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    noty 20b+ offer ill consider , thank you
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    Good thing i did not sell my moonstone and bloodstone......
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    ~M.A.D~ / Awaken - Recruiting

    @wid0mz Oh so M.A.D Alliance is European. wow. I have seen alot of u the past few months. And i fact i was a member of HELL. And i meet Beastly. I heard that when M.A.D disbanded, some members go to KRATOS and made alliance with SPARTA guild then i joined also. THen few days later the guild is dissolved.
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    Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising

    NOTE: IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE TEXT DUE TO IT HAVING SAME COLOR AS FORUM BACKGROUND, GO DOWN BOTTOM OF FORUM AND CHANGE THEME TO "AZURE LIGHT (DEFAULT)" So alot new players who joins this server keep telling me that theres no guide on making dils when I tell them to go forum and check guides section. Idk if this is true and I was too lazy to check, so I decided to just make one myself. Lets be real. If you join this server to think you will get OP items and rich without hard work and effort, you're most likely to have a hard time. It's not something that is done fast, it takes alot of patience. So lets get to it. NOTE: Market prices changes all the time. The prices I mention in this guide will never be 100% accurate. Ask in game if you don't know how much certain items are worth. So lets assume you completed my new player guide and you are level 180+ with full +9 17x set & weps or better. HOW TO MAKE DILS IN DEKARON RISING: Option 1: (Space of Pilgrimage. Good for new players.) If you are a new player with descent gear and you're looking for quick dils my suggestion would be "Space Of Pilgrimage". This is an excellent map for both new players and players with a little experience in Dekaron Rising. The map requires you to be level 135+ and the teleport will cost 10000 Dils. This map is located at NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112) As you arrive in Space Of Pilgrimage you should be looking for the monsters called "Grieve Meniz" & "Lament Meniz". These monsters are fairly easy to kill and drop alot of items such as: Dils, Argates, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings & Marvics. Rings, necklaces & earrings you can sell at NPC shops in Ardeca for 20k each. Argates and Marvics you can sell to other players for a fair amount of dils. (Prices of argates and marvics change all the time. check what other people sell them for and adjust your own price from that.) Option 2: (Aquarai Ruins. Good for new players.) Again an option if you are a new player with descent gear. You are currently in ardeca. This time the trip goes to "Aquarai Ruins". To get to Aquarai Ruins you will need to speak with NPC Makaio (coordinates 346 : 112). This require for you to be level 130+ and the teleport costs 10000 dils. As you arrive in Aquarai Ruins, what you are going to want to do, is to open your map "M" and run all the way up to the top left of the Aquarai Ruins map. Here you will find the monsters called "Gabian Fret" & "Gabian D'Qurion". These monsters have a high rate of dropping gems. (players know them as "crap gems"). you can sell these gems to other players for a fair amount of dils. Players will want to buy 50 crap gems at 1 time (AKA 1 bag of crap gems). players will usually buy 1 bag of crap gems for 10-15mil dephending on market price changes. Option 3: (DK Square PVP) Level 170+ DK Square is very active now days.. (WARNING: In DK Square there are alot of strong players, and you will not stand a chance if you do not have AT LEAST full +10 osmium set and weapon.) However if you feel you can handle the PVP in DK Square go for it. as I said its very active and you can farm Purchase Points which you can choose to buy items from NPC Lowe (coordinates 285 : 97) and sell to other players for dils. This isn't really the best way of making dils, but if you get tired of the constant farming, dk square is an excellent option to get away from the boring farming. Option 4: (Castor Dungeon.) Castor Dungeon is one of the most popular ways of making dils. In Castor Dungeon you will face 1 boss at the time and each boss will usually drop 8 argates and somewhere between 6-7mil dils. (WARNING: Theres a time limit of 5 minutes. Are you not able to kill the boss inside the time limit you will fail and get no drops.) It is a good idea to get 1 or 2 people in your party if you are still new and don't have full +9 or 10 yet. If you have full +9 or +10 perhaps you are strong enough to solo the boss within the time limit. Altogether Castor Dungeon is and pretty good way of making your fortune. Note: Argates no longer drops from castor bosses. Castor bosses now drop 8-9mil