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  1. That happened once. Three years ago. And the people involved were demoted and also have not played on this server in several years.
  2. Just a footnote: Raph is one of the oldest players still active on Dekaron Rising. He has known / been friends with most of the staff team before they even got their first items, much less joined the staff team. He was describing the unfairness that a lot of staff have to stop playing with long-time acquaintances in-game due to the new staff rules. Raph was playing before I even became an OPR many years ago... I understand Raph's point-of-view because of this information. Also, in reply to DukeDamir statement "And ppl who just play with some1 because hes staff member wont have that advantage anymore." --> There are no advantages to playing with a staff member's personal character.
  3. Fayth

    Aloken buffs

    Hello @Radostin , Cancimo: (can be stacked up to 3 times) ↑20 Vitality per stack ↑6% Critical Damage per stack ↑8% Physical Damage per stack Dellamo: (can be stacked up to 3 times) ↑2% Monster Damage Tolerance per stack ↑20% Defense per stack ↑10% Critical Resistance per stack ↑65 Guard per stack Aqua Purge: (can be stacked only once) ↑60% Abnormal Resistance when triggered ↑7% Defeat Rate when triggered Duration: 9 seconds Trigger Rate: 10% Stacks Given: 40 Aqua Remover: (can be stacked only once) ↑60% Abnormal Resistance when triggered ↑7% Defeat Rate when triggered Duration: 8.2 seconds Trigger Rate 10% Stacks Given: 10 ---------------- The other Aloken buffs should be the same as GlobalDK, if I am wrong someone please correct me.
  4. A staff member asked you for your opinion as to why you request certain adjustments to a class. Instead of answering them maturely with reasons why you believe adjustments should be made, you took it upon yourself to not share why changes should be made. That being said, I will take into consideration that you are just here to start drama between staff members and nothing will be changed with the Half-Bagi class based on your feedback. Let's not flood this thread with more senseless replies, this area was created for people with real balance concerns to give real feedback. The comment section is open for a reason, I could easily just close off the comment section but I won't do that over one person. -- So the next time you decide to act like a child on our feedback threads, I will make it to where every post you make on our forums must be approved by a DKR Staff Member before it will appear. Once again, thank you for your feedback.
  5. Welcome back to DKR. I can help you recover your old account, just make an Account Recovery Support Ticket and fill out the information. Or, you can try using the Account Recovery Tools. https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/account-tools-2/
  6. Thank you for your very constructive and helpful feedback.
  7. No changes have been specifically made to the Concerra Summoner class in this update.
  8. Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1knheDbMuhfZCHQiumCuXFkxUkpcCH2qu Balance Part 6 β€» Click here to read the full skill balance changes Gear Balance β€» Osmium Pants can now be socketed β€» Level 180 Weapons now drop +8 in Mitera β€» Added two new Mid-Gear Earrings (Read below for more information about them) Dream Powder Update We implemented two new mid-gear earrings, both of which are available in the Dream Powder Exchange. Users can wear two Moonstone or Bloodstone Earrings simultaneously; one of each or both. These earrings are also tradable and vendable! β€» Added Moonstone Earring (Cost: 3000 Dream Powder) β€» Level Requirement: 175 ↑4000 HP Regeneration ↑2% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance ↑2% Monster Damage Tolerance ↑2% Max Shield β€» Added Bloodstone Earring (Cost: 3000 Dream Powder) β€» Level Requirement: 175 ↑30 Str ↑30 Dex ↑30 Spr ↑30 Vitality ↑300 Critical Agency Update β€» Added White Moonstone Earring β€» Added Red Bloodstone Earring D-Shop Update β€» Added Pixie Wings (Cost: 8900) Miscellaneous β€» Fixed Velika's Skin -> Purple Crystalline Skin exchange. β€» Lowered the Tatum Mavric drop rate from the deadlands event monsters from 3% to 1.5%. Gold Argates still have a 3% drop rate. β€» Destroyer Umbar now drops 10 items when he dies instead of 6. β€» Incarnation of Helion now gives approximately 625,000 Grade Points to each party member if the party is full. He also slowly powers up depending on the number of auto attacks received and will eventually call down a row of meteos on auto attackers. β€» Added 15 more Fighter Doll to the entry of Shangri-La β€» Removed 7% Gem Random-boxes from Deadfront to preserve their value on the market. β€» The Deadfront Hell crash issue has been fixed. β€» Pyrion Wing animations have now been fixed for all classes. β€» Changed visual effects on the Top 3 Colosseum Emblem β€» Updated Minimap UI
