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  1. PLS reconsider this post on future updates Aloken-Blastro nvr hits now in 1v1 Cuz of Dash skills only when it hits is Dks,even with shock spear only hits 2x max with judgement step 1x Blastro=needs a faster Cast time Bagi-Gidion needs dmg nerf Bagi-Dellacar Needs DMG nerf since it already dec def by alot -10k def (already tested) CS-Poison Shock Needs DMG buff main PVP skills CS-B-Shock Needs to be like VS DA thats CS version of DA not fair is VS only gets it and it only does 5HITS DA 9hits WTF! Hope Nitex u read this post
  2. New +105 AR Gems Bug!!

    TY Nitex Much Love to you
  3. New +105 AR Gems Bug!!

    was trying to put on the new +105 AR gems into armor piece but couldn't put it in Pls Fix this Thxs
  4. VS/CS nerf?

    Maybe its just me but i think VS/CS DMG output too high with thier full VIt 195 weapons they can easy 17k crit on me and im perf set Alok tera(too much Aloken haters) pls check i dont want flaming on this sht i just want every1 opinion
  5. Why are we alokens getting our Cool time increase and no we do not have 2 mana debuff skills pls enlighten me on that pls
  6. need my summy back ^^