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  1. Looking for seg set and wep post what you got up for grabs
  2. Taking Signature Request :)

    going to work on it i thought i fixed it
  3. Taking Signature Request :)

    you got to let it sit for 5 seconds then pic will pop up then save
  4. Taking Signature Request :)

    http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h272/thelovrboy/xomega.gif copy link then top right and click on your profile name then go into account settings then signature should be on you left
  5. Taking Signature Request :)

    i spelled it wrong going to remake lol
  6. Taking Signature Request :)

    Something like this..?? or a gif with flashing letters..?
  7. Taking Signature Request :)

    I am doing it for free i wont knock anyone hustle so my sigs will be different then there's so we can have different styles plus I'm just bored i am looking for 180+ segnal and bagi armor and weps if you want to donate i wont say no
  8. Taking Signature Request :)

    What you want on it give me some ideas
  9. Taking Signature Request :)

    Taking Request and will host them on my photobucket Here is some of my work Request Ideas!!! What you want on it..?? Whats your ingame name or forum name..?? What kind of effects do you want..?? Whats your favorite anime or show..?? Go in to details or it will be random