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  1. Moving game window

    Hello :). I have a problem i have dekaron run in window mode. I can't move it. i would like it to be on the ride side of my screen. But it stays on the middle and there is no any possibility of moving it. Any advices?
  2. Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising

    Dannyboi i am curious on which spot did you farm db if you were able to farm 100db with egutt set?maybe i dont know about sth;P
  3. Skills

    Ok, thanks for an aa answer It is cheaper to buy it or drop and upgrade?
  4. Skills

    How to make MC helmet??
  5. Adding some dill drops

    But still We can sell them only to end game players because only they are able to farm on under crespo. It is mad that only place where you can farm game cash is tbh end game place.
  6. Adding some dill drops

    And they are being farmed by players that already have full gear. And only option to get pure dils are akris. That are not available for most of players. Isn't it funny?:D:D
  7. Hello , did you consider adding some dils drop to mobs from feg Draviss?. Now when price of adding option is so high it is hard to sell some things that we can drop there. Now only instance where you can drop dil is under crespo taken mostly by stronger players. It is hard to sell goods you drop and have to wait for few days before selling anything
  8. Dragon bone|TM|GA

  9. Dragon bone|TM|GA

  10. Skills

    Ok thanks I was just curious
  11. Skills

    Hello. http://dekaron.ga/summoner.htm from informations on this website i assume that i can upgrade for example Force Chakra to level 15.Does it work on dekaron rising? I am really curious
  12. DKSQ

    Make all people participing in dksq event gaining Ppoints
  13. DKSQ

    No we cant make another party because as you said we are not geared enough. Trust me when i join dksq i do all i can to help my team.By the way this part of the forum is called Suggestions and Feedback. I am making suggestion, so it's you who is actually crying ;). Thrid think is that "didn't said" is not correct.
  14. DKSQ

    But maybe i want to get squama? And events are for all not only end game players so stop being selfish
  15. DKSQ

    Raph ... typical end game player reply... How can i get gear when i can't earn points on dksq? There is a few strong items i can buy for it. Think