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Summoner's Skill

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Hi, not 100% sure about this... However, if this is a 170 skill i assume from lowe for ppoints which can be obtained at dksq.

Lowe can be found east of jordan near the low level weapon and armour npcs. if you reach the royal's afk spot you are too far east!

Side note, i assume you've asked a player in-game already :s


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5 hours ago, DimasalangX said:

Hi guys, where can I buy Arrogans skill book? I can't find it to Giovanni



All 170 & 180 Skills are at NPC Lowe in Ardeca.

If I remember correctly the 170 skills are 25,000 pp each and the 180 skills are 10,000 pp each.

(If I am wrong, someone please correct me)

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