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  1. [Preview] I'm really excited to say...

    disable dshop buffs and fish pls tyvm xD
  2. [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    but we can still use it to vend extra gear. kinda useful tho. will wait for the new class then.
  3. [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    that's why i hate 1v1s.
  4. Loading Poll

    windows 10 home i7-6700HQ (2.6 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) 16gb RAM before 2-3mins now 60secs
  5. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    Spirit Dinner
  6. [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    found a solution. this might help.
  7. [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    it says contact the program provider so I tried to reinstall it and it worked. the problem now is everything turns blue.
  8. [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    not working
  9. [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    RIP weaps for AK
  10. Screenshot Event

    Life after death
  11. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    Not gonna happen. They left rising and went somewhere else.
  12. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    Dekaron bagi
  13. Class PvP Rankings

    1: geared players near the server. 2: not the asians 3: nope not the asians 4: never the asians 6: lol 7: QQ 8: almost 9: getting there 10: a bit more 11: hmmm... 1 more. 12: FUCKING ASIANS! (Very high ms with 3 secs delay! Not to mention almost every skills were interrupted during pk/pvp/dksq etc.)
  14. Bon3Harrass3r

    Ser,kids will hate you and will report you and might end up in jail.

    Holy fucking shit! I fucking rest my case! Hahahaha make dekaron rising "keyboard PK instead". Smh! We never cried when a leader in dksq kicked us for being GEARED PINOY and we never cried when ppl insults us cause we eat rice. Hahahahaha! This PK issues gone wrong.