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  1. [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

    SANTA BR34STFED making this poor VS's Christmas much better by helping him decorate his christmas tree and build a Snowman. IGN: BR34STF3D
  2. Dear InvictuZ, Royals, Zero, Pentagram, and others

    OHH looky here, geared people scroll patrol team hiding behind ardeca while I was still in draco hoping for a good fight, ohh wait. YOU CANT !!! cause youre all cowards sidenote: i may be undergeared but atleast i dont return scroll ROFL !! youre worse than I am
  3. Dear InvictuZ, Royals, Zero, Pentagram, and others

    coming from someone who goes to draco and kills the afks there note: full dshopped. and runs away when the main people comes. and from someone who cant even communicate properly. that wasnt even relevant. so yeah.. you two just completed the equation Coward(carlot) + idiot(KTAN) = ZERO
  4. Dear InvictuZ, Royals, Zero, Pentagram, and others

    idk what was that supposed to mean ? please dude go back to school. stupid
  5. Nitex

    yeah, and please give me some too
  6. Dear InvictuZ, Royals, Zero, Pentagram, and others

    damn ! you really are stupid aint ya ? calling us cowards when you ppl kill us when were afk with full dshop. and then when we fight back you would go afk in ardeca XD and mind you some of us arent even full geared. so YOU SIR ARE THE REAL COWARD
  7. Dear InvictuZ, Royals, Zero, Pentagram, and others

    make us stop then.. were always at draco. and P.S- a group means a lot of people, so it should be overconfident guys, or better yet, a group of overconfident people. >:D
  8. Rising Group Photo

    acting all high and mighty, but runs like hell when they see Tsunami. would only fight afk people and undergeared.. ROFL !! and has the nerve to say weak ?? damnnn.. if there was a category of cowards, you people in "ZERO" are topnotch. *drops mic*
  9. WTT/ WTS 195 WEP

  10. Malakites !

    1k would be too much XD but even if its just 100 or 200 like the valentine choco, please hear our call
  11. i use the auto update on launcher. and im having no issues of crash or whatsoever unlike dwyane wayne. but still I use the launcher in bin,
  12. *BIG CLAPS* thank you for the big effort you put into this patch gm kindda disappointed me with the castor part. xD but its fine, coz there would be a lot more action now. it gives the impression that you should really earn on how you farm *BIG CLAPS FOR THIS BIG STEP*
  13. Respawn Time For Castor Dungeon

    completely agree. experienced this a in the past few months, there are quite a lot of ppl farming in castor. especially in the peak time in ph, afternoon - night time. so what i ended up doing was to afk until there is no one farming... and also one more thing. there are also ppl that take 1 whole crossway in both channels, i mean there are ppl who dps the bosses too fast, thats why that spot is taken in both channels, (sometimes they just die and go to another room immediately)