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  1. Perf AK tera set with v2 sb and 195 2x dual maces, 2h, and shield Perf VS tera set with v2 sb and 195 fv tb Trading both these sets for a full perfect CS set with v3 sb and 195 fv tb and 10% poison armlets Or I can trade one set for similar gears. Pm me on here or in game
  2. Literally never imagined hover boards ever being implemented in dekaron lmaoo but looks pretty dope in golden BUT LETS ALL JUST GIVE THANKS TO OUR LORD ALMIGHTY THAT THE UPDATE FINALLY CAME! ngl I was gonna buy a Nintendo dsi and play monster hunter on there lmao Anyways, great work to all the staff. Looking forward to coming home this week and test this shit out man I'm pumped for that hunter update. (crying on the inside cuz I just sold it a week ago T___T) Now I'm gonna enjoy watching all the alokens and dks selling their sets in market and roast them ahahahahaahahahha fuk u caden ahahahah PS: Do we get skill resets/stat resets?
  3. just take yo god dam wings of ya twit
  4. ProGasm

    Patch 13.9

    Great update tbh love the V2 SB bump teehee. BTW is the server down?
  5. I really miss the old 17x dksq where you only had 1-2 op skills and rest were basic so you had to use combos and shit T_T was fun af. I really think the only way to boost the 17x-180x dksq is to create some events targeted specifically for those. Like 3x ppoints/grade points, or add some treasure boxes, special bosses that drop +9 weps/gears (osm,180). Something that will make the newbs wanna stay in that lvl to keep progressing for that dksq.
  6. Hi you. Who are you and where do you live ill come beat u up rn lil thot >:( hi cutie I'm reporting you to the police for having 300 TB of loli hentai u fookin weeb <3 ily tho Hi sexi whats goin on ;P PS: I love how everyone just said hi and stuff but didn't answer my questions haha how nice ty guys :)))))
  7. Ok so ive been away for a while due to life and random gayness stuff but like I'm reading on the forums about all these new updates and I just wanna know wot ze fork is goin on and what the prices are on the new stuff QQ so I have an idea on how much to spend and stuff ;( heck u nitex. Will be coming back fr this week just getting my shit fixed so yay time to pk some nubs at parca wee
  8. ProGasm

    [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    Dellamo was fine as a pt buff idk why you guys changed it :/ But overall love the update <3 cant wait to get back in game and try some fat boogers :3 Rly rly rly hope that HB gets a lil boost too T_T critical rate wise cuz crits are so rare kms
  9. lmaoooo this guy. The point is that its no fun pvping these days. Heres a basic combo for AK: Shield shove, grandis, break arms, asuwin, shield shove, tab to duals, then go ham with 12k crits, then penetrate and rebuff/repeat. This combo is repeated 3x until the person is dead. Trust me when I say this, THIS IS NOT FUN AT ALL. PvP isn't about killing your opponent in 10 secs (like how most VS/AK do lmao) its about combos, timing, and hella fun when you actually have to use your fucking brain to win. The fact that every single person these days just stuns opponent, then uses 170-180 skills and runs away for them to CD is by far so retarded I cant even explain. So far the only characters ive found that have their shit figured out but cant compete with other chars (even their antichars because they are so fucking broken beyond repair) are HB, and Hunter. They only have 2-3 usable 170-180 skills because the other are legit crap so no point in using them. Sure, we've had these skills since the beginning right, so whats the problem now? The problem is that now we have +150 stats from new emblems, + a whole shit fuck load of stats from tera sets, and new necklaces that give 3% extra pk/crit resis, so when we use 150 plumes we can literally make a char that's not even supposed to be tank, able to tank lmao. Don't even get me started on these wings rip, they literally made stun dependant chars useless. But hey, what do I know I'm just an average player. I love playing different characters (except faggoty ones) so I test out a lot. I am not biased between any character I'm just triggered how brainless pvp's are these days :/
  10. Its not even about global.. its about balance of chars. We all know that some chars have huge advantage since they can use all 170-180 skills :/ 170-180 skills are to end pvps quickly and if you can use all 6 then yeah that's why you see aks raping your ass in 10 secs. Youre supposed to have 3 each char and use them properly in a combo, not just spam them then run away and wait for CD and repeat. That's legit what most ppl do these days lel its annoying as hell
  11. I'm pretty sure I heard nitex ask server if he should do that. Ask him maybe? Because that's the only way I see all this op shit being fixed atm. No char is supposed to have all 6 skills lmao...
  12. Can we not do the 3 skill Maestier skill thingy? Instead of having all 6 170-180 skills you can only have 3 for a certain build. Not only will it fix the op chars that can use all 6 of their skills, but itll also make this game absurdly balanced... I still don't know why this wont get implemented. This way people wont kite skills, instead they'll save them for a good moment.
  13. LOL agree tbh. Cant blame the entire class because of one person Teach me too ser ty I teach u how to roast ppl np
  14. It was changed a while ago due to wizards and mages 1-2 skilling alos lel. The dmg output for those classes is way too high for alo to not have resis for them also. I agree with hunter atm tho, with these new wings its literally almost next to impossible to stun a target and let alone use debuff skills such as Vul shot, slow arrow etc. Aloken I think is fine as it is. Some chars will have benefit and some wont over it. Its all about using it right. As with Bless, its 30% chance of trigger PER HIT not per skill. So if you're a dps char that does 30 hits in 2 secs then yes that skill will fuck you up to hell. Its supposed to be like that. Adding 2 seconds to DA is literally useless... either make its animation to old or make their overall dmg less??? Blood bats barely works sometimes and I think it was fine as it was before imo. They can tank a full pt all alone with a seg... that's not normal lol o.o. AK I don't understand why make attack accel skill more CD time instead of lessening the duration of its use instead?? DK has that same skill and its CD is almost literally same as to AK Besides the bugs, this is nice work. Atleast we're seeing some effort into fixing things. Was getting tired of waiting Nice work boiz