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  1. Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    can dc issues during br and ptm be fixed? it consume much time... thank you...
  2. Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    when you got dc'd, do you have to wait for 3 mins. before you can log in again?
  3. LF Segu's to PVP

    Wow! You mean UlquiorraSchiffer is a noob man and he just bluffing around?
  4. LF Segu's to PVP

    Sorry man ..just excited on the results
  5. LF Segu's to PVP

    Yes just now So you lost to all of them because they all op?
  6. LF Segu's to PVP

    All win? No lose?
  7. LF Segu's to PVP

    Did you pvp with ScykkGnOm?
  8. Help Pls

    Yeah .... just look at his face man....lol
  9. Were is 170 DKsquire??

    Its because we are all busy everyday Lol
  10. Were is 170 DKsquire??

    Yeah right! Maybe next year?
  11. Were is 170 DKsquire??

    Can change the lvl cap to 300? That would be more fun....
  12. Who changed the forums

    Hmmm.... im on mobile as of now, and yes it sucks. A try desktop later when am outta ma work, man a hope it dont suck with desktop version????
  13. Legit Answer

    True! Your a victim of OP sellers ma men....Including me sometimes because when im so xcited i get blind @_@ and become on rampage.. like ... "i want it now! Now! Now! Disregarding OP values Thats no truth man... only half is XD ...dont quit! Hold on man..in real life we got hard time and trials, here also we have☺ Well, man... as i said there are cheaper once, you just need to be a wise buyer.And yes 14b including plumes. now plumes=3b-4b x2= 6b- 8b....and he says "How much does it cost to have the best kind of set in the game for 170 and 171+ money wise?" Squama=3b, lachryma=3.5b, 3-4pcs angelic, daes, +9 necklace x3pcs=850m-1b each, max plumes =40$ each, AR [P][A],SB+0=1.4b,+10=10-12b(speed boots),full vit [G], MC helm or full hp helm, +9 dmg reduction belt, +9 bracelet x2pcs osm =10b each...
  14. Legit Answer

    14b including plumes and neckis +ring... but still depends on class...yes thats 700$. But there are cheaper ones...you just need find them shout shout shout...
  15. OPness of a segu

    Ayt then....WTS>segu tera set +0 =50$ each