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    My Point of view Segnale: i think most if not all people can agree that segnale is a char that wins over time slowly but surely but now the thing is they deal as much dmg as any DamageDealer Class i would suggest to nerf all dmg related skills drastically
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 12

    The segnale nerf is a disaster. In pvp if u fight alok probbly never gonna land debuffs on it coz of aqua +80 sec cd . Also in dksq it has great impact, many classes already has stuff to block it, the aqua buff makes it much harder to land the db on all enemy team + bagi bubble and now you took away the ability to even try land it. It should be brough back to 8 sec so seg will be something more then walking shield potion in dksq, other segs learn to use a freaking remove more then when stone db pops up
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    Warriors! It's time for our yearly 1v1 Overall Best Player Tournament! This Tournament is only held ONCE per year and the goal of it is to find out who is the STRONGEST player on the server! How will it work/How to register: To register please comment on this thread with the name of your character and class Fights for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be best of 3 matches All matches will be held on Lurile channel You can only register 1 character! - Prizes: 1st Place - 100,000 Dshop Coins + 1x +10 Champion Weapon + Your character name in the Hall of Fame at the center of the Colosseum Lobby 2nd Place - 60,000 Dshop Coins 3rd Place - 40,000 Dshop Coins - Registration: Registration is now OPEN Ends on July 31th 2020 https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/fight?iso=20200731T235959&p0=69&msg=Registration+END+countdown&font=sanserif&csz=1 - Tournament Start Time + Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200808T110000&p1=1411&p2=145&p3=248&p4=241&p5=136&p6=215&p7=446&p8=179&p9=37&p10=49&p11=419 https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/boxing?iso=20200808T13&p0=69&msg=1v1+Yearly+Overall+Best+Player+Tournament+START&font=sanserif&csz=1 - Additional Information: Depending on the amount of participants the Tournament may be hosted over 2 days instead of 1 (saturday AND sunday). If this is the case the Tournament will start at the same time Sunday as it did Saturday The Champion Weapon has the exact same stats as a +10 level 200 weapon and is untradeable This is NOT the yearly class vs class tournament If you have further questions, please ask on Discord. Do not use this thread for anything other than registering your character for the tournament We reserve the rights to make any changes to the rules, prizes etc. up until the tournament starts - Rules: Participants are allowed to use any type of Weapon/Skin/Costume they want to If you Disconnect during your fight you will lose the match There will be no rematch if either of the fighters are lagging If you are late when it's your turn to fight you will lose the match The Tournament is held on Lurile channel which means you won't be able to use any consumeable buffs/fish If the match ends in a draw the winner will be whoever dealt the most damage and ran the least Sleeps are not allowed in Segnale vs Segnale matchups Matches will last 10 minutes Have fun
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    My point of view: i think DK got abit tankier than it already was. imo making tunreis lasts 12s with a 35s cd would balance it completly or making it 12s/12s but instead of 15% -> 7% thats still 15% together with preventer which now lasts 60s instead of 21 (overall the buff durations got buffed which allows dk to fight back way more than before which i like.) I also think that they deal more dmg than before timing it perfectly with Dragon Heart which gives 10% fire dmg everyone knows that 10% armlets are a huge difference that goes for that spell aswell but i truly believe in that dk tank capabilities are abit to high if u consider their dmg output potential. Overall i would like to see Tunreis 2 nerfed abit in 1 of the 2 ways i mentioned
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    {VIP}DoctorStranger ~ DW
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    {VIP}BeeBuzz - ALO
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    xEzreal. Segu you can actually remove me from the list. I won’t be able to make it at the listed time
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 12

    I think overall damage in DKSQ is getting too high. Thats bad for gameplay and balance in general. As a geared DK (or even HB) getting 20k crits from Hunter or BW is nothing unusual. So you are dead in like 3 skills. Wenn several players focus a DK hes not moving anywhere (sleeps/stuns/slows...) and he is dead in like 3 seconds without even coming close to all those ranged chars. In a similar situation an Aloken has no problems at all. Especially in overpopulated DKSQ's DK's cant go to the front lines any more cause of this making DK class basically useless. My feeling is DK's got too weak especially in DKSQ (did not check PVP's yet). BTW: DK self heal skill is a bad joke.
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    t> ak perf set /武器/最大寶石(mc2 / v3 / fvg / a / p / 200武器x4)和200 + 9 10%隨機臂章= dw perf set /武器/最大寶石(mc2 / v3 / fvg / a / p / 200武器)和200 + 9 10%的火臂章 不和諧:{VIP} AYouTw#9661
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 12

    @2g00d4u If you cant debuff alo/bagis that's on you really. You need to learn how to go around the aqua as well as the bubble. But ye, in dk square segs mostly heal and if needed sleep. That is what you signed up for. Also wtf are u talking about segs using remove for ur debuffs as seg??? They cant remove them - only cs/vs can remove certain seg/segu debuffs.
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 12

    Hi, in my experience i would say that DK got the change that it needed, having to choose between tank or attack "stances" puts some more skill cap on the character, having to time it to end high regen chars such as segu/seg, overall a litle bit of a nerf imo (a well deserved one), on the other hand, having the pk/pvp, res rate buff last for longer is just a big buff to "baddies" since we tend not to rebuff on cd, although, the nerf to the actual effects makes up for the increased time of the buffs, increased rate on the aura debuff is just great, and the change to the lvl 210 skill just opened a lot of possibilities (another ranged skill + 10% fire, yes please)
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 12

