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  1. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Preview] I'm really excited to say...

    disable dshop buffs and fish pls tyvm xD
  2. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    but we can still use it to vend extra gear. kinda useful tho. will wait for the new class then.
  3. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    that's why i hate 1v1s.
  4. {VIP}PerryEllis

    Loading Poll

    windows 10 home i7-6700HQ (2.6 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) 16gb RAM before 2-3mins now 60secs
  5. {VIP}PerryEllis

    DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    Spirit Dinner
  6. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    found a solution. this might help.
  7. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    it says contact the program provider so I tried to reinstall it and it worked. the problem now is everything turns blue.
  8. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    not working
  9. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    RIP weaps for AK
  10. {VIP}PerryEllis

    Screenshot Event

    Life after death
  11. {VIP}PerryEllis

    PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    Not gonna happen. They left rising and went somewhere else.
  12. {VIP}PerryEllis

    [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    Dekaron bagi
  13. {VIP}PerryEllis

    Class PvP Rankings

    1: geared players near the server. 2: not the asians 3: nope not the asians 4: never the asians 6: lol 7: QQ 8: almost 9: getting there 10: a bit more 11: hmmm... 1 more. 12: FUCKING ASIANS! (Very high ms with 3 secs delay! Not to mention almost every skills were interrupted during pk/pvp/dksq etc.)
  14. {VIP}PerryEllis


    Ser,kids will hate you and will report you and might end up in jail.
  15. {VIP}PerryEllis


    Holy fucking shit! I fucking rest my case! Hahahaha make dekaron rising "keyboard PK instead". Smh! We never cried when a leader in dksq kicked us for being GEARED PINOY and we never cried when ppl insults us cause we eat rice. Hahahahaha! This PK issues gone wrong.
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