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  1. If i seal anglic soul and upgrade it to tear i can trade the tear? Or it becomes binded again and i just lost 10x powder?
  2. If you seal anglic souls and the upgrade to parca tears, the tear can be traded? And how much sealing powder needed for anglic and how much for shinny tear?
  3. Still looking? My main is ak I got lvl 200 seg we can use for dungs And i play about 5 hours everyday 5 days a week If you want call me FirstAid or WhinnieThePooh
  4. Thanks danni Where do they have the best drop rate?
  5. Is there any way to obtain blacksmith protector by farming and not by Dshop?
  6. Can any one recommand me on a good program to record the game? If you can even provide link its amazing!
  7. 2g00d4u

    2 questions

    1. i got an item in my inventory called "Beutifully wraped gift box" or something like that. it says i need 1 inventory free in order to get the items it holds but when i press it nothing happends. i already wasted 4 of those and nothing. can anyone tell me what is it and how i use it and get the items? 2. is server down now? i had dc few hours ago and i cant log in ever since. everytime i try it tells me "ACCOUNT CONNECTED pease try again in 3 min". i tried repair/reinstall the game and some. is the server down or my account is bugged?
  8. the last few days i found myself helping alot of new players and they all have same questions so i decided to make this guide for them once and for all and summ up everything needed to be done to be at good state of gear at shortest time. step 1. making accounts start by making 7 accounts, 1 of them is your main (AK/ALO/BAGI what ever) and the other 6 are 1 SEGNALE and 5 VICIOUS SUMMONER make your main account with the ID and password you used to and the other 6 same ID and same password so its easy to remember (for example- danniboy1,danniboy2,danniboy3 and so on) all with the same password. rising devs had made it possible to creating accounts without the need of emails when registering 7 accounts, just make something up at the Email bar for the 6 you not gonna use you dont need to open the Email to active accounts. (genius thing to do by the way good job rising) step 2. leveling up to the grind log all your accounts and gather them to 1 party. inside your inventory you will have begginer package, open it and get the 20% exp amulet ticket on all your acounts, get 20 teleport scrolls on each on of them from NPC Arenar above ardeca square. press M and on the map you will see all the akris spots by lvls. get all your accounts to lvl 60 and go egutt desert and lvl there untill you are lvl 180. its kinda hard to lvl 7 accounts at once so what i did is i lvl up the seg solo and then use it to lvl up all the others without them dying all the time. once you got to 180 with all your accounts put their stats up. the 5 summoners needs to put all their stats to heal. thats how they dont die, the seg can be full heal/full SPR/half and half (personaly i use half and half coz it doesnt die and does nice dmg). i lvl my seg to 200 because that is my main make sure that when you reach 180 all your accounts has +9 gear from egutt desert map lvl 160 ! ! ! ! step 3. the grinding for those of you that think "ohh its a private server i get highest lvl and best gear in a sec and off to PK" well... that is not the case. now after lvling and gearing its time for the oldschool grinding. take all your accounts to mitera active all the summoners pets and put them on SHIFT +E find a nice spot with many monsters and start lure and kill using the seg (dont go to the monsters that drops armor coz they hit alot and in AOE and your csummoners will die and also its slow kill) ive done that for 4 days 4 hours every day and now i got 180 gear +10 wich is good enough to advance in the game. in your grinding you are looking for cash and dream powders and the items for your main on the way. in mitera you will also get looting pet (common wiki) irecommand you to put 1 on each character in the party and let them loot armors and weps and every night before you go to sleep set all your accounts to shop at ardeca its not much money but i get 15m each night from each account doing that so its 105M gaind while sleeping. dream powders sells now for 370M for 1000 so every time you get 1k sell it. step 4. gearing up leveling your main and start play you can either grind for a month at a row and get teragrace gear +10 but i belive you will get bored before getting there so what i recommand is to get osmium set +10 and lvl 180 wep +10 and start lvling to 200. go to egutt desert maps lvl 120 and 140 and farm 300 dirham and exchange them at ishtar for 100% exp bosst for 24 hours (can be done over and over again) after you get the 100% go to tower dungeon teleported from Reezena at middle of ardeca and start do tower runs untill you hit lvl 190. at lvl 190 you go to Reezena again and you teleport to rudene dungeon and start doing those runs. (in rudene i recommand you to find some strong to duo with you its extremly fast way to 200 in duo). all the way from 180 to 200 you will do alot of dungeon runs and that means alot of argates. dont be tempted to try upgrade with them. save them all the way and when you get to 200 decide what to do with them coz it can be alot of money special items you should aim for at lvl 151 you can exchange 300 mithril to lvl 151 wings, you farm then in dead lands or just buy them for 30M the bosses and the first 3 maps in egutt desrt drops fine necless and rings that you can use untill you get the good ones tho you can use 1 at a time. you've hit lvl 200 and got your 180 +10 set on your main? good. start aiming for neckless and rings nouble souls is probbly the best neckless you can farm, it has 5 upgrades and transforms to parca shinny tear. you can use 3 of those at same time to upgrade them you need dark stones and mana crystal from tower dung and 18k dream powder to get all 3 fully upgraded (fayth or danni made a guide on this). you will need a party to kill the boss that drops it. it is located under crespo the last neckless you look for is draconic squama wich you buy with purches points that gained at dead front and DK square (i dont count crespo its slow as hell). once you see you can get points in DK square and dead front and you dont instantly die everytime you can swich to farming P and B points and buy items with them and sell. best wings in the game. you will see all around you players with crazy wings. thats just for show. you cna get same wings by farming feathers or wing fragments what ever they called. and upgrade your lvl 151 wings to have same stats as the crazy looking wings. guys i know theres alot of info i missed like the plume farming and tera but this is a guide for palyers who are completley new to the game or to this server and its only information to help players at their first week at the game and to teach and show that you can get good gear at short time as a SOLO PLAYER if you guys would like to see a full server guide like this one that goes from lvl1 all the way to tera gear +10 let me know in the commends/ P messege i really hoped i helped you new commers with this one. let me know in the comments if you liked it and if you think i write something wrong. Fayth and danniboy i really think that you should add in the warning section that you got when entering ID and PW a recommadation aimed for new players to go check forum guides before starting to play the server, that way they might get better faster and not thrustraited from first week that no one helps them and leave my characher name in the game FirstAid new comers you can send me friend requests and ask question ingame i will always help and add you to party. cya inside everyone!!!!!