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  1. Orca looking for a Guild

    Main forum page has a giant join discord button on the right side

    The guy fails to mention he went and followed the person to other channels repeatedly just to kill that person's fishers for 4 days. Killing a fisher once in a while is fine but seeking just one person out repeatedly for hours/days falls under harassment. The person that reported you is not a gm so you can stop using that as an excuse for the action taken. You were also informed to pm me if you had any complaints not cry on forums with an issue of disiplinary action taken by a staff member that is on forum rules.
  3. iCasaNova asking for paypal payment for his set 250$

    they need to have the rest of that chat as Ceranon stated needs more context. Did you screenshot the rest of that chat cause we can see from that scroll bar the chat went on for a while lol
  4. Orca looking for a Guild

    Hes just mad I wont ban his forum account for him lol Preach!
  5. Orca looking for a Guild

    Lul dis gui
  6. Orca looking for a Guild

    Full on reported and banned.....
  7. Orca looking for a Guild

    LOL! Sadly I can only manage staff and forums via phone until i get some sort of net though I will most likely move one more time before that happens. You should join the discordddddddddddd
  8. Orca looking for a Guild

    This thread is very old lol. You can always ask in game for a guild or join our discord and make friends there who would invite you to a guild. On note of this thread itself is Orca still around? I remember that bae got all excited then saw this thread was old ;~;
  9. [GUIDE] New Players Getting Gear

    Insult their penis they will laugh then party you usually.
  10. Bagi Discussion

    Fun fact @XXXCHRIS01 see that there little "+" under a person's post? Use it, it's called multiple quoting. Stop triple posting or earn a 3 day lock of forum use, and remember if you make an alt account to post during suspension a day is added per account made and the account is permanently locked for said alternates
  11. Let me do a Selfie to my IDOL.

    Continue to be obnoxious next warning will be issued by me and it will have the wonderful bonus of needing every post you make to be approved and will be done so at our lesuire. Act mature we are not your babysitter, mother or father. I assume you think this behavior is cute when it isn't and will be handled accordingly.
  12. My thanks to Staff and Players

    Quoted me with no reply to what o said? Lol
  13. QQ

    Stop harassing oprs, bringing the alts of others to continue and you wouldn't have this problem.
  14. QQ

    We both know you eat the other hole.
  15. My thanks to Staff and Players

    Staff are not allowed to date? Lol what is this? New game once I'm back to playing we shall start a Dekaron version of the Bachelor as well as the Bachelorette. silkybug isn't playing because someone else got to edating the chick first? What is life man, ya know when you could go out on a date and ignore each other face to face across a table while texting someone else. As for staff being in a guild, well we had one that was just strictly staff and you know what happened? People cried and said that the staff only guild was favoritism and as soon as we logged in on our personal we were harassed for events or free items. And for you being banned for illegal transaction you posted on forums telling everyone someone scammed you from an illegal trade. Do we need more than your own stupid admission of guilt? I'm not even the one who banned ya. Corrupt politician lul you're cute.