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  1. Too bad you invest in a char, and nothing a few items depreciate .... Worse than this is not the first time. Regarding armelet / belt - to have perfect status, then worthless. If at least the accessories. * Could be updated to Tera - you do not lose your investment. or how to get your investment back. For invetir in new Tera., I paid Osm 15b in each of belt / armelte to enforce 2-3b
  2. Ei Nitex check.. sugestion


  3. Recruiting - Royals

    Welcome Royals Let's CREATE A group and Being Able unbeatable. Each hum that we honor the royalty that We were given. Status - ON Active Alliance. "RedExiles" Notice. Inactive Sera Expelled Recruitment: ONLY 190 + / ALL CLASS. Application: 9 main language: ENGLISH VICE: OTHER Rules: * Active BE * Help in Fighting Alliance * Avoid KOS - Respect Others Alliance * Obey all as Game Rules Founded: 06/30/2015 Good luck.