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  1. The Damage

    I can hit 20ks on fully geared characters without candies or dshops, naked chars I've hit for upwards of 100k+ full heal, so yes this is most definitely possible, also depends On the debuffs they apply and buffs they have.
  2. WTT // Harvester's shop.

    WTT > Segu Tera Random set with SB = DW Same 195 +10 Light Sig tb 3x vit (last line blank) FS 7% poison = Orb 195 +10 3x vit (FS Fire) // Scythe 3x vit (FS 7%) If interested, pm {VIP}Trippy / Harvester or post here, thanks.
  3. Bug patch

    I put this in the wrong spot
  4. Bug patch

    Was told the noble souls would be added back to the drop rate of the 160 boss, spent an hour killing him, and for the 3rd time, after this patch, he did not drop the noble soul, I really need them and would really like to stop wasting my time testing this. Thanks.
  5. I Am (Recruiting)

    Will not make it to siege with 1 member.
  6. I Am (Recruiting)

    Make a character called Legend and join the I am guild, that would be epic xD
  7. I Am (Recruiting)

    I've started a new guild for strong players. It is the I Am guild, and I am planning on taking Siege. Drop your name here or pm me in game if you want to join, PK centered. The guild to end the ability to farm is on the uprising.
  8. Mess with the best

    mate im still looking for the best in this video
  9. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    Azas broke m8, ya done took all his money already
  10. New class?

    The right one is probably an assassin (the male aloken we've been looking for) and maybe the far left is the male hunter we've been looking for? One in the middle looks like a cs to me. But then again the Koreans are different than us and we could all be wrong.
  11. Life Threat

  12. Medials,All resistance questions

    Dont listen to Raph, he can't kill Kama ts either, he dies every night to them and bitches its my fault when I'm in ardeca
  13. Is this server pay 2 win?

    You can do everything here without Paying, Including getting wings (win gm events) and perf gear. Spending money just speeds it up
  14. Why I swap characters so much...

    Ive been an alo, dw, ak, vs, segu, bagi this month.
  15. Why I swap characters so much...

    If anyone else has problems, feel free to discuss them here.