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  1. Launcher problem destroying the game

    I already put it in the exceptions, firewall, etc. Everytime I launch the game from bin and run as admin, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Every time I launch the game using launcher, it always crashes at 99%.
  2. DK guide

    Can anybody make a complete DK guide, for stats, skills, combos, pvp pve thanks
  3. I just want to point out to the GMs why after 4+ years there is still this launcher problem? I quit playing uprising because of this launcher problem and now that I have come back to rising, after so many years, there is still this problem. I have done everything the GMs said I should, from installing, uninstalling, re-installing things, to running things as admin, exceptions firewalls antiviruses, and i mean everything. Sometimes it would work sometimes it would not work, but the thing is, the problem still exists. After 4+ years why can't the GMs or developers create a permanent fix for this problem? I am pretty sure one of the reasons this a lot of people get turned off playing this game is because of the launcher problem. Fixing this problem can be beneficial for the community. PLEASE, THE GAME NEEDS A PERMANENT LAUNCHER FIX.