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  1. DarkSmoke420

    Return Of DarkSmoke

    Hey guys, It's been along time since I have been on, I see a-lot of new people a-lot of new guilds and a-lot of new things. Ike must have been busy, I see you are doing a great job with the server! Well I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and I look forward to meet the new players and hopefully some of the older players are still around too. Thanks DarkSmoke
  2. Stupid people that really need to think first.

  3. Think I'm getting addicted to Photoshop

    1. Kokabiel


      its pretty cool i made my signature on it :D ppretty basci one tho

  4. Finally on break, No work for 2 weeks :P.

  5. Chillin, Waiting for christmas break.

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