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  1. Patch 13.9

    ●Other: We are working on a new client upgrade that will make the game much more stable, load 10~20x faster, and overall increase game speed and performance. This is one of our top priorities right now. We were unable to finish this upgrade and have it ready for this patch, but we are hoping to have it finished before the next patch. Thank you for your patience. that's why rising always no.1 ! nice work !
  2. DKSQ Ranking Tables

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  3. Weekly Boss Arenas

    Exciting activity and Detailed time nice work !
  4. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    wow!!!!! Sacred Claw Dungeon ??? that's so awesome
  5. wow Thanks for the reply! expect
  6. These items will happen in this update ? Blacksmith Protector / Achemist Protector at exchange Onc Item balance revamp: our item balance document is almost 30 pages long, it's a lot of work but it's going to be worth it Skill balance part 2 New dungeons New cosmetic upgrade system (cosmetic only) Client upgrade for better performance, better stability, and less crashes.
  7. new dksq mode

    Yes, but this mode is funny , more different than dk
  8. new dksq mode

  9. new dksq mode

    The new dksq mode will happen in dekaron rising ? i found this at http://www.dekaron.co.kr/App/news/news_testserver/news_testserver_list.aspx?write_no=17071300000000000003&page=1&searchCode=&searchString=&row_cnt=124&rn=2472&category_sort=&checknum=1 look like a new DK mode ! hope someday can see this here!
  10. [New Classes] The Arrivals

    can't wait!!
  11. [New Classes] The Arrivals

    holy shit !!!!!! that's niceeeeeeeeeee !!!
  12. This is Nice !

    he sure can,if he want
  13. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    you 100% right
  14. DK Suggestions

    @Nitex You should take a look at this suggestion
  15. New Player Dungeon Ideas

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