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MAX GEM VS SET 2X WEAP = MAGE, DW, ALOK            (set to set only )  NO DILS 


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    • At its base, this is how Dekaron works. It's a highly competitive pk/pvp oriented mmo, people will always try to poke in an advantage over others. But of course, if you wanna sleep better at night, you can make an in-game announcement reminding people to read the upcoming patch notes. Or a mail in game.
    • Unfortunately only a small portion of the community actually uses our forums, so if we released balance patch notes ahead of time people would take advantage of this to try and sell or buy items in game from or by unsuspecting players. This is why we don't release balance changes ahead of time. We did however give a headsup this time that a Dragon Knight rework is the main focus in the next balance patch along with some minor balance adjustments for some of the other classes.
    • @Dannyboi having a same class 1v1 pvp so close after a major skill revamp/balance wouldn't be a problem. It's like fighting yourself. But might I suggest pushing a raincheck or a 1-time cancellation on the weekly tourney if a balance patch is incoming? I hope you can relate, imagine preparing yourself a whole week with strategies, skill timing, all go down the toilet when the higher ups change the playing field or player gear 24 hours before the big game. Now I know Rising is all about hush-hush patches and secret releases, surprises, all that jazz, hell I've been through all, but a thing like this that quite affects players on an emotional level even, I'd rather disclose parts of the balance patch sometime before its release so it comes as less of a shock. You can have like a "sneak-peak trailer "if you will  - a video demonstrating the changes that will take place and change the game play so drastically.   Coming back on the separation of meister trees, yes it would take some time, I can imagine. If you guys make a clone test server available, you can work on this little by little in the spare free time. Gradually you can turn it into a PTS and see how people react to it. I'm also willing to give a testing hand, since I've been a beta-tester 7 billion years ago (shout out to my old homies if they recognize me).
    • Hello @Chronos Thank you for your feedback. It's hard not to make balance changes close to a PvP Event when we have PvP Events scheduled on a weekly basis. We would however never make any balance changes before a yearly PvP Tournament such as the Class vs Class tournament or 1v1 Overall Best Player tournament. I agree that the old meister skills should have been split aswell, however the entire server, both pve and pvp, is balanced around having all the meister skills, and I believe the server is simply in too deep for a major change such as old meister tree split now. It would require a massive overhaul of the server that would take months. This is something that should have been implemented when the server first opened. We'll take a look at the 210 skills at some point and see why some of them are funky.
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