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  1. Got either 10% tera fire, or 5% fire crystalline. Pm discord NieteSepaphi
  2. How much ar on pants?
  3. Thanks to the Exec staff for working to improve the server. Overall I think aloken and half bagi nerfs were necessary, however I agree with the posts above that dragon knight needs to be sorted out asap, as the class will be superior now. I’m also a little concerned about dark wizard shield nerf, since the class is quite tricky already and taking away the only run away skill is quite dangerous. For the next balance patch I would hope slight boost of dark wizard, and dk/seg rework. Thanks!
  4. 100b for this scythe idol
  5. rokiux1122


    WTS: WTB: Crystalline belts/arms clean Donations Alo Pants, Armor, V3 OP AR, paying VERY OP WTT: 5% fire crystalline armlet = 5% poison armlet / perf crystalline belt 320 FV 8% BAZ TB = Mael/Velikas FV TB Ign: {VIP}NieteSepaphi Disc: NieteSepaphi#1584