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  1. Patch 13.9

    Great update tbh love the V2 SB bump teehee. BTW is the server down?
  2. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    Lol that DK lost to my hb and i didnt even have plumes. Worst dk on the planet bruh
  3. Glory Nubs

    So BR is fun but its literally cancer if someone teams up on you. Now these two Alokens, "Azbakel" and "xLandLadyx" continued to team up against me in BR in 5 matches. After warning them about me recording them they didn't attack me together after the 4th round, but instead these dumb mfrs decided its ok to team up against another person lmao. They legit said to me "Its okay to team up because Royal is KOS". Lord knows I tried explaining to them how that doesn't work but they kept on talking shit and saying I'm QQing. GG nubs PS: Sorry about the resolution, I had to quickly start it when I saw them teaming on Carlot lel.
  4. DK Square / Colosseum Opinions

    I really miss the old 17x dksq where you only had 1-2 op skills and rest were basic so you had to use combos and shit T_T was fun af. I really think the only way to boost the 17x-180x dksq is to create some events targeted specifically for those. Like 3x ppoints/grade points, or add some treasure boxes, special bosses that drop +9 weps/gears (osm,180). Something that will make the newbs wanna stay in that lvl to keep progressing for that dksq.
  5. Hnnng whats up boiz

    Hi you. Who are you and where do you live ill come beat u up rn lil thot >:( hi cutie I'm reporting you to the police for having 300 TB of loli hentai u fookin weeb <3 ily tho Hi sexi whats goin on ;P PS: I love how everyone just said hi and stuff but didn't answer my questions haha how nice ty guys :)))))
  6. Hnnng whats up boiz

    Ok so ive been away for a while due to life and random gayness stuff but like I'm reading on the forums about all these new updates and I just wanna know wot ze fork is goin on and what the prices are on the new stuff QQ so I have an idea on how much to spend and stuff ;( heck u nitex. Will be coming back fr this week just getting my shit fixed so yay time to pk some nubs at parca wee
  7. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    Dellamo was fine as a pt buff idk why you guys changed it :/ But overall love the update <3 cant wait to get back in game and try some fat boogers :3 Rly rly rly hope that HB gets a lil boost too T_T critical rate wise cuz crits are so rare kms
  8. [CLASS GUIDE] How to Play DragonKnight

    time to go dk now great guide ser ily <3
  9. Suggestions

    OSM +10 parts cost 400-800m depending on stats and a random tera is anywhere from 1.5-2.5b. Removing osm will only make people not wanna farm osm anymore and then the osm category is dead also just like 17x . Also why hasn't there been a little update on the tera sets to be made lvl 190?? 188 dksq should be for osm players in the first place so they can enjoy a little bit too lol...
  10. 1v1 Event Videos

    that block gaunt so op
  11. 1v1 Event Videos

    fuck yes missed this event yay do em all pls ily
  12. Nothing fixes the 99% crash..

    Ive been having this problem too tbh only thing that seems to work is either start multiple clients from dekaron.exe or restart and do the same. Its kinda lame but ye
  13. Seou's Patch Preview

    pls no this makes me wanna cri I cant farm for 10 mins let alone 1 month id die
  14. Seou's Patch Preview

    How to make chars even more broken then they already are? Add new op items gg son
  15. Why I swap characters so much...

    dw bro I change chars every day too. Literally went from HB, to AK, to Alo, to CS to Bagi in 1 month lmao