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  1. Stun effects (Hunter skills)

    So far there is only 1 hunter (at least I've fought with) that manages to win over me. Unless you are that one hunter (he knows who he is), you are most very welcome to face me in a pvp Even if you are that hunter i speak of, welcome to face me again - i tried to contact for a rematch but no response
  2. Stun effects (Hunter skills)

    It's fine for you ?! Can you please explain exactly which part of being ran over by any (apart from segu eventually) other class is just fine for you ? Or you wanna tell me you can take on AK/Bagi/DK/Alo/CS/VS easily ? Give me your IGN so i can contact you and show me how you fight those please. I would really want to see that. Updates take long so that they are good when released. I don't think you would wanna get an update released and turn out is buggy asf, That will cause more server downtime or gameplay abnormalities. Do you want that ? i don't think so.
  3. WTT/WTS Hunter Armlet

    WTS/T Tera Armlet +9 max shield gem 3% Fire + 2% LRA (long-ranged attack) - SOLD
  4. Stun effects (Hunter skills)

    Do you currently have a full-geared hunter on the server ? Do you know how it feels to get ran over by every other class (except for segu maybe) on the server simply because everyone has some sort of a stun/KB(bagi/ak) immunity ? A lot of slows (yet again a lot of immunity to it) yea but if only they all worked and especially diporun because atm it barely slows someone with speed buff on. It is just ridiculous how weak hunter is atm...
  5. Medials,All resistance questions

    What i meant is max medials + AR gems is last concern. And 40 AR doesn't make ANY difference. 10 element resist is 0.1% elemental damage reduction. That makes 0.4% for 40 AR which is how much out of 4k elemental damage ? 16 damage ? Not to mention when maxed out you get hit by 4k elemental damage only on crit. So yea - makes NO difference. Now armor,pants, boots AR is a bit different because you get 150+ each which in total goes up to about 4.5%-5%. That i can agree matters.
  6. Life Threat

    Not that I have taken this for real It's just hilarious. I wish he comes find me in Philippines as he promised will
  7. Life Threat

    Uhm... is this normal/allowed ? Constantly PMing me he is gonna kill me... i take that as harassment. http://imgur.com/a/pVmYK http://imgur.com/a/D9LOA I really hope this is not tolerated. Thank you !
  8. Medials,All resistance questions

    Well... 4x 95 AR = 380 and 4x 105 = 420 ... do you actually think 40 AR makes much of a difference ? Same goes for Medials... 4x 87 = 348 and 4x 123 = 492... that makes 144 def more which is like 0.1 Phys resistance. Are you willing to pay 1b+ for that (or try fight for the dragon over the OP chars that camp it) rather than spend 1b on something really useful ? I went for max medials/ARs when i had everything else maxed out. I don't see any difference between 87med/95ar and 123med/105ar gems. It is up to you at what point of your progression on the server you are willing to waste 1b or time to camp/kill the dragon. Have fun
  9. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Can't wait to see what you mean
  10. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Did some tests. Aloken: Decrease Damage - it does reduce damage by 30%, despite description says 52% Hunter: Fire/Poison Arrow - do not work at all. Effect goes on but no actual resist decrease and the effect time is 5sec instead of 30.
  11. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Thank you ! And even so, hunter can be good, if all other skills work properly.
  12. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    I agree it needs to have some use against ranged/magic attacks I do suggest though, it should decrease ranged/magic attacks less. I believe 50% decrease for non-melee attacks would be alright.
  13. Rising is in risk [Answered by Nitex]

    I think the server is quite alright as it is. Not too easy, not too hard. +1
  14. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Noone said anything ab out increasing hunter's def. It is about the damage being decreased more than it should've been and skills to work properly. Multi Blink - I'm most probably wrong as it was long ago. I have been told by few ppl (who came from official) that Multi Blink stuns after the 1st shot. Maybe true, maybe not - I can't claim anything for sure. Diporun - the thing is it doesn't seem to work on targets with speed on AT ALL. Aqua Remover - i knew it ! La Defense - well it decreases all sources of damage obviously, which is OP all the way. AK - I'm not saying that as a Hunter. I say that because everyone complaining about AKs being OP. Aloken's skill description for Decrease Damage (the solo buff) does say it decreases 52% of damage at 30% rate. I don't know whether the description is wrong or the values. @Disturb no need to get cocky and accuse me of talking nonsense - simply correct me, if you disagree. @Atlanti that was simply an example. I'm available on Friday and i am going to run some more tests. I will then quote actual figures. A big THANK YOU to the staff working on the balance - it was about time. Great job ! Regards !
  15. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    What's the use of having particular skills when u can't come to use them ? And even if you did, they don't really make much difference. Bagi and DK have full immunity to slow effect (and others). AK simply doesn't care if u slow him as he charges in and is gg. Aloken resists 90% of any effect on him. I am quite alright with hunter's being squishy - i would've already quit, if i weren't. BW has a lot of disarm/disable skills along with the effect of slow, mana drain, the shield that makes them invulnerable... With upgraded lachry + vuln shot on (no candy/dshop) i hit 80k on Akris. IF vuln shot doesn't work, I hit 60k top. Shagrath hits 127k+ in same conditions. See the difference ? How would you feel, if BW damage gets decreased by 50% ? That is the balance point - low def on the account of high damage. Whereas for hunter is low def and low damage (compared to everyone else hitting no lower than 2k from a full vit hunter).