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  1. As title says. PM me here.
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    WTB: 1x UP DRAGON EYE 2x 4% PK/PVP GEMS PM NieteSepaphi#9617
  3. In my opinion, we should start with a discussion of how the balance is done. Currently I see a problem of inconsistent balance, as some classes get balanced according to an average player capability, therefore applying to the majority of the people. Some are balanced according to the end game player capabilities. If we are talking about an average player capabilities, CS definitely needs a buff since the class is insanely harder to play compared to most of the classes. This can be seen by the lack of CS in the game. However this raises an issue in the end game, where a skilled CS player will h
  4. I play aloken myself for some time now. And I agree that aloken is currently too strong. The class has very simple gameplay mechanics, a lot of defense, stun and high damage. I would suggest to rework aloken more as a tanky/support class rather than a damage dealer. This could be done as follows: 1) Give blastro a stun on the first hit. That would avoid aloken not having a stun without a trans up, therefore giving a fighting chance. 2) Make buffs such as Dellamo, Increase range and Blow Attack usable again. 3) Drastically decreases damage. This re-work would make cla
  5. Dear Rising staff, I was talking to a few current players and came to a conclusion that in order to have an impartial balance of the classes, a representative of each class should be involved in the decision process, rather than the majority or a single person. Obviously, the final decision would lay on the shoulders of the staff, however the system would introduce an equal pull for each class as well as it would standardize the balance level as the similar quality of players would be considered. I believe that the representatives should be elected through a public voting, with the staff hold