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Tell me your thoughts on Segu and Aloken

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What is everyones opinion on Segu and Aloken when it comes to PVP? :)

Balances are undergoing and there will be a lot of testing on the balance channel once it's back online. I am only asking about Segu and Aloken because I have a decent idea about the other classes. What would you change about these two classes, if even anything? Everyones opinions are important and it would be greatly appreciated if you take your time to answer the following questions:


Do you think Segu is balanced? Explain why.

Do you think Aloken is balanced? Explain why.

If you could change something about these two classes what would it be? And why would you change that?

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Aloken is balanced class i would even say the most balanced class in game. Aloken don't need boost or nerf.

Aloken on PVP is good but not perfect. You can rock with it or be noob af. Damage is not to big and not to low it's just good and its possible to overheal. Alo is perfect if we are talking how tank is it. Im sayin perfect cuz is not to hard to kill but also not so easy to kill this part i love the most in aloken.Buffs (DD, Aqua,Concimo) don't give big advenatge  to class so i can't say it is something to change. Aloken Skills are balanced on PvP and their dmg or effects are pretty good.

I don't know what more i can say about so good character as Aloken is.

If i could change something for sure i will do something with Concimo. This buff go down extremly fast. Many times when i PvP i experienced after 2-3 skills i had to rebuff because it goes so fast. I don't know how i should call it Buff Success Rate or ....... anyway it have to be changed cuz as all know max stack is 3 and 3 stacks are enought to use almost full combo so after use 3 skills my whole buff was gone then there were no sense in it. 3 stack gives boost but rest just was wasted on nothing..


That's all about Aloken. This class is perfect and don't need anything more (except that 1 thing i mentioned above).




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Aloken: Very balanced I don't think any changes should be made, or drastic ones.

Segu: Tizen storm is probably one of the most OP skills at the moment. If anyone disagrees please watch my BR video. There is basically no cooldown l like AK's Sacritection skill. Tizen storm is a small pulse that also reduces pk/pvp dmg by A LOT. Ex: Sacritection lasts 12 seconds and is paired with a 40 second cooldown. Tizen Storm lasts until the CD is up. Also segu damage on the lv 170/180 should be curved lower or bagi tankiness increased because I can kill perfect bagis on segu wayy too easy. By easy I mean: Sleep, pillage, 170-180 skills, done. It really doesn't take any combo xD

Characters that I play:

Segnale, Segu, AK (current main class)

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