    Hi Considering my experience with DK up until now, i feel like it depends on player. There are players that are very good with 123 (conbo and run) and players that actually play normally. The 123 players said that it is not much of a difference (and i observed that in my pvps) while the others did agree that is a significant one. Some DKs don't like the rework at all due to a change in the buffing pattern being change and them not being able to adapt. As far as DK Square is concerned and from my experience in there, dk seems pretty solid. A bit less than before, but definitely a good tanker with high dps. Before anyone starts critiquing me, i'm saying these from my experience as an opponent and what i've been told by some DK players
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    Beginner FARM [crap gems]

    I would like to know what the chance would be, of implementing a system to transform 50 gems into a bag, as in the photo, considering that it is possible to transform 1b into 1 bulion, would help alot in trades (would help with transitions, not to click 50 times (if there is any other way, I don’t know)). You could deliver random gems (as shown in the photos), transform it into a bag, the player who will buy it could go to an NPC and exchange the bag for random gems (if possible, in programming I don't know if it would be viable) or just 1 specific gem, considering that each gem provide 5% succes.
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    Beginner FARM [crap gems]

    They could simply make them stackable like pots example 50 per stack would be perfect, it would save so much inventory space and unnecessary clicking million times when you try to get them out of pet inventory to stash, its so annoying.
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    Dekaron Rising Balance Part 11

    Yeah, nerf hunters to be even worse than they currently are. People be crying over lach camping hunters in DKSQ not realising class is a litteral shit in 1v1 scenario and is unable to kill anyone (in DKSQ) without actually going on full dmg mode (lach, necks, possibly masochie earrings). I am talking about actually geared people, not some egutt people. Also, hunter does shit dmg to tanky classes even on lach. It seems some people need to go play hunter to see how stupid they sound. I will give a few suggestions on hunter boost that would impact hunters overall performance, without making it have super op dmg: - I believe hunter has one of the the lowest, if not the lowest defense in game (considering self buffs). Boosting Elastic Force would help increase the survivability of a hunter. I'm talking about PK and PVP Damage Tolerance rather than Critical Resistance. The latter was already nerfed from 30% to 18% if anyone was wondering. I believe boosting PK Tolerance by even 2% won't result in a gamebreaking experience rather than helping a hunter to be atleast slightly more tanky in 1v1 scenario. - Hunter is a class that greately relies on critical hits. I would suggest implementing the original effect on Jercita skill, which is a slow (not really so much mandatory) and a critical resistance debuff. That would help to land some more crits and dealing more damage to the opponent without boosting the overall damage. - If not making Jercita do what it was supposed to do in the first place (I realise it might be because of 2 meister skill system), I would suggest going in the opposite direction. One of the skills, that currently inreases critical rate is Rapid Fire. It increases the crit rate for only the duration of the skill. So it is basically only usefull to cast it after Heavy Rain, to increase the chance of the Heavy Rain skill critting. Heavy Rain is one of the easiest skills to dodge as it only takes holding down W for one second and you are out of it or just dashing away. Thats the reason I don't even bother casting Rapid Fire after it. Another reason not to cast Rapid Fire is that it literally, and I mean LITERALLY does 0 damage. The only usable effect on the skill currently is the knock back, which quite honestly doesn't give you that much of an advantage. I would suggest highly increasing Rapids Fire damage so it is an actually useful skill and/or giving the Rapid Fire movement lock effect on first hit (as it is originally intended on official server) to help you keep the opponent under the Heavy Rain; basically you make him waste the dash, as they would probably still just dash out, but atleast they can't just walk out of the skill. Not to mention you cannot land the debuffs on classes such as Bagi and HB with resistance on and Alo with triggered aqua. Those are just a few suggestions how to rework hunter without making it super op dmg wise. I am not saying all the suggestions should apply, but rather some of them or a variant of them. In my opinion even adding all of the effects wouldn't make hunter a decent 1v1 class but it would atleast help it to be better than it currently is. And hunter is one of the worst, if not the worst class in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 situations; I gladly ask anyone to prove me wrong. It only shines in mass fights as long as it is ignored and left free to just camp lach. But honestly, any class is op if left free to camp lach. For all the people who want to complain how I am trying to make my class more op, I give you this: I am not going to let people, who have never even played hunter, make shit claims about how the class needs to get nerfed, based on fully candied lach camping dksq hunter. As someone who has played hunter for years, I consider myself atleast average hunter player and I believe I do have some credibility. I would like for all the hunter complainers to gather up some facts, rather than just saying "nerf this, nerf that" based on "omg a hutner did 10k on me". If the person who posted about the hunter situation above me wants to take credit for me writing this post, don't. The reason is purely being constructive and realistic about the class and to stand against anyone who was talking nonsense about hunter class in the past few weeks or months and I am here to give my opinion and legit suggestions. Cheers.
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    Main Account + - Alt Account

    Why not? If you have 120 alts like me, it kinda gets confusing trying to find which is on what account. A splitting up feature is also good. If you have 2 good characters on the same account and you want to log them both, but can't...
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    DKSQ event adjust

    I agree some improvements to the dksq raid system would improve the quality of the experience. Some other options could be: Adding coloured borders around raid member names so we can at least see who's not in a raid, easily add players, and also see where our raid group is much quicker. Expanding raid size, so the 19th person who joins isn't left out for joining late. Changing the Party invite button to a Raid invite (Both the last two have been suggested here:) Not sure if there's limitations to the client being capable of any of this though.
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    Advice on which class to pick

    You should play your favorite class. Tribuild is not a requirement to play Azure Knight. Aloken is another good alternative. It’s easy to learn and master and can buff party members while dealing good damage in pvp aswell as pve. Segnales are always loved aswell.
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    Gone Forever

    The day my hat floated away at Requies Beach