while you need to go to the map "Arcadia" and kill shadowkris for argates. To get to Arcadia teleport to Miteria and open your map, you should see the Arcadia on your map. Options 4 is unavailable for now. Option 5: (Tower N Dungeon) RECOMMENDED for new players Tower of Spell dungeon has been reworked for new players! This dungeon is the best place to level from 180-190 and offers unique drops such as: Dils Gold Argates 6% gems 180 +7 weapons Dark Stones Mana Crystallines Seal of Destruction ring Option 6: (Miteria & Osmium/Fortified Osmium/180 weps) BEST for new players This is the area you will be spending a lot of your time in as a new player. This is the recommended place after you obtained your +9 level 170 set from egutt desert 160 area. In Mitera you can farm the following: +8 Osmium Set Pieces +8 180 weapons +7 170 necklaces 170 earrings Dream Powders Dils Common Pet To get to Miteria you will need to speak with NPC Jerome (coordinates 350 : 142). The map requires for you to be level 170+ and the teleport will cost 1000 dils. The osmium set is the 2nd strongest set in the game with only a really small difference between the strongest set Tera. This makes newer players able to compete with stronger players. Once you have made a +10 osmium set you should also be able to compete in DKSQ. Option 7: (Shadowkris) RECOMMENDED for average-endgame players Since Castor is currently unavailable due to it being updated into something new, dils and copper/silver argates will drop from Shadowkris enemy in Parca Temple. They will only spawn in numbers of 8 near the waterpools. They will drop a bunch of coppers/silvers (golds rarely) and 5mil dils. Killing Shadowkris in Parca Hell Temple is a popular and solid way of making dils in Dekaron Rising. Be wary of PK'ers though, since this is a very competetive spot for making dils. Option 8: (Draco Desert bosses): Mainly for average-strong players New bosses in Draco Desert has been added. The boss "Nymph" will drop 6 gold argates each upon death. Gold argates have extremely high value in Dekaron Rising at the moment, making it a good way to make dils. Nymphs are pretty strong and players will contantly PK each other to get it. Theres 1 Nymph at Big Head Pond and one at Small Head Pond. Nymph has a respawn time of 5 hours. Option 9: (Deadfront) Deadfront has been reworked and all monsters now drops dils. The further you progress into the deadfront the more dils the monsters will drop. Additionally all bosses also gives Grade Points. This option is recommended for new-mid gear players. Option 10: (Elonohm Dragons) Average-endgame players only There are 3 Dragons in Elonohm. - Water Dragon: +105 All Resistances gems and +123 Medials and 120 resistance gems - Earth Dragon: level 180 accessories - Atramentous: Dragons Eye gems and Legendary pet (this is one of the strongest bosses in the game) The prices of these drops changes constantly. The best way to find out is to simply check what others sell them for in game or ask someone you think knows. To get to Arcadia - NPC Jerome > Mitera > Walk to top right of Mitera and enter the portal Option 11: (Dragon Bones, Marvics and Artifacts) RECOMMENDED for new-average players Dragon Bones and Draviss Artifacts is average drops in Dravis Fields (teleport from NPC Jerome in Ardeca). A player with +9 170 gear should be able to farm 50-100 Dragon Bones/hour. Dragon Bones sell for 350-400mil each 100 stack, making them a very popular way of making dils for both new and average gear players. The amount of PK is also significantly lower in Draviss than it is in Under Crespo Main. Check in game market for the value of Draviss Artifacts. Dragon Bones now drop from Wisegons in Land of Illusion with higher drop rate, but at the expense of not dropping any draviss artifacts. The King Wisegon in Land of Illusion has a 100% chance of dropping a bunch of Dragon Bones, but can be hard to kill if you're new. Option 12: (Dream Powders) RECOMMENDED for new players Dream Powders is a new a popular way to make dils. These are used by strong players to upgrade Angelic Souls into an end game necklace called Shiny Tear. Dream Powders drop from all enemies in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, The Deadlands and Mitera. Which means you can farm them even if you are new to the server! Option 13: (Sap Bottles) RECOMMENDED for Average players Sap Bottles are tradeable misc items dropped by all sap enemies in Parca Temple. You can exchange these at Binaelle Fairie NPC in Parca Temple for things such as Imperial Potions which makes blood bottles a wanted items among stronger players and a great way for average geared players to make dils. Every 4 hours Cocoons will spawn randomly around Parca Temple. These have a 100% chance of dropping 6 sap bottles each. - I hope this helps alot of people. Also if anyone have other ways of making dils, that they would like me to add to my dils making guide, please PM me on forum and I will make sure it gets done
