and where they can loot items.
    3. You can right click the scrolls to be automatically teleported to the scroll location once you are the required level.
    4. The new scrolls are: Egutt, Crespo Abyss, and Mitera. 
    5. C1pYV6N.png
  2. Ardeca is now where you level from Lv.1 to Lv.60:
    1. Minimap has been updated to show a path to get you to level 60 in <5  minutes and locations of the Akris with their respective levels. 
    2. Akris have been edited to level up the new characters appropriately and give them dil for teleports and skillbooks.  
      1. zaZtU8W.png
  3. Egutt Leveling Map (Lv.60~Lv180) has been updated:
    1. Monster damage has been lowered (where needed) so that the map is solo-able for newbies.
    2. EXP gained from monsters has been increased to make leveling quicker.
    3. Level 160 and Level 180 Egutt Areas now drop +9 170 Sets / Weapons to prepare new players for Crespo Abyss and Mitera. 
  4. Mitera Updates :
    1. Drop rate on all monsters has been increased to 1 item per drop. 
    2. Osmium (180 set) +7 will now drop from Mitera monsters
    3. Lv.180 Weapons +7 will now drop from Mitera monsters.
    4. Lv.170 Rings & Necklaces +7 will now drop from Mitera monsters.
  5. General:
    1. Amount of EXP needed to level up from 160~180 has been decreased, is now faster. 


2. Shadowkris Updates & Castor Dungeon Removal 

Castor Dungeon has been removed and disabled. It will be used in a future update for something more fun and better for the game. We have removed castor dungeon because it was creating dil inflation, was being abused, and made the game boring and repetitive. We have added dil to Shadowkris instead since they are more fun and they will add a PK element to the game. 

Since newbies will be able to get better sets a lot easier with this update, they will be able to actually compete with other players over Shadowkris mobs if needed. 

Without Castor, in-game prices should fall the market should stabilize within a week.

Shadowkris now drop 5,000,000 dil in addition to their previous Argate drops. 


3. Draco Desert Updates: Bosses & Fishing

Draco desert will soon become the new "War Zone" of the server. Parca will stay a PK zone, but the new additions to Draco Desert will be what makes it a war zone. 

We have added new bosses to Draco Desert, a strong one for established players and two new mini bosses for lowbies (though after the update lowbies won't be lowbies for long!). 

We have also updated the fishing system in Draco to make it more interesting. You might even want to leave your character to fish while you sleep! But be weary of savage PKers... 

  1. Fishing Updates 
    1. Fishing in Draco Desert has been updated to yield the following items:
      1. Malakite Fish (Medium-Rate)
      2. Parrot Fish (High-Rate)
      3. Gizzard Fish (High-Rate)
      4. Copper, Silver, and Gold Argates (Low-Rate) 
      5. cja9T7d.png
  2. New Bosses
    1. Minimap has been updated with new boss locations.
    2. Draco Umbar has been added (see minimap for location)
      1. Draco Umbar is a level 190 boss 
      2. Draco Umbar will drop 15 Gold Argates
      3. Respawn time: Every 5 hours
      4. 3oL7qUC.png
    3. 2x Teracota minibosses have been added (see minimap for location)
      1. Teracota miniboss is a level 160 mini-boss. 
      2. Each Teracota miniboss will drop 1 Gold Argate
    4. Ttx157w.png
    6. f7AAPfN.jpg


4. Minor Changes: Arcadia & Dead Front [Hell]

  • Teragrace Drops from Kamat and Ice Kamat monsters has been increased.
  • Dead Front [Hell] - Fixed a bug that was causing players 190+ to not get enough EXP. 


5. Bug Fixes 


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1 minute ago, cool4rz said:

WOW!!! Very nice update. How about the lvl 102/151 wings for dragon knights? It has still same stats. :)

I wasn't aware of this bug before this update, so it is not fixed. I'll make a note for this to be fixed in the next patch. My apologies and thank you for the report. 

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