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  1. {VIP}SoulBro

    Black Friday Sale

    Yeah man i currently dont have $$ so ill have to say no for now. Thanks for the offer though!
  2. {VIP}SoulBro

    Black Friday Sale

    Wait say what?
  3. {VIP}SoulBro

    Black Friday Sale

    Why couldnt it end on the 1st when i get paid again? I want to give you all my money!
  4. {VIP}SoulBro

    Need MM for a BIG trade

    Ayy! Thanks for coming through when you did. I appreciate it.
  5. {VIP}SoulBro

    Need MM for a BIG trade

    Please respond asap.
  6. {VIP}SoulBro

    Summoner's Skill

    Also, you can acquire p-points while farming under crespo. Note: Not to be confused with "Under Crespo(Main)" thats an entirely different map.
  7. {VIP}SoulBro

    Farming invitation.

    I believe that'd be 8-9pm my time so I should still be on by then. If you still decide to want to farm let me know. I'll help speed up the process. If not, it's cool either way. Just offering a helping hand.
  8. {VIP}SoulBro

    Farming invitation.

    Hey guys, Soulbro here just letting you know ill be farming shortly after df is over. If anyone reads this soon enough and wants to farm maybe under crespo for some rank ups, or maybe miteria if youre looking for end game gear. So if you dont wanna farm alone just let me know and we can get started on something.
  9. {VIP}SoulBro

    [Funny] When Rising Staff finds a hacker...

    Is this the starting of a hacker witch hunt? O:
  10. {VIP}SoulBro


    Alright. Well ill keep an eye out. ill let someone know when/if anything shows up.
  11. {VIP}SoulBro


    I mean...dont you guys need rest though...? Haha.
  12. {VIP}SoulBro


    Ill remember to contact via discord. Ill also need to add other GMs just in case one isnt on i can contact another.
  13. {VIP}SoulBro

    Regarding Hackers after Patch 14.0.

    Thanks. Im about to clock out of my job so ill give them a read once i get home.
  14. {VIP}SoulBro

    Price Check

    So about the squamas, where do you upgrade them at? Also what is the difference between sealed and unsealed?
  15. {VIP}SoulBro

    Regarding Hackers after Patch 14.0.

    @Nitex Will all bans have the same level of punishment? Like hacking should be a very if not thee highest offense and should result in perma ban. Say for example though if someone was banned for behavioral issues would the new system permanently ban said user and their pc forever or can they still try to appeal? I myself will hopefully never experience this but i still want to know for the sake of knowing.