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  1. good day dekaronians, i asking only if a server have maintenance? because i cant connect. thanks...
  2. good day nitex, please help i got accident drop my Malbray this day, and got loot by Cabz(segu) he not back to me my Malbray please help me to back my Malbray
  3. where i send my php 795.00? and last question if i donate i got op item?
  4. Silver Membership - $14.99 Subscription 15,000 coins sent to character each month for free (as long as subscription is active) +10% extra coins every time you buy coins while subscription is active -- example: if you buy $25 coins for 28,750 coins, you'll get 31,625 coins because of your silver membership [VIP] tag in-game to one character you choose GM how much in php money? it is permanent VIP tag?