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    1. Haides


      When it comes to PVP theres three things to take into consideration, defense, damage and timing. At the beginning of the fight you would buff up and use your defenses early while having damage increasing accessories, once your buffs wear off you would switch back to defensive accessories to tank more damage. Swapping accessories back and forth is key to winning fights, and is definitely something you should practise and master. What items to get and whatnot really depends on your economy, because items on this server are far from being cheap. Your first prior
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    2. Kndeel

      Wts pref staff 195

      Wts pref fire staff 195 +10 317v Price 18b or offer Ingame name Erased.
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    3. PUSH Squama + Lachry Lets end this switch thingy
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    4. Bon3

      WTB Bagi Rondow Set for $

      Looking for a Bagi set
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    5. Ebiang

      Close close

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    6. Perf RW Seg Set (Pants doesnt have gems) with Rand Weap = PM Offer discord: Zephanie#3589
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    7. Dannyboi

      [Class Guide] Seguriper

      You are afraid of the darkness that dwells inside you But sometimes you gotta fight darkness with darkness -- Introduction The Seguriper is a really interesting class. It is a hybrid class which means it's not a pure elemental damage based class like mage nor a pure physical damage based class like Azure Knight. I will talk more about this later in this guide. Segupriper is an amazing all-round class which is easily noticed by the sheer amount of seguripers seen in game especially by hard farmers and new players. This is due to Seguripers ability to not only dish out some
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