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We are the ~M.A.D~ Alliance

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Hello Friendly Players, i'm Decently.. one of the Leaders of ~M.A.D~.

i wish to add some New Players to our Alliance, since we are Growing and growing more and more..

we're an English Speaking Guild, trying to be as active as possible.. and showing the difference

from other guilds to our Guild, since we saw already alot of inactive guilds, people join us.

because we're doing something, we communicate to each other, and we help.

we dont mind about Gear, we just want people to listen and learn.

because we already did dungeons like Rudene even with

Egutt People, and succeed. we try to motivate ourself

not with making everyone else down for that.

Feel free to join us, because we want

to grow up as an good and funny


so everyone gets



Here some screenshots of us doing Guild Plume Runs, Weapon Skin Boss Farming and etc.




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Hey, i have an lvl 200 AK, looking for an active guild I can play with! been playing since 2moons and miss the hell out of this game! But also need help to figure out how to get good gear and stuff, Also need help on the new map because I can't solo it lol please contact me!

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