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  1. Give Best Offer

    i have a 110% perfect Bagi set, 3x different Magic options and AR [A][P][SB] Full vit [G] Full HP [H] Max Medials and All Resis gems, 195 Redsig Gaunt 100+ each damage DN. or $$ pm me
  2. Bagi/Segu/HB Set/items

    bump editted
  3. 10% trade

    i pmed you
  4. Bagi/Segu/HB Set/items

    Bump edited
  5. 10% Trade

    2x 10% fire Tera armlets = 2x 10% lightning armlets
  6. Bagi/Segu/HB Set/items

    i would rather sell it for $$ honestly..
  7. Bagi/Segu/HB Set/items

    bump Updated
  8. Forgot PW

    make a support ticket, nitex will help you with this
  9. Dekaron Excute has stopped working.

    This might be of help. Or. Go Bin Folder --> click dkrising.exe--> properties--> compatibility--> open in screen resolution 640x480 Or. there are alot of things you can do
  10. for 1st time DONATION / DONATE

    I could see how this lower donation amount could help. Someone could buy coins (5$) for 1.5Bil or something like that and make it easier for people to get donation for their dils no matter how small. Especially people (me) who spends hundred of $$$ trying to DN or Argate my items. This would be great for that help. +1 for this idea
  11. My opinion

    I sent you a message @Nitex, whenever you can get around to reading it. Thanks
  12. Bagi/Segu/HB Set/items

    Bring it up
  13. About Naruke Drops

    Get you a pet and set it on only picking up Narukes, I see people there all the time with pets, saves you from digging for them
  14. DK Square

    Well I work 5days and go to college 2days a week and do PT training on a weekend once a month so I'm on mostly in evenings when everyone else around the world that plays this game is either waking up or going to bed. I have never seen a full raid in DK square. Not saying there hasn't been. Just that I haven't seen one.
  15. DK Square

    I do agree with this. Starting out, your handed everything you need to level and stay alive while leveling, even at egutt dropping +7 gears and Miteria dropping +7 osm gears.