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    We are very happy to present to you a system that is brand new to Dekaron, that no other server or even global has! The Weapon Skin System is a brand new system to Dekaron that we have coded from scratch. We hope you like it :). Update 02/26/2019: CLICK HERE FOR SCREENSHOTS OF EVERY WEAPON IN EVERY SKIN New Weapon Skin Exchange! The weapon skin system lets you change the skin of your level 200 +10 weapon without losing your gems or magic/noble/divine stats. How to change your Weapons Skin: Go to [GM]Katarina in Ardeca to see the weapon skin exchanges and what diamond you need Use the mailbox to send Lv.200 +10 weapon to [GM]Katarina Use the mailbox to send the appropriate Crystal to [GM]Katarina Relog and check your mailbox Please see the combinations below (or at [GM]Katarina NPC). Weapon Skins Currently Active: The base skin is the Purple Crystalline skin. You can turn any Lv.200 skin to Purple Crystalline using the item [Skin Diamond]Purple Crystalline. Once you have a +10 Purple Crystalline Weapon, you can turn it into another skin. With this update the system has 3 skins. We will expand this system with future updates. Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom = Maelstrom Skin Maelstrom skin diamond drops from Tritone (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Red Light = Red Light Skin Red light skin diamond drops from Seleana (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Cursed = Cursed Skin Cursed diamond drops from Yoshima Diamechy (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Sap = Sap Skin Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Sun = Sun Skin Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Tech = Tech Skin Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Velikas = Velikas Skin -- now has a new blue effect as well ANY SKIN (except Purple Crystalline) + [Skin Diamond] Purple Crystalline = Purple Crystalline Purple skin diamond is in Dream Powder exchange Example: Click Here For Skin Previews New Boss Arenas Tritone The king of Aquarius. The ruler of oceans. Difficulty: Very hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Aquarius Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact 2) Tritone hits the target twice with his tentacle for heavy damage 3) An AOE attack that hits surrounding players 3 times for heavy damage 4) Minions. Tritone can summon Lantea warriors to help him in battle 5) Tritone spawns lightning totems around his arena that hits any player caught within it's range for small, but fast damage 6) Tritone may call down a powerful lightning strike to hit any players within range for high damage. 7) Tritone spawns huge water AOE fields that will hit any players caught within range for 70% of their HP. This attack also has a small chance of hitting 90k damage, so don't get too brave. Tactics: Kill minions when he spawns them. Don't try to tank the huge water AOE fields, because they have a low chance of 1 hitting any player caught within range. Have 1 person tank the boss and 1 person constantly healing the tank. --------------------- Yoshima Diameki Yoshima Diameki has taken over Tomb of the Black Dragon because he is trying to raise an army of dead. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Cursed Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Tomb of the Black Dragon Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal magical attack that damages the player on impact 2) An AOE attack that deals heavy damage to all surrounding players one time 3) Yoshima calls down a cursed Aldebaran to hit the player for high damage 4 times 4) Death Grapple. Yoshima summons hands of the dead to hit and slow any players caught by it 5) Minions. Yoshima may summon different types of minions. Bone dragons and skeletal bishops 6) Special minion. Yoshima may summon a Dopple Mornie. This is a cursed segnale and she will attack the players and heal any allies near her. Yes that includes Yoshima too. 7) Massive AOE spikes. Yoshima will summon massive AOE spikes that will hit any player caught within range for 70% of their HP. Tactics: Kill the Dopple Mornie first since she can heal Yoshima. Kill the rest of the minions so you only have to deal with Yoshima himself. Dodge the massive AOE spikes, since they have a small chance of dealing 90k damage to any player caught within its range. And we have more bosses and weaponskins coming soon aswell! Future bosses teaser: We hope you enjoy this update, a lot of work went into making it. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback, we'd love to hear it :).
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    Connecton Failed

    I'm getting the same problem so I think it's server
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