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  1. Disty


    Go farm, useless egutt player. Obviously when there are too many useless people on 1 side, no amount of teamwork will help that, relogging tends to be the best option. If penalty for relogging increases, penalty for the gearless joining DKs should be pushed forward as well, otherwise you can't really blame people for relogging.
  2. I agree to whatever you're trying to say
  3. What? You played this long and you're this oblivious? A new person can and will get geared in a few hours with $$ whether it be from D-shop or not. Go farm. Hi Fayth :3 Well it'll be hard to pin point as Pay2win differs from user to user, even though Rising has the best kind of free to play module implanted, I'd say if two completely new players start on the server, the person that donates will have about 3-4 months head start versus the free to play person that'll have to constantly farm for those months. That's also not including the endgame leveling which they'll need max gear for and are forced to go grab that 200% exp amulet unless they want to add another month to that, about 2 weeks if they decide to go with the free 100% route, for just 10 levels. I don't remember what the prices for the 7%s were in D-shop and I don't believe I was playing at the time of their introduction but I also don't believe they accurately represented how easy they were to obtain to begin with. 500k Purchase Points for something that guaranteed you a 7% gem versus something that was random, didn't always guarantee you a valuable gem and costed 6 times more than the 7% gem boxes. I believe the prices sky rocketed way before that bug occurred, I could be wrong but that's how it seemed to me. I feel as though there is an unnecessary focus on the 8% gem, it isn't the only thing that has risen in price by double or triple the amount. At the end of the day all endgame items provide a measly 1% or 2% boost to certain attributes and the price gap between them are just like the gap between the 7% and the 8%. Which is why I saw no issue with adding the fore mentioned items to D-shop, they are technically buyable with $$ already, so this idea is a bust, just wanted it to be official :(.
  4. My understanding of pay to win would be like adding something to D-shop that's considered endgame and not easily obtainable, sure you can say you can farm them, but like all things on Rising, they're farmable but yet aren't in D-shop. So since adding something to D-shop that is farmable in-game isn't considered pay2win, can y'all add upgraded Squama/Lach/Spell plume to D-shop as well, they're all obtainable in-game, some are just impossible to get due to how inactive BR/Colo. I daresay they're harder to obtain than those pesky 8% gems. I would have also suggested to add +10 sets / belts / armlets to D-shop but you can already buy those from players VIA donations, I mean you could add it to D-shop to make it official, they don't have to be optioned, just plain +10 / 9 to save players a few months of farming. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the 8%s in D-shop, I just don't understand why the other hard to obtain items aren't in D-shop as well.
  5. If you can handle the hate that comes along with the guild tag, then you're welcome.
  6. Disty

    Lv 200 FV Staff +10

    WTB preferably with poison gems ( 7% / 8% )
  7. Q. What is your IGN? A. Disturb3d. Q. What is your Discord name? A. Illumi. Q. What class do you play? A. Vicious Summoner. Q. What timezone are you in? A. UTC +4 Q. For how long have you played Dekaron Rising? A. 5 Years~ Q. For how long have you played Dekaron in general? A. Since 2moons. Q. Why do you want to be part of the Dekaron Rising Balance Team? A. I want to help improve the overall balance and make PvP enjoyable for every class. Q. Why do you think you are suitable for this role? A. Because I have a lot of experience. Q. Have you ever been part of a Balance Team on any other Dekaron server or even any other games? If so, which one(s)? A. No. Q. Can you give an example of you making a positive contribution to a team and what the outcome was? A. Using recall to save teammates from certain death. Q. Taking a look at Vicious Summoner in game. If you could change something about the class, what would it be and why? A. Reverting DA back to the previous state as it is currently useless in both PvP and Mass PKs. Q. Taking a look at Dark Wizard in game. If you could change something about this class, what would it be and why? A. Change the element of the class entirely so that the damage could be guarded and giving them a damage boost. Q. If (insert the class you play) was to recieve a new buff to a skill, what would it be and why? A. Dual Sacra, because it's all around useless to staff summies, maybe give it a magic damage buff. Q. If (insert the class you struggle the most against) was to recieve a new debuff what would it be and why? A. Increasing the CD of rooting skills on hunters or slightly decreasing grand meister damage. Q. If (insert the class you play) was to recieve a nerf what would it be and why? A. Probably a slight nerf to soul link to metigate summy's tankiness. Q. If (insert the class you struggle the most against) was to recieve a buff what would it be and why? A. Hunters are in a good state atm aside from grand meisters.
  8. IGN : Disturb3d Class : Summoner
  9. You're all definitely KOS'd. Que ad* Noob guilds bullying you? Mobs too hard? Want to farm in peace? Want to progress? Fear not! For Trash has amazing protection services, a cheap price of 100m/hr and you'll be on your way to happy farming! PM Bakuda for more info.
  10. IGN : Deebyl Class : Aloken Level : 200