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  1. Luncher Prob please help

  2. Luncher Prob please help

    Anyone help me my luncher cant play restart many times my laptop and my net but not work . help please
  3. WTB

    WTB 2x 3% pk/pvp Gem = 500m each pm me here or in game ING: xCuboidx
  4. WTS

    bump edited
  5. WTS

  6. WTS

    sorry bro not sale for piece
  7. WTS

  8. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

  9. WTS

    still here pm me in game xCuboidx or {VIP}DarkCuboid
  10. WTS

  11. WTS

    WTS 195 light orb +10 with 4x inc damage = dils pm me drop a comment or pm me
  12. Closed

    just edit the tittle and change to close ..
  13. WTB/WTS List

    madam Hm squama for dils ?
  14. Closed

    i have ligth wep +10 195 orb 4x inc dmage offer
  15. DKSQ

    i feel u bro i remmber when the time i start in game whitout any +set and go dkq and kick by LD kill by Op and run run run in map and im here now still weak thats why my advice go dkq 1st and make your on raid and add someone op players that the one solution :') goodluck ..