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Currently recruiting for Yakuza, 11 Slots remaining.

We're primarily a PK/PVP Guild, We sometimes do dungeons together.


Requirements to join -

Full tera +10

Tera and basic accessories such as Squama, Lach, Parca Tears

Spell Plumes

Must be active

Must have a discord, We have our own discord that we use :D


PM RipplezTV, Mael, Wonda or {VIP}InnerVitality in game



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    • i agree with bon3 its not a hard class to play at all and doesnt even need to have a skill player to play wtf you guys all talking about. look at every DK pvp all they do is rebuff and wait for that fcken OP killer Combo  run then rinse and repeat skill cap class?
    • Hi, I'm on lvl 210 DK. -Do you think the class is too strong? Why? Definitely no, it really depends on the user's skills as the buff duration is very low. If u got caught with no defensive buff DK is very squishy. On pvp, DK must constantly rebuff and can only choose some buff to rebuff as the enemy will start attacking you already. Not OP. -Do you think the class is fine? Why? Fine, as what I have mentioned above DK is a pretty balanced class. What makes it balance is the very low buff duration and the fact that you can't even do full buffs as the other buff would have gone already by the time you make all of the buffs.  -Do you think the class needs to be reworked? Why? No, it seems so balanced for me. Definitely AK's will give you a hard time when playing on DK as they have a long range dash that can catch while rebuffing. Veteran players will just avoid DK's pulses and they know how short DK's buff duration. Basically, it depends on the player's skill and experience on playing against a DK. -If it was in your hands how would you rework it? Why? Remove some of the buff to be combined on other buff but give lesser effects. -Do you have anything else you would like to share about the class? I just disagree that the 2 stuns of DK makes DK OP which is not and can be countered easily by other classes. DK is very squishy with no defensive buff and those defensive buff have very low duration which good players take advantage of. Damage wise it seems fair compared to other classes. It takes time and experience playing against other classes to be a good DK player but Definitely not OP.   AK≥DK
    • Buff - engage - 100% stun - take easily 70% of shield in 1 rotation. Def buff - Kite - rebuff - repeat offensive rotation. Wow much skill needed - so hard to play - hard to land skills... Lets be serious what the fuck is hard about buffing? Its like saying Bagi is hard to play cause you have to rebuff Resi, imbibe and bulls cry all the time... There are people playing their AKs to perfection swapping Tribuild with squama and lach and you talk about DK having high skillcap because it has to BUFF.. LOL Its part of the playstyle of the class but it doesnt change the fact, that the dmg is RIDICULOUS. DK has huge dps and damn good tankiness + kiting. Jack of all trades. I haven't even pvpd a really good DK since I came back but even the shit DKs are strong af already.  
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