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  1. ValkyriE guild looking for alliance

  2. join ValkyriE we are happy to have you, we are a guild who is starting casual and as our members grow we will be competitive in the near future
  3. WTB

    better to have price on mind so that we can bargain and meet in the middle

    how much all?
  5. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    how much
  6. WTB perfect armlet for aloken fire element 10%

    over bump
  7. tera arm 8% poison

    how much
  8. WTT/S

    how much
  9. Rising is in risk [Answered by Nitex]

    rising will not go down because lots of people keep on donating
  10. Looking for a guild

    try ValkyriE
  11. [LFG] English and Very Casual Guild

    we would love you to be in our guild pm JandarK and Dhonze
  12. Orca looking for a Guild

    join our guild its fun and members are always online
  13. Slow loading - 100%

    downgrade to windows 8 and all of your problems will be solved
  14. WTB perfect armlet for aloken fire element 10%

    over bump, Disgust you were offline when I pmed you
  15. WTB perfect armlet for aloken fire element 10%

    whats your ign?