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  1. I'm back

    Is the lvling any better or is it hard as shit to get to 190.I'm lvl 184 now and the last time i play it used to take you like 4 hours to get 1 lvl.
  2. I'm back

    Well i have coins still from years ago,And i gave all my +10 gear away before i left the game So i had to get lvl 160 gear.
  3. I'm back

    Yes many of the players i used to know do not play any more.
  4. I'm back

    So i guess all start playing again after many years off .I got to re download the game and see what's been going on when i have been gone. I joined this server in 2012 under the name KoolAid so i have been here for a long time now and happy to be back.
  5. Fussions own {MEGA-VIP}ATL

  6. I'm Back after years off.

  7. can i have your background :)

  8. about time

    1. MATIBAY


      @@ time for what buddy?

  9. Fussions own {MEGA-VIP}ATL

    1. Colin


      :o hahaha whats up ATL
    2. AdBlocker


      not a damn thing work today.

  10. fucking

    1. catonna1


      KoolAid fucks and makes other flavors?