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  1. {VIP}Soulbro's Shady Offers

  2. Dshop Bundles

    Just wanted to leave a suggestion (more of a request if anything) but was wondering if it was possible to add bundle options for things like protectors in the dshop? For example Blacksmith protectors only have a x1 option. Could you guys add a x5 or something? I dont even mind paying full price for each one, but having to buy them in singles and put my password every single time gets a little tiring. If its just me being lazy, ignore this. Haha.
  3. Scamming problem

    Anything is possible. To clarify, the GMs always warn against accepting trades where only one side receives goods. The only time Id say its okay is if you know the person personally and are good friends with them in REAL LIFE. My advice would be if someone doesnt have the money to pay for said items but they want them at that immediate moment, then simply schedule the trade (with a Middle Man{MM} of course) for a later date. Once they have the money then go ahead with the trade. Im not calling anyone stupid but it would be foolish to trust anyone with "I owe you"s. Hope that clarified things.
  4. Removal of +10 stats emblem

    I think adding +50 emblems to dshop wouldnt be the right move. It would give donating players an edge over those who dont/cant, and i personally think it would devalue the emblems considering you kinda have to work for those ppoints to purchase it in the first place. Id say just remove the +10 emblems all together since everybody only ever goes after +50. I made the mistake of buying emblem once before i found out about the +50 ones.
  5. Black Friday Sale

    Yeah man i currently dont have $$ so ill have to say no for now. Thanks for the offer though!
  6. Black Friday Sale

    Wait say what?
  7. Black Friday Sale

    Why couldnt it end on the 1st when i get paid again? I want to give you all my money!
  8. Need MM for a BIG trade

    Ayy! Thanks for coming through when you did. I appreciate it.
  9. Need MM for a BIG trade

    Please respond asap.
  10. Blow?

    O: Thank you both. I went to read the Class overview thread and it didnt shed any light on blow effects. I wonder why blow is a thing though. I mean doesnt one of the mage's fire skills attack health directly as well? Anyway thats off topic. Thanks again.
  11. Preview Options

    If you guys could thatd be so amazing. Whichever you guys decide to do I appreciate you guys responding. thanks!
  12. Blow?

    I was hoping for a more immediate answer but youre right.
  13. Blow?

    What is it? Does it count as damage? If so, then what kind of damage? Lastly, how is it calculated/scaled off?
  14. Preview Options

    So im genuinely curious, why cant we preview things like wings and emblems from the dshop? Would there be any way to implement in-game avatars that display said items? I know the sizes vary depending on your class but itd be nice to be able to see what youre looking to buy. Especially emblems that just have descriptions that leave you with your imagination.
  15. Instance Dungeons

    No problem. Cant wait to see your plans. This was just an idea because lately people have been complaining about end game content.