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  1. Screenshot Event

    @Shaura the best SS for now
  2. Mcole

  3. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

  4. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    So maybe nerf a little bit Cancimo and then make it party buff ofc if its possible. I'm not sure how should look nerf for it but maybe lower rate or just make it increase 15% less vit, crit dmg and all dmg? Cause even now if Aloken have Cancimo as a single buff it increase a little too much vit/crit dmg so nerf it and make it pt buff is good idea but i leave decision to you guys.
  5. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    Compare Rising to other servers Rising is the only one server where Aloken Cancimo and Dellamo are Signle buffs not AoE buffs. I would say Cancimo is "weaker" than Rebelion Spear since Cancimo is use 10x faster than Rebelion so sometimes before Cancimo CD is over you have no buff on your sexy as. All aloken buffs should be PATY buffs cause aloken is party play class so i don't get idea of making buffs solo. But...but Cancimo increase Vit, Critical dmg, and All Damage but who cares about it if most of time buff isn't enough even for 1 combo (if attack more than 1 target) so in practic Rebelion is a lot better cause you can is AoE skill and last longet on Part Members than Cancimo on Aloken. Dellamo is shit buff anyway but you can make all alo buffs AoE imo.
  6. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    i know your guild members are very loyal and you won't add any noob xd
  7. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    "Top Guilds" will start "recruit new "OP" people"... so i am 100% sure not even a single guild show up with "loyal true members" (maybe Zero if they come) but have fun all ^^ (segs won't enjoy again )
  8. Class PvP Rankings

    Ya all underestimate Cs and Alo...
  9. Suggestions

    lvl 200 dashes move you further than 195
  10. Suggestions

    If im correctly transup 3 give 60-100 all stats (don't remember QQ) so yea i agree it is worth lvl up to have it. Im not so sure 195 dashes were mistake because 195 dash not help as much as lvl 200 dash. Tbh i used dashes only on alo (maxed) on any other char i havent it maxed and wasn't really worth use them better idea was stun and run than dash. @TwitterX what lvl 200 items are you talking about? New end game set? Nah it could break balance again and tera/osm price will be even lower than now. I would be more interesting in lvl 200 Solo/Pt Dg with some items drop but that have to be something what won't fk up game balance again so lets say...some fragments what can exchange to weps/wings/sets/costumes with OP design but with same stats like other stuff and make it not available to get from dshop just in that dg.
  11. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    wew so i have no idea
  12. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    problem with Ceterballen is that you can't stand close to mob if you want more hits than 2-3...i used it sometimes on my Cs and it hit 5-6 times
  13. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    there is nothing to QQ about thats not stun just decrease speed buff...it doesn't interrupt skills etc skills id love to make more useful: Blade Rain - need dmg increase Poison Blade - DMG increase + casting speed B-Shock - DMG increase Ghost Dancing -Dmg increase Top Blade - i wish this skill have 100% rate chance HP rec now it is similiar to Blood Bats Familiar Spirit - DMG Increase + longer poison dmg increase (3 sec longer) Canine (don't know that skill exact name) - Increase dmg + casting speed + decrease speed Erigol & Gigantess - HP increase + dmg increase cause these 2 pets are cooler than Arrogans and Paranoia One more important part of this changes is Decrease 170/180 skills DMG Lets make Cs great again with oldschool skills not with spam 170/180..and maybe more people start play this awesome class
  14. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Canine should decrease movement speed but here its just dmg (low dmg*) so no sense use it in any combo just waste of time...if Canine casting will be a bit faster + decrease movement like it should do + a lil bit more dmg then its worth use when enemy run.
  15. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    the best joke i heard today