  9. Warriors! Balance Part 6 is here! Thank you to the Balance Team for helping us test and provide feedback on these changes and thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on the balance part 5 thread. Like always it really helps us if you would share your feedback on this thread so we can make even better changes in balance part 7. Additionally we aim towards smaller and faster balance patches from this point onwards to ensure the best possible balance. - Like last time to make it easier for you guys (since damage calculations are extremely complex and there are dozens ofvariables) we decided to write the changes as following: Damage has been Highly increased/decreased = you will notice a big difference in game Damage has been Moderately increased/decreased = you will notice a difference in game Damage has been Slightly increased/decreased = you will notice a small difference in game Damage has been Very slightly increased/decreased = you will barely notice any difference in game ↑ = Boost ↓ = Nerf β™₯ = Bug fix PvP = Player vs Player PvE = Player vs Enviroment (monsters etc.) - Azure Knight Note: Minor balance adjustments Infinity Evil: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Igen Dash: ↑ The last hit of the skill now also lowers the targets defense by 10% for 6 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segita Hunter Note: Minor balance adjustments Rapid Blaze: This skill has been changed from mainly being a PvP skill to mainly being a PvE skill Vanish: This skill has been changed from mainly being a PvE skill to mainly being a PvP skill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Incar Magician Note: Balance adjustments Meteor Blaze: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Earth Eruption: ↓ Highly decreased damage in PvP Shield of Siz: ↓ Increased cooldown from 43 seconds to 48 seconds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segnale Note: Minor balance adjustments Curse Sanctuary: ↓ Slightly decreased PvP damage ↑ Moderately increased PvE damage Doom Spiral: ↑ Very slightly increased PvP damage ↓ Very slightly decreased PvE damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bagi Warrior Note: Minor balance adjustments Soul Burn: ↑ Slightly increased the AOE range of this skill Shock Wave: ↑ Increased stun chance from 65% to 77% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Segeuriper Note: Balance adjustments Seal Kaijun: This skill has been changed from mainly being a PvP skill to mainly being a PvE skill Curse Cloud: This skill has been changed from mainly being a PvE skill to mainly being a PvP skill Soul Pillage: ↑ The buff and debuff duration of this skill has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds Areesio Pillage: ↑ The buff and debuff duration of this skill has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds Element Pillage: ↑ The buff and debuff duration of this skill has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds ↓ Now decreases targets all elemental damage by 5% instead of 10% ↓ Now increases own all elemental damage by 5% instead of 10% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Wizard Note: Balance adjustments Astral Darkness: ↑ Very slightly increased damage Limit Rush: The debuff now happens on the 2nd hit of the skill instead of the last Mana Barrier: ↑ This skill now also gives the user +10% abnormal resistance for the duration of the buff β™₯ Fixed buff icon description Fatal Smile: ↑ Slightly increased damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Half Bagi Note: Balance adjustments Sharp Detonation: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Beristo: ↓ This skill now has a 77% chance per hit to lower targets guard rate by 100, vitality by 120 and defeat rate by 1% instead of a 77% chance per hit to lower critical resistance by 1% and vitality by 120 β™₯ Fixed debuff icon description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dragon Knight Note: Balance adjustments Dragon Roar: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Chircon: ↓ Removed the PK/PvP damage tolerance debuff from the skill (still lowers critical rate and critical damage) Rira Cume: ↓ Now has a 68% chance of lowering block rate by 50 and vitality by 5 per hit instead of a 68% chance of lowering critical resistance by 5% and vitality by 5 per hit β™₯ Fixed debuff icon description Charge Diss: β™₯ Now only has a 100% chance of stunning it's target on the first hit of the skill. Before it had a 100% chance of stunning when it dashed to the target and another 100% chance of stunning on the first hit of the skill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vicious Summoner Note: Balance adjustments Fury of Venom: ↓ Moderately decreased damage Devil Swing: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Dark Avatar: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Poison Sword: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Shadow Revenge: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Vicious Mirror: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Dragon Canine: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Death Penalty: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Synthetic Bore: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Velochiup: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Rapite: ↓ Very slightly decreased damage Palpus: ↓ Slightly decreased damage Sporjar: ↓ Slightly decreased damage
  10. Welcome back, if you haven't already joined our Discord then I highly recommend that you join it. The link to our Discord server is in my forum signature below.
  11. The main fishing map is PK enabled to help maintain a player-driven price control over the malakite market. If people weren't able to be PKed during fishing then the supply of malakites in the market would continue to increase and drive the price of malakites even lower than they already are. Then you wouldn't be able to make any money at all from malakites because everyone would just open up alternate characters to AFK fish them. Please note that fishing is not the only way to earn dil on our server. Check out our dil farming guide created by Dannyboi.
  12. No, but at the same NPC where you purchase the Fishing Skill Books from you can also purchase bait that increases your % chance of finding a fish when consumed. The only item on Rising on Rising that raises the success rate of Fishing is increasing the level of the fishing mastery and getting a better fishing rod with a higher success rate.
  13. Fayth


    We are testing another fix for the Deadfront crashes when we release the next update. (Update 19.6)