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  1. Sick of AK's

    As far as i know, even in official dekaron, 2h ak has brutal dps. I won a couple of pks and pvps against geared aks that were bad at their class but pvp/pking someone who knows their shit is infinite stun and ez kill for them. But then again, i dont play aks and my opinion doesnt matter much on this topic, just my Β’2.
  2. possible hacker in arcadia RIGHT NOW, check Mitera arcadia teleporter, its full of mobs, looks like someone had vac hack on while entering.

  3. Crack Aza V1

    I love this kind of threads (as long as they arent aimed at me xD). Couldnt a simple 1v1 ptpvp settle dis shit?

    Give more info, when does it happen? Have you added dekaron to your antivirus exception list and DEP list? What OS are you on?
  5. May take a Break/temporary/Forever

    Nobody quits dekaron, they just stop playing for some time. Cassy is just scared dw will get nerfed :3
  6. Next PvP event type

    After re-reading i understand what you point was and i apologize for jumping to conclusion. In my defense your english isnt the best and i need to catch some sleep. Ill leave my original post un-edited.
  7. Next PvP event type

    What you trying to say, staff should make events when you and your timezone is active? Is your timezone "everyone"? Maybe some staff members live on the other side of the planet and making events when ur online means they have to stay up after 3-4am. Consider some things before posting stuff like that.
  8. How about more PvP Events

    I am not against pvp events but every time gm's ask us what kind of event we want next, nobody suggests pvp. I would like to see a pvp event where u can bet at the outcome :3

    Use low quality jpgs to avoid turning into a stone.
  10. smell something fishhyyy

    Wow i was watching the same thing last night, i think its some kind of bug.
  11. Do you have some cool gamer quotes guys?

    DONT FUCKING PICK UP THAT PHONE OR ILL BREAK YOUR FUCKING FACE. Obligatory "only 90s kids will understand this*

    Or end up locked in a mental institution, handcuffed and dragged there "willingly" for "exhaustion" (hint: Mk ultra). https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5eb96t/kanye_west_is_forcibly_hospitalized_in_the_same/ But of course, those are all crazy conspiracies and they are not true at all (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra)
  13. Roasteed is not your angel or hero

    Great post, please dont lock it, leave it for a day or two :3 +1 to @Chrystella for keeping calm and letting the whole situation unfold at its own. To the guy who said "she aint mad for losing the mage stuff", after getting out of "abusive" relationship, i think she is glad its all over. You can look at the mage as the payment for it. I dont believe she handed out ids and pws like others say because the timing of it is too perfect to not be Roast, if "everyone knows she gets drunk and plays and gives out her id&pw" someone would have already cleaned her account and blamed her and the booze. Those who still continue to defend Roasteed should be investigated because they obviously have some interest in getting that guy unbanned. Its over, he wont get back into staff and he wont gift you shit, be glad for not getting banned. As u see he will also lose all his dils and coins so he cant pay you. He broke multiple rules and there are multiple evidences of it After the whole situation happened, i started hearing some rumors about him and how he treated Chrys, if half of those words are true, i truly hope Roast is either a young kid or a person that should seek help because that is not normal behavior.
  14. Nitex I need youuuuuu

    http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forum/105-ticket-support/ Hey bro, make a thread over there and only staff members can see and reply.
  15. So naive.

    Deflecting and derailing the conversation? Sure, why not. At least i can say for myself i am an honest and good person. Go drink some alcohol and go play with your "vens".