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  1. Hydden Items

  2. raining in ardeca

    Question has been answered if u have more questions open new thread. /Closed
  3. Hydden Items

    /Updated Bump
  4. Dragon bone|TM|GA

    Please bump your thread once every 24h, by KK u mean M.
  5. wtb 50$ = 12b

    People can sell donations(Link) for dills.
  6. Hydden Items

  7. Can't enter the game

    Try clicking few times or go to folder where u installed game then bin and run dkrising.exe if that doesnt work for u try changing compatibility to Win 7.
  8. DKSQ

    Did u join raid in DKSQ?
  9. [RESOLVED]Donation Fixed?

    Not yet, we will announce here and on discord when donations are fixed. Nitex is working on it.
  10. Hello Install this update: Link . You installed old update.

    Please bump your thread only once every 24h.
  12. Hydden Items

    Edited Bump
  13. hacker (please read)

    I jailed his DK today for dual logging but obv he doesn't follow rules again.
  14. log in server broken?

    Apologies for the inconvenience. The login server has been repaired and is now back online. Thank you for your patience.
  15. log in server broken?

    Log In is down, will notice u on forum and on discord when it will be fixed. We are working on it. Sorry for inconvenience