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    Welcome Back
  2. Thanks To Mr. Vuscus. My Launcher is back and good :D nub2 AzaNezz you're late ahahaha ^_6 punch u dush2 :)

  3. Can't get in to play deka... FRUSTRATING MODE** --___--

  4. imma go get my rest.. sweet dream <3

  5. i'll be counting stars - one republic d(^_^)b

  6. Mage BabyCheff & Seggy BabyHeawra <3

  7. Finally back to play again ^_^ here we go :P

  8. Daddy & mummy I love u so much <3 hehehe <3 thanks for everything ^_^v

    1. AzaNezz


      ^_^ thnx to them <3

    2. Kokabiel


      thats lovly to hear ^^

    3. [VIP]BabyCheff


      I love them so much <3

      thx guys ^_^

  9. happy 6th monthsary to InvictuZ & 5th to me <3

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AzaNezz


      lol nub2 i want to play RO2 ;)

      Happy 5th <3

    3. Mr. Sloth

      Mr. Sloth

      yous still playing. ive played laast 7 days after being off over 6 months

    4. [VIP]BabyCheff


      ahaha yeah but not active as before tho ^_^ still love tiz much :) lol nub2 @,@ RO2 much huh ^_^

  10. “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” ― Winston Churchill

    1. RainbowDash


      How is this relevant to anything?

    2. [VIP]BabyCheff


      it mean, don't be easily rage by the small thing that can and wanted u to rage for ur mistake or not even ur mistake, it wont help you moving forward yet slowing u down with it.. so think wisely and not let urself drag by it.. it's a deep meaning quote..

  11. U give an opinion, doen't mean to rage no 1 yet y cant others read and accept nicely without asking back nor do some changes within themselves? no comment yet just being honest.

  12. i miss DKU but to much BIAS..... -_-'' w/e good luck and i will enjoy it tho <3

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    2. [VIP]BabyCheff


      @Nitex : Thanks for the welcoming.. idk but they all quit because of BIAS in game from your staff and from administrator itself :/ but for me i stil l love it.. da best for me <3

      @AzaNezz : reply to u back, Nitex "Good Luck, Enjoy the Game, let's see about that"

      @Daddy : i will daddy thank you ^_^ just busy atm..

      @xbenchx : sure will but enough with all the Q.Q whenever Invictuz are there.. Invictuz just make da game more tough and fun by it....

    3. xbenchx


      AzaNezz commented: =.=' so what? >.<

      Blinkofaneye commented: ahaha!! all the gm are fcking bias.

    4. [VIP]BabyCheff
  13. your a GirL

    1. [VIP]BabyCheff


      since when i speak Tagalog? :o

      alot of girl gamers in here, not just me, see here..






      and many2 more :)

  14. Happy 4th Monthsary to me & 5th to Invictuz <3