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  1. Just wanted to leave a suggestion (more of a request if anything) but was wondering if it was possible to add bundle options for things like protectors in the dshop? For example Blacksmith protectors only have a x1 option. Could you guys add a x5 or something? I dont even mind paying full price for each one, but having to buy them in singles and put my password every single time gets a little tiring. If its just me being lazy, ignore this. Haha.
  2. I think adding +50 emblems to dshop wouldnt be the right move. It would give donating players an edge over those who dont/cant, and i personally think it would devalue the emblems considering you kinda have to work for those ppoints to purchase it in the first place. Id say just remove the +10 emblems all together since everybody only ever goes after +50. I made the mistake of buying emblem once before i found out about the +50 ones.
  3. Yeah man i currently dont have $$ so ill have to say no for now. Thanks for the offer though!
  4. Why couldnt it end on the 1st when i get paid again? I want to give you all my money!
  5. Ayy! Thanks for coming through when you did. I appreciate it.
  6. If you guys could thatd be so amazing. Whichever you guys decide to do I appreciate you guys responding. thanks!
  7. So im genuinely curious, why cant we preview things like wings and emblems from the dshop? Would there be any way to implement in-game avatars that display said items? I know the sizes vary depending on your class but itd be nice to be able to see what youre looking to buy. Especially emblems that just have descriptions that leave you with your imagination.
  8. No problem. Cant wait to see your plans. This was just an idea because lately people have been complaining about end game content.
  9. Also, you can acquire p-points while farming under crespo. Note: Not to be confused with "Under Crespo(Main)" thats an entirely different map.
  10. Another Random Fact Bump of the Day! The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called "aglets".
  11. Hey, guys! An idea just dawned on me earlier. I honestly don't expect it to be met with total or any acceptance but I thought Id leave it here in the forums anyway, So remember waaaaaaaaaa~y back in the day when solo queuing dungeons were still a thing? Perfect example, Requies Beach with it's early game spider dungeon? (1mil dil to anyone who remembers that.) Anyway, my idea was to bring back certain dungeons that players could complete to earn elemental accessories that are viable aside from the standard builds that exist today. Now, I'm not saying to bring said accessories into the game broken or op. No, why not have the dungeon have an easy mode, and a hard mode? Both rewarding the player with a weaker, and stronger version of that accessory for each difficulty respectively. This would not only give players more to do but also give players viable alternatives for accessory options. Also on a positive note it would give players who dont have a lot of dil or Cash to donate a chance at getting accessories that can help them stay afloat. If anything, modify the mobs inside dungeons so that if you're playing on hard mode it's a lot more challenging for the player since it'll be a stronger reward. Perhaps make this 180+ dungeons so players near end game have something else to look forward to. Some ideal locations would have to be... Requies Beach = Poison Dungeon Norak/Castor = Fire Dungeon Crespo = Ice Dungeon Doomed Maze = Curse Dungeon Aquarial Ruins/Space Pilgrimage = Lightning Dungeon These are just examples and the "/"s really just mean "or". Anywho, whether this idea holds any weight I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this idea. Have a good day.
  12. I believe that'd be 8-9pm my time so I should still be on by then. If you still decide to want to farm let me know. I'll help speed up the process. If not, it's cool either way. Just offering a helping hand.
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