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  1. 2 vs. 2 Tournament 2017 Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of 2 vs 2 Tournament 2017 Event hosted by: [GM]Hydden and [GM]Bimbow 1st Place Team Name: "agein HEHE xd" Members: xIndependent & Kianni 2nd Place Team Name: Bae Members: Deebyl & Mablray 3rd Place Team:MyGod Members: {VIP}Aiben & {VIP}CatMeow

    Hello Can you screenshot it please? --------------- /Edit Mailbox message, sometimes after you read it you have to log in again for it to disappear.
  3. Connection Failed

    Can u PM me on discord, Hydden#7300
  4. Luncher Prob please help

    I sent you private message on discord.
  5. Connection Failed

    Hello Khaleesi channel is down, if u are trying to connect khaleesi that's the reason u get "connection failed". Ark and Lurile are working. Sorry for inconvenience
  6. New Player! <3

    Welcome Here u can find all stuff for easier start, Link
  7. How to make money? Dshop

    Hello Players usually sell 10$=2-2,5B or 1k/230m-250m. Don't forget to use middleman for those kind of deals.
  8. Hydden Items

  9. Hydden Items

  10. Hydden Items

  11. Patch 13.9

    Recent one
  12. Siege Bug - GM/Hack accusations

    There was bug with Juto he gave +75% pk/pvp resistance instead of 25% pk/pvp resistance to the talker. It's fixed in last update. /Closed
  13. Hydden Items

  14. raining in ardeca

    Question has been answered if u have more questions open new thread. /Closed
  15. Hydden Items

    /Updated Bump