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  1. Chris Get Good Please

    >Runs away from a half-geared summy >Cant kill a nub hunter Stronk bagi
  2. Sick of AK's

    As far as i know, even in official dekaron, 2h ak has brutal dps. I won a couple of pks and pvps against geared aks that were bad at their class but pvp/pking someone who knows their shit is infinite stun and ez kill for them. But then again, i dont play aks and my opinion doesnt matter much on this topic, just my ¢2.
  3. Arcadia noob hacker

    Poor kid doesnt know how to use his hacks so he uses it to farm tera in front of everybody. P.S. might take a few mins before the video is available https://vid.me/gN2u @[GM]Riku Noctis-XIII☪
  4. possible hacker in arcadia RIGHT NOW, check Mitera arcadia teleporter, its full of mobs, looks like someone had vac hack on while entering.

  5. Crack Aza V1

    I love this kind of threads (as long as they arent aimed at me xD). Couldnt a simple 1v1 ptpvp settle dis shit?
  6. Death is also an english only guild chat

    Give more info, when does it happen? Have you added dekaron to your antivirus exception list and DEP list? What OS are you on?
  8. May take a Break/temporary/Forever

    Nobody quits dekaron, they just stop playing for some time. Cassy is just scared dw will get nerfed :3
  9. newbie

    Dekaron Rising is a private server. Traditionally, pservers are known for having higher exp and drop but to me, private servers always try to keep their players happy and the game more enjoyable. Main difference between Rising and Official dekaron is that your level doesnt matter. You can reach 190 lvl in a few days, after that you work on getting all your gear.
  10. Next PvP event type

    After re-reading i understand what you point was and i apologize for jumping to conclusion. In my defense your english isnt the best and i need to catch some sleep. Ill leave my original post un-edited.
  11. Next PvP event type

    What you trying to say, staff should make events when you and your timezone is active? Is your timezone "everyone"? Maybe some staff members live on the other side of the planet and making events when ur online means they have to stay up after 3-4am. Consider some things before posting stuff like that.
  12. lvl 200

    Ovaj forum je divlji zapad @TwitterX
  13. lvl 200

    Gz, brother. What screen resolution you on, im on my shitty laptop, cant read anything on that video. everything is tiny to me xD
  14. How about more PvP Events

    I am not against pvp events but every time gm's ask us what kind of event we want next, nobody suggests pvp. I would like to see a pvp event where u can bet at the outcome :3

    Hey man, you probably went to deadlands durning the map event. Every now and then an event starts there, it changes all the monsters and removes all the drops. I believe some items that can be exchanged drop there durning the event but normal drop stops. I think it lasts 20 minutes but i am not sure. Can someone correct me please, atm i see that event as useless, i am not sure what kind of collectibles it drops, i remember someone from the guild saying it. @Nitex maybe changing this event a bit or removing it all together?