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Since the previous patch came out, siege bug has been solved, but i still see a lot of players who don't know what siege is good for - so i decided to write a post about Ellonom event (aka siege event) in which i will explain how to get there and what you can get from here.
It happens once 4h (usually, but there are times when it doesn't happen). In my time zone (gmt +3) i get to do it at 6pm, 10pm and 2am (rarely but still :)) ) .

Note: at 2pm (for me) the event doesn't start.

To participate in this event, first of all, u have to own the Zenoa Castle for which you have to fight and win https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqUwpXjXWkE&feature=youtu.be .
Once you own the castle, at the time of the event u need to enter the castle and teleport to Ellonohm Sanctum.

412140653_tp-map.jpg.e4f3c190040365810bbd65fa1bd92e59.jpg --> tp.jpg.9425ce4d5c39a805e9731717a017503a.jpg

If u don't know the timer and you want to check, this is how the map looks like when the event isn't going on:


and this is how it looks at the start of the event:


You will have to destroy those gates in order to start the actual event.

There will be 8 bosses throughout the event, which will drop 1-3 dragonoid signets each. These are the reward u can obtain exchanging the signets:






Note 1: wings and emblems are for 2 days only

Note 2: the wings have 1% more hp, mp than normal wings

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